Single Moms

It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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teen mom

I had my baby girl on March 25th 2010. She is my pride and joy. But i am a single mother. and i do it well. My daughters father and i planned our daughter, yeah dumb thing right? well he left about 3 1/2 months in. i was so upset. he got a new gf 3 days later, i went on alone. my parents were very supportive. then when i was about 8 or 9 mnths pregnant he came back in the picture. with his new gf pregnant too. then he left her for me. he was there through labor which was difficult. he was a good father for a while then we started fighting and we broke up. now we rarely talk and my daughters little sister well ive never seen her and either has my daughter. if any of you girls are facing this alone you can do it(: i was 16 and did it alone now im 17 with a 9 month old daughter and im doing it alone and yes its very hard buts its also very rewarding. everytime i see her smile at me i know i did the right thing♥

single&&proud mother

Pregnant at 16

I am 16, every weekend I like to hang out with my friends, I love to play basketball, softball, and volleyball. I get pretty good grades, and I plan to go to college in the future, but a lot of that had to be set on hold when I found out I was pregnant.

My boyfriend Derek and I have been dating for 2 years and when I was around 15 we started to become sexually active. I kept having symptoms of pregnancy so I decided to take a test. It was positive. I was scared, sad, and partly embaressed. I cried for the longest time. I didnt want to tell anyone but I knew that I had to. I told my boyfriend and he was shocked but understanding. My parents felt the same way. When I told my friends they were all shocked! My boyfriend stuck by me the whole time I was pregnant.

I finally had my baby son on 12/20/09. We named him Brayden Dean. He is perfect. He is going to be 1 soon, he is my little angel.

After the birth of Brayden my boyfriend left me because he wasnt ready for a son, but luckily my parents were very supportive. They help me pay for daycare so I can go to school. I am now 17 and looking to graduate High School soon. I am hoping to go to college to get a good job, so I can provide for Brayden. I am still single, but hopefully in the future there will be some man that will be able to be there for me as well as for my son.

Getting pregnant was not somthing I thought would happen in High School, and certinaly something I didnt like at first Luckily for me my parents were there, now I wouldnt change anything.


Lesson to learn

Hi my name is terran im 15 and on december 29 ,2009 i found out i was pregnant . I WAS 2months and 8 days and i didnt know it that day chanqe my life . i told my mom and dad they were very upset with me then i told my boyfriend jeffrey he was happy but then he said when he told his mom she was mad at him i didnt know what to do but my mom said i had to keep it cause she dont believe in abortions i didnt want to keep it but 4 months later i found out i was havinq twins a boy and a girl i was very upset i couldnt take it now i have to buy double of everything . jeffrey was happy when the doctor said its twins when we got home jeffrey started planning out names for the baby once he said zion & Q' aire i was like those are cute names i really liked them so i stayed with it . my belly was huge and final on june 26,2010 a boy named Q'aire came out at 12:09 am and then at 12:10am a beautiful girl named zion popped her little head out that was the most precious moment jeffrey was crying my mom was so excited i was cryinq alot . i was just mad that i jeffrey couldnt say the 3days over niqht in the hospitial with me ! but now at home i get no sleep jeffrey is always with them when i need rest and thats why i love my 3 babys. Jeffrey ; zion ; AND Q'aire are the loves of my life ?<3


a change of heart

Hello there, my name is lenobia teamer and im 16 years old. im a junior in high school and i take AP (advanced placement) course. i also play softball, it my passion! I set high goals for myself and i plan on going to baylor university where i will major in biology. My parents think so highly of me. they've been nothing but good to me and work there butts off to give me everything i ask for, but my life is about to make a huge change because im pregnant!
I was in a long term relationship with my soon to be baby's father when we found out that i was pregnant. he already has two kids (a 1 year old and a 2 year old) and he isnt ready for another one. i personally do not believe in abortions but i had to reconsider due to the fact i will not be getting support from him. he encourages me to get an abortion but my in my heart i know i cant do it. we have been arguing like crazy and he even tried to deny my unborn child already. i was afraid to tell my parents because i was they're perfect little angel. i was confused and had no where to turn to. eventually i told my parents and they were 100% accepting to my pregnancy. my baby's father say he refuses to do anything for my child and he will not be in his/her life. thank god i have my parents. i cant believe i even thought about an abortion!!! im glad that i had a change of heart. now i just want my kid to be proud of me and realize the sacrafices i've made.

lenobia teamer

My Little Angel <3

My name is Candace I am 37 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby at 19 years old...I hate to say it but me and my boyfriend planned this pregnancy. I always wanted to know what it felt like to be pregnant because I would see all these girls pregnant and with pretty babies ( just wanted to have one that I can call my own. Me and my boyfriend know its going to be hard but we have alot of help from both sides of the family neither was really mad just disappointed but I mean who wouldn't be we both were in college trying to do something for ourselves even though he ended up dropping out because he couldn't work and go to school because he felt like it was too much for him so he decided to work so he can help take care of our new family. I read alot of these stories and I just thank GOD by how thankful I am and my situation...but I can say I am so tired of being pregnant with the constant backpain, the tossing and turning, and sleepless nights, but at 5 months i found out we we're having a little girl AiYonnah Renee!


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