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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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my pregnancy story at 16

well, im 16 and pregnant. i have 3 more weeks to go till my due date... i was 15 when i found out that i was having a baby. me and my mom and my sister cried together and my dad didnt talk to me much but they are so supportive. then i told my boyfriend and he and his mom cried too. we had only been together for a litlle over two months but gosh was he everything to me. we were inceperable! he was so supportive. we done everything like we were suppose to, to be parents. but somehow, after awhile, he started changing. he started hurtin me alot more and never talkin to me. he didnt try to see me much either. he stopped actin like he cared all together. we broke up a few times but always got back together cause we thought it was best for the baby. and now its been almost a year and we jus broke up a day ago:( i love him and miss him but i dont think he is ready to grow up. we decided to name our little boy Preston Paul ****. he is my everything and i love him already so much! i jus hope his daddy comes around and wants to change his ways for him. but i am strong and i can do this. even when im on my knees cryin and beggin God to help me. i can do this! for my baby boy:) im ready to hold him in my arms and kno that he is all mine:) mommy loves you so much Preston!(:



hey my names kerli, im serious and im 25 now but when i first got pregnant i was fourteen. i met my boyfriend tom when i was in year eight, we were going out for two months before i had sex with him, after we moved from helsinky to australia. i had to throw up so much on the plane mum suspected and took me to the clinic in australia stright when the plaine landed.i was pregnant. my parents were so supportive, but they made me go to school. i had no friends because i just moved but who would want to be friends with a pregnant polish girl?

truth behold i made tons of new friends even when i was showing. i became best friends with jayden, he accepted that i was preggers and i did like him.
when i was 5 months i went to the clinic because i was eating far mor and gained lots more weight, i found out i was having twins. yay. i was huge and was showing faster. mum was so supportive and so was jayden.

i was at school and my water began to break, i was iin biology and i could feel the baby comming i had no time to get to the hospital, my teacher mr. p delivered my baby hes young but he was up to the challenge. my best friend jenn held my hand all the way i gave birth tto a baby girl first, and then a second baby girl. one had blonde hair and one had black hair, i was grateful i could tell them appart!! they were both very small but they were healthy. oi was so proud. I called the little brunette girlie Ebony Jennifer - because jenn was by my side, and the blonde Rejiae Stephan (teachers name). ( rage- yar) there the most beautifil things ever.

i noticed that rejiae wasnt feeding correctly or up the same stage or crawling as ebony. i took her to the clinic and they said she had a defect from birth, and told me i was a bad mother for not n0ticing sooner, and five weeks later i lost my little baby girl rejiae to an over worked heart. i was devistated. i started to neglect ebony because she reminded me of rejiae to much. when i finally got out of my depression i got accepted to tour the world for gymnastics which i had trained for before i got preggers and i went because it would mean i earnt money for my baby and future. i tooke ebony on the tour (they accepted her on) and finnished. i had enough money for an appartment and to buy a car and still enough left to look after ebs without getting a job. a year later ebony started coffing, the clininc ssit it was nothing go home and later that night she had a seizurre ani i took her to the hospital again and they gave her an injection and said go home. later the next morning she died. even though i stayed awake all night she still was gone and it was my fault for not pleading more with the doctor. i tried to commit suicide because i was in such a sdtate of deppression. later i sould the house when i was twenty a few weeks after ebony died and moved back with my parents.

a year later i ran into jayden at uni - i decided to startn again. we started talking and he helped me alot. we got married on april 14 when i was 23, we have our own house and again i fel pregnant when i was 24. im now just turned 25 and have just given birth to another beautiful set of twins- i know i couldnt believe it either, Austin Damien and Olivia Avery

i love them so much there my second chance at life agian a gift from god. me and jayden are so pround and so protective of them we love them to bits. regardless if your a teen mum or not you can still make it through its never this bad, just keep going.

