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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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my angel baby

My name is Nicole, i found out i was pregnant when i was about 15, i had been with my boyfriend for a year and he was my first. I told him first and he immediatley broke up with me, i was devistated but i had to focus on the more important things my mum was very supportive but my dad wasnt. It was just me and my mum living in the house and it was great. I found out i was having a girl and i decided to name her 'Johanna Grace'. I gave birth to her 3 weeks after i turned 16 she is beautiful, i lost alot of friends while pregnant with Johanna but i didnt care. I am now 21 and she is 5 years old i have a wonderful job and house i am going really well and johanna started school this year. I feel so lucky and i wouldnt change a thing!



When I was 15, I lost my virginity to my boyfriend Nate. We broke up a month later then got back together and broke up again. I met my current boyfriend, Nolan in September when school started. When we had sex, the first couple of times we used condoms but then ran out and didn't have money to buy any. We started using the pullout method and that worked for two months. I started birth control in early march q month before my 16th birthday. I got pregnant almost immediately because we thought it would be okay for him to cum inside me. Now I'm pregnant and haven't told anyone yet. Wish me and my little family luck!


hopelessly scared

hey my name is veronica and i am a 15 yrs old and i got pregnant 3 months ago. i had the baby with my 18 year old exboyfriend. we had been dating for only a month when it happened. we thought there was no way i could get pregnant but it happened. when i told him he left me and told me i was worthless and a liar. he didnt believe and claims that it was someone else's baby, but it wasnt! i have had a lot of complications with the baby's and my health. My parents had been super supportive until they found out who the dad really was. then they kicked my out because he had been in a gang and did drugs. now i am living with my best friend and i just found out that my ex had gotten another girl pregnant and he is going to stay with her and they had only been going out for 2 scared and dont know what todo...i feel so betrayed and scared...i dont know how im going to provide for this baby...i gave up everything and i hope everything will work out...



im young and scared. im pregannt with twins and only fifteen. im due in june and my boyfriend plans to stay with me but hes kind of a flake. Hes 19 but really sweet. i hope things work out but i am still so scared, my parents arent happy but they said they supported me. i will not be getting an abortion, and i plan to get a nanny and try and go back to school. my boyfriend wiol get a jopb and we might talk aboiut marrige in the far future, but i dont know. if you have any advice id greatly apreciate it!


Two Babies

hi my name is victoria and i am 17 years old , i am 19 weeks pregnant by a boy that ive been in love with since i was fourteen . as of now me and him are not together because there is another girl involved that is saying that she is pregnant with his child to a little girl . she is 20 weeks ah week ahead of me so i really dont think its my babydaddys. shes told him in the past that only 56% chance that the babys his but he stil sticks around for her . i just found out that im having ah boy and im so excited but it is really hard ive been with my babys father for almost 5 years and he left me and his son for ah qirl and her family that might not even be his. there is allot of drama on top of that cause hes with her but he will call and text me and tell me how much he doesnt want to be with her and how he just wants it all to stop but as soon as he trys to end it she start crying and he just cant do . i really dont believe anything that he tells me ive lost all trust how could he leave me and the child he made. i work 6 days a week and i go to school my mom is very supportive and trys to lead meh in the riqht path but its hard. my son is the only thing that i think keeps me going cause as my son he deserves the best . i really do love his father but i think its time i move on and start my new life as a single teen mom . its his loss not mine if he decides not to stick around for his first born son . my goal is to remain in school and graduate so that i can go to school to be a ICU Pedeatric Nurse . what i will say to teen moms that may be exsperencing something like this dont wait on your babydaddy you have to think of whats best for you and your child now. and if he really loves you and yalls child he will come around . i always say what happens in the dark comes to life and with that said the truth will always be revealed just keep your head up and your eyes open and you will make it no matter what .


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