Single Moms

It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Life Is Funny

I have never stepped out of my shell and really shared my story with anyone so hopefully someone can get something out of it. I was 19 years old when I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter at the time I was still with my "first love" I lost my virginty to himm when I was 15 and never had been with anyone else, needless to say when I told him that I was pregnant he and I decided to go our sepreate ways. For years I held alot of emotion, hate and rage towards him, I began to fell as if I would never be able to take care of this baby girl without her having her "dad" in her life. A couple of years passed and I met a new man we took things very slow and werent really planning on having a relationship with eachother but things happen and surprise I got pregnant again at 23. But this is not all bad since having my two children they have givin me the drive to take the world by the balls and make it mine. I have graduated highschool(OSSD), secured my own apartment, and have now been offered a killer job. Also so luckey that my man(the father of my second child) Has stepped up and been a father to both of those babies and is now going through the process of legally adopting my daughter sorry I should say our daughter. never thought any of this would have ever happend for me and I get up everyday and know that my babies have made me work harder then ever before. Out of unplanned situations sometimes has amazing outcomes :)

Serenity, Skyes and Krisilyns story.

My boyfriend and I had just been dating a little over a year when I found out I was pregnant, not only with one baby, but two, I was only 15. I thought this was the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone, I considered abortion, but thankfully didn't get one. When I was about 5 months pregnant, my boyfriend left me. It was hard being pregnant and not having the father of my babies around to support me, but I got through it, because my family was always there for me. My boyfriend now, is helping me raise my baby girls, he has taken them in like they are his own kids, becasue there own Dad doesn't want anything to do with them. My baby girls are exactly one month old today. I love them to bits and pieces and would do anything for them.
Mommy loves you Serenity and Skye! <3


My story

Hello, My name is Julie. I'm 18. Well here's my story of being a mommy. I was only 16 when I met the father of my kids, it was in 2008 we had our ups and downs and most of all we always break up to make up. It was very hard. But we started going out about a month then he end up staying with me soon as later it was a year we been together it was great.. Some reason I had a feeling I was pregnant but didn't wanna say nothing to no one, my mother already knew so she ask so I tld her yes... My father was mad at me... So we just stick to what I was going thru. I ended up having her June 25,2009 her name is Eliza Mcintosh. She soo beautiful. My babies daddy wasn't really there that much but he tried. Now I'm pregnant again with my 2nd babygirl it's hard but were trying are best we can. I have a job but haven't got done with school yet I wanna be done tho.. Were just waiting to hAve our 2nd in feb both kids are frm da same babies daddy we plan to get married soon on Sep 8 da day we got together yay.. Well this is my story...


Julie Hill

in love,SINGLE, and soon to be mom

Hello girls,
my name is Brittany and im here to tell my story. I first started dating the man I feel in love with on my birthday December 9th of 2009, i was deeply in love with this boy and would do anything in the world for him. Me and him had a very good relationship and dated for a little over a year and i found out i was pregnant in late April, i was very scared when i first found out. I took a test one morning because i just didnt feel right and i had a gut feeling i was pregnant, i had a few pregnancy scares before this so i had a few pregnancy tests in my room, when i took the two i had left they said i was pregnant, i got so scared and upset and called up my best friend i told her i took two tests and they both said i was pregnant but i thought they were wrong so she picked me up at my house and took me to the store to buy a package of 3 more tests once i got home i took all 3 of them and they said i was pregnant, i couldnt stop crying, i was so scared. Once my mom got home from work i told her i was pregnant, she took me to the doctor and they said i was about 3 months pregnant. The nest day i went to school and told me boyfriend Dylan that i was pregnant he looked at me and laughed,he thought i was kidding, so the day after that i brought all of the tests to school and showed him and he looked at me with the most scared look on his face, i thought he would be so upset and just break up with me right then and there but he stuck by me for a while, we got along pretty good and then once i hit about 5 and a half months pregnant w started fighting alot and i got really stressed out, he left me and got a new gf and they are really close and love eachother, it is so hard too see him with another girl because hes the man im in love with and now i have a baby with him, i found out i was having a little girl, her name is gonna be Chantel Marie Dunagan-we were still dating when i found out what we were having so i picked out the name and he said he liked it so i choice to keep the name for her. I am due in 8 days-January 21st, 2011. This pregnancy has been a living HELL, not having support from the babies dad is the worst feeling ever. I keep praying that once he sees his beautiful girl he will realize what he has and that she needs him. I know babies dont always bring couples together but im hoping it does for me. I never thought i would be pregnant and doing it all on my own, i have support from my family and friends but i feel like i need more, from the daddy 2. I am a junior in high school right now and i plan to graduate and become a photographer, that has always been my dream and im not going to let having a baby stop me from doing that. Im so excited about becoming a mom, its going to be very hard but its all going to be worth it in the end. Good luck to all u soon to be moms, no matter what yer life throws at you.....make the best of it and never give up! <3 u can do it :)

Brittany Marie.

No mistake

hey am 18 yrs old, dropped out my senior year& am a single mother., i have a beautiful 1yr old babygirl. she was born 12|11|09, my due date was 12/17/09 she was born a week bfore.. it all started back than in the 07 when i met her father by a friend after that we talked & talked. i was 14 when i met him in person, he was 17. Our relationship wasnt all that good, he cheated & i will go back to him everytime he would, it wasnt 1 time but several times. stupid i know. but i was in love, we were in love, he would cheat, but i knew deep down he loved me.. I can say gettin pregnant was no mistake, we choosed to have a baby. On may of 09 i found out i was 2months pregnant, i was 16. His mom was the one who took me when i found out, she wasnt mad at all, she was actually thrilled. That same day i found out i was expecting my mom knew i was goin to the doctor to found out, while i was in the clinic i had texted her that it was positive,. later that day i got home, she was not happy at all. she was very angry & sad, she was a teen mom as well, she was 19 when she had me.. Some of my family members say that she would cry alot bhind my back. i felt bad. i knew better, my dad , he didnt talk to me for a week, but they both got over it after babydaddy & his family came over to say that he was gona take me to his house & take care of me.. they accepted of course, it was his responsibilty. when i was 5months pregnant i ended up in the hospital for a kidney infection, i wouldnt drink alot of water. i stayed for a WEEK! it was a horrible feeling, i wasnt alone though babydaddy had stayed with me. 2 days alter after staying in the hospital for a week i found out i was having a babygirl! i was very excited that i was having a little princess. everybody was especially my babydaddys mom, she had no girl. Giving birth was not good, the contractions were not good either, but i didnt use no meds. contractions lasted 15hrs & to push her out was 10min. i teared the first time i saw her & so did her father. Right now am very grateful for everything, he stood by my side for 9months & still is here, we are working on things. He has change, & hopefully he stays like that. my daughter is healthy, i enjoy everything she does, everyday is something new,.she was no mistake, am sure about that. . i have read alot of stories here & see alot of bad things that happen to some teen moms, but i also see yall stay strong for your lil ones witch is good(:. for all the teen moms who finished school, GREAT JOB, i didnt get to finish school but i still can am still young; i love being a teen mom & do not regret nothing at all


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