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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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IM PREGNANT ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

My names Sienna I'm your average goofy laid back 15 year old. Me and my boyfiend Jason were dating for about 6 months , But we started having sex 3 months into our relationship . We usually used condoms but then we ran out so we just had sex and thought I wouldn't get pregnant.So a week after we had sex I started feeling weird and noticed I didn't get my period . So I went to the convinence store and bought a pregnancy test. I waited 5 long mintues for the results and they came out POSTIVE I was so shocked because I didn't know what Jason would say . So I texted him and told him. And he said he wasn't the father and that I was a slut , then after what he said about me he broke up with me.Then school started in 2 days and I was already 6 months pregnant. When I went to school everybody was starring and Jason told them I was a slut and he wasn't the father. Then my mom saw my stomach when I got home because I started to show . She was dissapointed in her straight A daughter but was very supportive . Then 3 months later I was at school then was rushed to the hospital where I gave birth to Tyler Andrew ( 7.1 lbs ) the only people there were my mom and older sister Cassey. After Tyler turned 1 month old Jason apologized for leaving me and wanted me back and wanted to see our son so I accepted his apology and now were planning to
get married . To all Teen Moms out their be the best you can be .


No turning back.

Hi, my name is Lylith. I am 18 now, and I have a beautiful baby girl named Colista. I was 15 when i first found out i was pregnant. I didnt actually find out i was pregnant till i was 4 months and two weeks pregnant. I was in the shower when i felt her kick, i then got my sister to pick up a pregnency test to find out i was infact pregnant.

I was with my boyfriend, who at the time was 19, for a two months when he cheated on me with my ex-best friend. So when i told him i was pregnant he told me i was lying and wouldnt take care of the baby. My mother died when i was born, and my grandma was raising me and my siblings. When i told me grandma she was devistated but she told me she would be there for me. when i started to show, everyone at my school told me i was going no where, and that my baby would be taken away from me. my friends wouldnt talk to me and the teachers looked at me like i was no one. My grandma wouldnt let me take home schooling or anything like thing like that so i had no choice but to stay in school.

right befor the first day of grade ten, which ironicly was my 16th birthday, was the day that Colista decided to come. the father still didnt want anything to do with her, even though we had a DNA test done and proved that he was the father. But now thinking about it, i dont think i could have done it any other way. and i wouldnt go back and change it at all.

Now i am 18 and Colista is almost 3. I got accepted into McMaster about a month ago, for Chemistry, a course where only 60 students get into, and i plan to go there with Colista in the fall. I am proud to say that i have made it this far, when everyone around me told me i wasnt going to amount to anything. I am proud to be who i am today with my baby girl. Even if it is only the two of us for a while, i dont care, as long as we are together.

I hope that my story has inspired all of you, who are in the same situation i was in two years ago. Dont listen to anyone who says you cant do, because i know you can do it (=

ily Colista, and i always will <3


Pregnant at 14.

My name is Tia, and I am 14 and 25 weeks pregnant. I was only with my boyfriend Brian, who is 15, for 2 weeks when we started having sex, we never used a condom, he pulled out for a little bit but we just stopped, we were convinced there was no way I could get pregnant. But after we were sexually active for a couple months we found out I was six weeks pregnant . I told my mom first, she was very understanding and told me she would help me, I was happy that she was so understanding. When Brian told his parents, they refused to let him see me and his mom kept pushing him to ask me to get an abortion, but we both knew that wasn't going to happen. His mother was convinced we were ruining our lives and still wouldn't let him see me I was devistated.

His mother moved out of his house a week after I found out I was having the baby. When I was 15 weeks pregnant Brian's father aloud me to see him again, but I had to go to his house and only on weekends after supper, it still stucked, but I was happy that I was able to see him again and that his father let him come to the next ultrasound with me, when we found out we were having a baby girl.

I am now 25 weeks pregnant and nothing has changed about me and Brian seeing each other which is hard but we are still going strong. I am impatiently waiting the arrival of Amber Jennifer. She will be here July 30th, and even though things get hard everytime I feel her kick me and move around in my belly it gives me strength to hang on .


Being A Single Mom !

I Got Pregnant When I Was 17 and had my son wen i was 17 . I am 18 Now and today is my birthday. My Son will be 4 months tomorrow. I am so happy that i am a mother. My son's father does nothing to help me becuase hes worried about keepin his girl friend. but when shes not around he wants to play daddy role and i dont have time for that. So i just keep my distance cause at the end of the day hes the one thats going to be missing out not me. My son will knoe exactly who his mommy is. I've graduated school early so now im just waiting for September to come so that I could be enrolled in college. Im going to attend city tech college because they have both of my majors and they also have child care so my son will be able to come with me to school and i work at a day care so he will be able to come with me to work. I mean some mothers out there have it hard and i encouarage them to strive and never give up. because as soon as u give up you show your child that you are a failure and you dont want that to happen because then they can become one too and we want to stop this cycle of teen dropouts in school. i love being a sinlgle teen mom. cherish it gurls !!!


learning the responsibilites of another life

The marks of a voices pen scratching away its mistake. Sentences thrown in all different directions and a clump of peanut butter thrown on the right corner of my paper. The frustration on trying to find that perfect beginning, but with the distraction of her laugh her smile and her gentle warm voice and at times her explosive cries are just simply impossible.

Students write about a time they feel in love or feel out, maybe when they decided to make a change, or that road trip that was worth wild. Now what Iím about to write I didnít think it was high school appropriate and wasnít sure if I was ready for others judgments or the hurtful comments.

But this is my story, my life, and if i accepted it why should I care about what others thinks.

Being a single parent as a sophomore with a soon to be six month daughter isnít the best role model, but if you asked me if I would do it all over Iíd sayĒ It's actions, not age that make a mom.Ē

Having my little girl Isabella has taught me the meaning of life. To feel what others feel. To wishing you could of taking advantage such as sleeping or listening better in math class.

To love, to touch, to smile, to care, to exquisite pain and disappointment, to anger, and thinking.

But it also taught me sacrifice such as sleeping, taking showers, writing English papers, eating and much more. Now I know what youíre thinking ďwelcome to motherhood.Ē

But hearing my responsibilities sounded so much easier than actually taking them guess it took me for her to be here to sink in.

But being a teen parent isnít always as hard as heart surgery, it has it advantages such as experiencing first time things. like watching her roll for the first time, hearing her silly laughs, her big brown eyes staring up at me like i have all the answer. To playing pica-boo under the covers and knowing your never alone, with more to come.

The whole day is full of mix emotions but silently still and asleep just makes my heart skip a beat. to know where safe in bed healthy makes me think HIM everyday.

Iíve learned the responsibilities of being a teen mom. Ive learned my strength got me through the impossible and showed me anything is possible. Im not perfect but I am brave.

all girls have their own stories some succeed in life others fail.

But still in school with the support of my family and friends I know ill accomplish things in life, Iím thankful for what I have and the love I am given.

-We met a little early, but I get to love you longer

Ily bella

kirsten cervantes

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