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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Pregnant at 17

I am 17 years old and six months pregnant. The father and I were together for a year and a half, but when he found out I was pregnant things changed. He said he didn't feel the same for me and we broke up, he started ignoring me. He now has a new girlfriend who's 22 and has a three-year old daughter and they have moved in with each other, he has now decided to be involved, but not until the baby is born. I haven't seen him since the only doctor's appointment he's ever been to and that was when we learned the sex of the baby. He sadly admitted that if it had been a girl, he "would let me have it" but since it's a boy he wants 50/50 custody. That was the most awful thing I've ever heard, and to be honest I don't want to share my baby with him, I mean not 50/50. I don't want to take my baby away from him completely but I definitely don't want my baby staying at his and his girlfriends house for weeks at a time like he plans. He even wants me to name him after him! I go to all my appointments alone, and I get more support from his mom than I do him! If he's not involved now, why should he be involved then? Am I right? How possible is it for him to get 50/50 custody??
I live with my parents and I have a job. I'm on track to graduate and I'm going to be starting at the community college in the summer. I have my life on track and I even have childcare set up for him, I have no reason to be worried right?


baby brealyn!

i am 15 & recently had a baby girl on October 10, 2010. i had a one night stand, and got pregnant. i told the father & he claims that she is not his. it kills me everyday looking down at braelyn and knowing her dad doesnt want her when she looks just like him. i thought maybe he would man up, but i was wrong. i love braelyn with allll of my heart. i dont see how he couldnt. he acts like she doesnt even exist. yeah its hard for me being a single mother but then again i have a lot of family support & i am so grateful for that. i hope he realizes braelyn needs her dad. i pray to god braelyn doesnt have to grow up without a father. but if so, mommy can do both parts (:
with lots of love,
tiara & braelyn jade! :]


Still A Baby & Having A Baby!

My Story is different, i turned 16 in November 2010, i've been with my boyfriend now for 2 months, he's 20 and willing to help. we are together and in love, knowing him for 3 years as a best-friend has now paid off. i am 3 weeks pregnant and worried, i'm still young, not experienced, what should i do? Paul (boyfriend) has told me, he's gonna stick by me and the baby, get us a house, a permanent job with good income.... but it's not that, that i'm worried about. My mom and pop, are not really that fussed on teen pregnancy's, with all my 3 sisters having children in there middle and late 20's, i feel as if my mom and pop are going to look down on me, it's just hard, but i supposed i can do it! Now, We just look forward to our beautiful baby being born! :)



Alot of people are against adoption. I was to until i was put into a situation where adoption was my only option. I was 16 with a 4 month old little boy when i got raped and got pregnant.I didnt tell anybody that the child i was carrying was the product of a rape.My boyfriend and father of my son told everyone it was his. He didnt know that it wasnt.I was about 5 months pregnant when me and my boyfriend broke up and i moved back i with my mom.I was taking care of my son and my neice.Adoption crossed my mind but i didnt think i could do it so i decided to keep the baby.I didnt know how i was going to support him or if i could even love him but he was apart of me and i didnt know what to do.One day i was listening to the radio and a commercial came on about adoption.I decided to call and get information.I was 7 months pregnant. The adoption place put me in touch with Bethany Christian Center.I talked to them and a woman came out and brought me information about adoption and i decided to give my son up. Not because i didnt love him but because i wanted him to have a life i couldnt give him.I was a single 17 yr old mom with no job and no education.The woman brought me some portfolios of hopeful people hoping to adopt.I looked at e few and didnt see one that i liked and then i came to a couple that i fell in love with.They were everything i wanted for my son.when i finally met them i knew without a doubt they were the ones.Well i went into labor 2 weeks early and my best friend was there for me.When i had him i didnt want to see him.I just couldnt.But the next day i asked the nurse to bring him to me.I broke down when i saw him.He looked just like me.The adoptive parents came to the hospital but i made them leave.I couldnt hand over this baby.He was mine,but the more i looked at him i knew if i kept him i was being selfish and he would suffer.All the nurses at the hospital talked about me and was very rude to me when i decided for sure i was giving him up.The day i handed Aiden Taylor to his parents was the hardest day of my life.I cried for weeks after.Today Aiden is almost 2 and i see him all the time.He is so beautiful and happy.He has the kind of life i could never have given him.I still cry about him and still feel the mothers instincts toward him but i know he now has the best mother in the world.


Pregnany a 15

I've 15 and I want be 16 til May. Me & My Boyfriend actually do love each other. But he's thinks this thing is a joke we've been togather for 2 years now, and i can tell im going to be a single mother because he want get a job and he dosent take this pregnancy seriously all he wants to do is smoke weed all day and go ! Go everywhere but wont go get a job ! and he's sick of me a nagging and im sick of begging so i think its time to let it go ! Maybe when the baby gets here and he gets to see and touch it , he will do right, but its only so mcuh he's going to do so i know it will be juss me & my momma taking care of it !


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