Single Moms

It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Katrina & Ryan's Story

My father is in the military so my family and I move around about every three years. I have never really had a stable relationship with guys because of the moving around but I met Dillon (baby's dad) when I was sixteen and he was seventeen. I was a junior and he was a senior. Before we started dating I told him that in less then five months I would be moving to Mannheim, Germany. We both didn't care and "fell in love" instantly. We didn't end up having sex until about three days before I flew to leave to Germany. We both agreed to have a long distance relationship because we thought that we were gonna last forever. We were just honestly young and silly. However, we started off great we talked everyday on the phone and webcam and everything we were close. So about a month and half passed and I started showing signs of me being pregnant so Dillon and I discussed things and we both decided it was time for me to take a pregnancy test. It was positive. So Dillon got a job and we were gonna wait a little longer to tell our parents. Little did I know that Dillon was cheating and partying and spending all his money on drugs, drinking, and his new little girlfriend. We started growing apart and I was just slowly getting closer to my due date.We eventually told our parents and they were very supportive! By the time I knew it Dillon was going off to college and I was getting ready for labor. So Dillon was doing is own thing off in college and we were still together. Yes, I was dumb for staying with him after everything. But I did. I thought that when Ryan was born he would man up. So oct 27 came around and yet no change so I left him and Ryan and I were solo. We just had each other and our family. I must say that everything Dillon did made me a better mom and person. I became stronger. I appreciate it and Ryan will have all the love and support he will need. I hope my story can help other girls. I'm not saying my son was a mistake but I am saying I wish I would have waited a few more years.


Katrina Renee

14 lost .

well im 14 years old and i just found out that im pregnant . my boyfriend is about 4 years older den me and i feel like my life just crashed down on top of me . i havent even told my dad yet . i dont have my mom cause she doesnt even want me basically . its hard going thru each day just thinkingg about the whole situation , i cant even walk around the house with out feeling guilty cause my dad doesnt even know . im only a freshmen and i feel stupid saying oh but my boyfriend loves me when honestly i dont even know . i dont want to consider abortion i really dont but at the same time my boyfriend may also get locked up and i dont want to feel guilty about that . i want to be a better mother then how my mother was . i actually want to be there for him/her . but also im a cheerleader and a represenative . i have such a bright future . since i found out that i was pregnant , my grades have been dropping terribly . i just hope god can forgive me for this and give me the strenth to know what to do . i just hope it comes to me soon cause im running out of time .

leelee santiago torres

14 And Pregnant

My name is Mia and im 14 and a freshmen in high school.I live in Maryland and I take all honors classes and take many clases with seniors. I have been going with my boyfriend Prince since October. He is a sophmore and we love each other very much. We were only going out for about a week when we starting having sex. I was a virgin before I met him and i planned on staying that way until i was married , but he convinced me other wise. I am Now 9 weeks and 2 days pregnant and I am getting more scared everyday. and the worse thing is that o havent even told him yet . The only person i have told is his bestfriend and i made him promise not to tell him. I found out i Was pregnant about 10 days ago and i almost cried when i saw the to blue lines. I am really scared to tell my parents because when my sister got pregnant at 19 they told me f i ever got pregnant in my teen years they would kick me out. They are not understandin people at all. The only thing i am worried about is being a mom because im still a kid and im the baby of te family so its like a baby taing care of a baby.


Not me?

hmm where to start? well i am 17 years old, and i senior in high school. I have a 4.0, i played basketball, softball, and volleyball. i have a lot of friends and a very rough family life. i was accepted to the biggest college in my state, and i was on top of the world. two days later, i find out im pregnant. although i sound like the perfect student, i was not. i party a lot and i had a very bad drinking problem. this probably started because my boyfriend of 3 years is 4 year older then me and a huge partier. about 6 months ago we broke up because he finally admitted to cheating on me with 13 other girls. one night i was at a party and had a little too much to drink and he showed up, long story short im pregnant. my family was very upset but knew they had to support me. his family was more then happy because he's 21 and they are ready for grandkids. school has been really hard for me. its a very small school (my graduating class is 124 people) so there is a new rumor about me everyday. i have lost friends because of this and gained some. i have lost family and gained some. the father was supportive at first, but it didnt take long to change his mind. im 14 weeks and he's already desided he wants nothing to do with it. it hurts to know that so much of my life is going to change, but i know one day when i look back i wouldnt have wanted this any other way. i pray every night for god to give me strength because i know i will need it through this. i never thought this would ever happen to me. it just shows that everything is possible.


no father for my daughter

im shelby and i am at a loss for words considering that i am only 16, and i have an 11 1/2 month old daughter. she has no father, due to the fact that he was killed in an incidental shooting on october 23,2009 this severly broke my heart, because now my daughter will never get to meet her father, he was there for me up until he passed away, he done everything for me, he would have made a great father, he knew that he was going to be a father, and he was proud of it, he bragged about it to all of his friends, and that is what really let me know that he really wanted to be a dad, because he knew that my dad was never really there for me, and his dad was out of the picture in his life also, so we both kneow what it is like to not have a good dad, and now that tyler has passed on, it is hard on me, because i struggle between work, school and spending time with my daughter, she is my world and i wouldnt give her up for anything and my parents to this day still dont understand that, so since havingg her, i have moved out and got an apartment with my current boyfriend, Brian, and we are happy, he is there for me and for my daughter even though he knows that without a dout that she isnt his. and i hope that this dont make people look down on kentucky anymore than they already do because of us having another teen mom here.


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