Kerli Kroev

Bonnie Elle

I'm Jenn and I was fourteen when I first met my boyfriend Brandon. We met through a friend of a friend and we gelled strait away, to me he was perfect. we'd been going out for eight months when we first started having sex. At first we used a condom but we experimented with the pull out system, which didnt realy work. So like yeah bout two months after our little experiement, I found myself waking up gaging and getting funny stomach cramps.

I freaked out, so I called my best mate to check and we got a pregnancy test later that day and all three came out positive. Oh my goshh, I was pregnant. I told Brandon first he freaked out and he didnt know how to cope. He stopped answering my texts and he told the entire school. I lost nearly all of my friends at school and i got bitchy comments and people were talkoing behind my back, even teachers so I dropped out of school. I felt hopeless, and very hurt. I though Brandon had actuaally loved me and I thought that all those people were my friends on top of that my parents found out before I told them. They gave me lectures left right and centre. I felt so alone and depressed, my parents didnt look at me the same way and my dad ignored me, and my mates went out and I couldnt. I fet so alone.

Brandon started texting me and calling saying he wanted to get beck with me for the baby and he felt so bad and sorry for what he did, so i took him back. We're still together six years later. <3 I moved in with him and we went to my final ultrasound before it was time,

When my due date came and passed I started stressiing alot to the point where I was starting to harm my bubby. A weeek late i was induced, and i had the most painful labour -fourteen hours ge that should teach me.. haha. I gave birth to our beautiful bsby girl Bonnie Elle Thompson on september the first. she wsas appsalootly beautiful and looked just like her father. Brandon stayed with me the entire birth and helps take care of Bonnie, hes a little protective of her and he doesnt like taking her out or letting others hold her incase they hurt her, hes a perfect father I love him.
my little girl is now six, and is starting year one in schoolnow, im so proud of her and our little family. Brandon and i got married when shee was five and moved into an appartment on our own, things have been tight were pulling through i cant imagine life without Bonnie or Brandon.
Im so happy i kept her, she lights up my world i dont know what i would do without her. At the same time though I wouldnt wish this on anyone, though im proud I said yes and went through with the birth, I would have rathered to have her a bit later and finished growing up and being a kid. Good luck for any of those teen mums and make the right choice for you but avoid it if you can it sets you back a bit but continue with your goals and you'll get there x

Kerli Kroev

Bryleigh Marie<3

I'm barely 17 years old, and im a mother of a beautiful healthy baby girl named Bryleigh Marie. Me and her father were together since i was 12 and i was 16 when i found out i was pregnant. i was scared, terrified actually. My mom really had nothing to do with me anyways, so it was my dad that i had to tell. he was heartbroken and disappointed but supportive. my boyfriend and the father of my baby was VERY supportive. he quickly got a job and an apartment for us. when Bry was 2 months i walked in on him and another girl in OUR home while OUR daughter was in the other room. Needless to say, he's long gone. and I still go to highschool and work a night job to support my babygirl. i have a currrent boyfriend who's holding my hand every step of the way and he's a great father figure for bryleigh. im so lucky to have a eautiful baby girl and a loving boyfriend<3


pregnant at 15

I found out I was pregnant about 2 weeks ago and I'm about... i dont know almost 2 months pregnant now? Well all my relationships are screwed up. My family, my friends, and my boyfriend. The feeling between me and all of them are so tense. My boyfriend wants me to get an abortion as well as my dad, but that is something i cant do. I won't take the easy way out and i wont prevent one life for the benefit of my own. it was MY bad decision and i have to live with it now. Dont get me wrong, i think the baby will be the best thing in my life and i doubt i will have one regret, but God's gift came too soon and i really hope i can give this baby the best life i can. My mom is incredibly supportive but i feel like a terrible daughter because i keep pushing her away and i have made her cry so much recently.. Im sorry mom, i love you. I turn 16 in about 2 months. God, i feel so hopeless and scared. And since i really have nobody to turn to right now and my boyfriend wants nothing to do with a baby even though he contributed to this.. well i just dont know who to go to for help. I push everyone away. I'm still going to get my high school diploma, trust me, its worth it. Please finish high school. I just want to do all the right things now and try thinking whats best for once.


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