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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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my baby girl

hey my name is jerry, i was 16 when i found out i was 8 weeks pregnant. i was dating my boyfriend tom (19) for a year and 2 months on and off. we were broken up for 5 months and then got back together for 3 weeks and then broke up again a couple of weeks later we were at a party together and hooked up i used a condom and at first i thought it was working and then i realized that the condom broke i gave it a couple of weeks then took a pregnancy test it came up negative, a couple weeks later i was throwing up and sick and i hadn't got my period for a while so i took another test it came out positive i called up tom and told him we need to talk so we met up at star bucks and i told him the news, he was denying our baby. i went home and told my parents my parents were disappointed with me, but they said they'd be here for me through everything and im so grateful to have them. on January 6, i had a beautiful baby girl chloe. tom has never seen the baby because he doesnt think shes his, but its ok im a single mom and my parents are helping me suppport her i am so lucky to have such great parents. being a teen mom is really hard i have no freedom but i am happy and i love chloe with all my heart. everything happens for a reason make the best of it! <3


What Now??

I'm 17 years, I've been seeing my boyfriend for a year now on and off but we've been going steady for a good 5 months now. My mother was a teen parent so whenever I got into a serious relationship I would immediately get birth control, as I did this time. I stopped taking the pill because it gave me an awfully long period and one day I threw up after breakfast and decided to take a pregnancy test, it came up negative so I forgot about it until one day I looked at my period tracker and it relvealed I was 17 days late, I brushed it off as not being normal due to the pill but still decided to take a test, when it came up positive I was beyond stunned. I told my bestfriend and later my boyfriend, he wasnt shocked but he was also stunned...he said he would be there and promised I wouldnt do it alone. I was six weeks when I found out and now I am only eight and things between us arent the least bit stable. He makes great money and I have no problem finding a job but I dont wanna be a single parent, I see him inching back to his ex and Im not worried about losing him, I dont wanna be a "baby's mama" and I also dont want him staying with me for the sake of this child. Im confused and I really dont have anyone to talk to. So a few bad decisions and here I am not wanting an abortion and also not looking forward to being a single mom so ..what now??


Two In Two Years

Well ladies/gentlemen, i got pregnant at 16. I was sleeping with my boyfriends best friend, and it got ugly. i left my boyfriend, and dated his best friend, and got pregnant. he bailed two months in. he was nice about it though, just took all of his stuff (and some of mine) and left while i was at work to move in with his girlfriend i didnt know about who was also pregnant. That's karma for you, right? He has never seen our son, i dont even get the child support he owes. He called me once, and told me i was disgusting and i should have had an abortion, but i had to go and ruin his life instead. Well, i moved on loved my son and a couple months later, i got a babysitter, went to a party, and got way to drunk. i was trying to drown the pain. well i ended up sleeping with an old friend. We now have a daughter, born 1 year and 8 days after my son. he was furious when i found out. He went back to his ex and dropped me like i was worthless. He also doesnt pay child support, and he only calls when he wants to 'play daddy' and show off to friends. i see his sister more than i see him. i recently decided to cut all ties with the 'sperm donors'. my daughter was born in 2009, and now 2 years later, i'm ingaged to the man who was my only friend through all of this. He has always been there for me and my kids in a pinch, but as we live seperately (and are NOT having sex, i'm not having another baby ever again) I have raised two beautiful perfect children. my daughter has brain damage from a birth defect, and my son is advanced. such a gap every day, but i would never trade it. and i proudly proclaim that, I, Armada, the 'whore', who was shunned for church for carrying 'bastards', have oh so happily, and through much sacrifice RAISED TWO WONDERFUL CHILDREN ALONE!!!!!!!! And i wouldn't ever trade a day. Each one should be cherished, so dont hide your child away, dont find a sitter so u can go to the store, take that beautiful, slobbery child to you, and make sure people know that u r 'mommy'. i'm not saying to go out and have a baby young, but if you do have a child young, never be ashamed of them. EVER.


Mommy At 17 Continued.

iWrote On Here Previously. iHad My Son On May 30th 2010 He Was 2 Weeks Late And Weighed 5.15 lbs He Was A Tiny Baby, His Father Was In Jail From The Time iWas 3 Month Pregnant Until iWas 10 Months Pregnant, iLoved With With All My Heart..We Moved In Together And He Was A Great Father He Would Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night, His Son Was His Pride And Joy..Shortly After Our Son Was Born He Became Abusive And Very Controlling, We Broke Up And He Moved Out After iFound Out He Was Seeing Another Girl Behind my Back Which Is when i went back to school and started seeing someone else too,, me and my babies father were on and off for a couple months until finally in november he decided that he wanted to be with me for sure, well we got back together and everything was PERFECT, he got our sons name tattooed On his arm and then got my name and my lips on his neck..(dumb i know, i told him not to) and very shortly after that ifound out he was cheating on me again with a 15 year old that had her boyfriend as well, the next day he snuck into my room and tried to kiss my ass to forgive him and as dumb as it sounds i was going to until i caught him texting her NOT EVEN AN HOUR that was the final straw and i kicked him out of my house and so then he tried to kill me, punching me in the stomach, cutting me with a knife and finally slamming my head into the wall while telling me that he wished i was dead and how he regretted his son and that he had more children i didnt know about and that i was so dumb for believing that he loved me, he left mmy house that day and never looked back, my phone was shattered and iwas left heartless, my son was sleeping in his crib while all this happened, my em finally found me crying bruised and bleeding and he took me to the er where they called the police, ever since that day hes called 2 times, once on new years and another time in feb, i believe he is either in mexico or dead, our sons birthday is coming up on May 30th (memorial Day) And iDoubt Ill Hear Anything From Him, Recently Ive Met An Amazing Man, Things Are Going Great, Its Been 5 Months since hes been gone and i think its time for my life to go on and i think im finally ready to be happy. well thanks for reading And Please If you are in a abusive relationship its not worth it, i thought my world had ended but better things are me:)&#9829;&#9829;

Best Regards
Jahaziel Mendoza-Carrillo
Esther Carrillo


My Ending Reality; Plus The Beginning

Hello, I am Sara. I am from a small town not known to many people.I had my twins, Jera and Bentley. They are my everything.I was with their father,Joshua, for a year. Yeah, two teenagers thinking it would be a reality. After our first time of ever having sex, I realized that I was pregnant. I was 16 at the time. He was 18. We were two kids in high school. He tried to kill my babies multiple times, he said he was not ready to be a father, I wasn't ready to be a mom either. Well, obviously we broke up. He was there for their birth, two healthy babies, one boy and one girl. He is still here occasionallu. I am now 17 and my beautiful twins are 14 months old. I am not with Joshua anymore, but I am with another man who stepped up without me ever asking him to help out and be a father to my children. Joshua is still around.
Look girls, I am not here saying my babies are horrible or anything like that but being a young mother is the hardest thing that you will EVER do. And if you become pregnant remember it IS okay to be scared.


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