Single Moms

It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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You Can Do It

I found out I was pregnant when I was sixteen and a junior in highschool. I was very nervous but I knew I could handle it. The father of the baby, Dylan was not my boyfriend and was my dad's employee. He was two years older than me and still hadn't gone to college. Dylan cheated with me on multiple girlfriends in the past so I was very worried that he wouldn't be able to step it up and take responsibility. When I told my family they were not happy especially because of who the father was and that we did not have a lot of money as a family, even though they liked Dylan. They did support all my decisions though. My friends were shocked too because I am a straight A honors student who was seen as an innocent good girl. When I told Dylan he took it very well and we eventually became a couple because he had always been there for me and had always acted like we were dating in the past. Soon after I found out I was having twins which made me even more scared. At my junior prom, he proposed to me. We got married that summer when I was eight months pregnant and 17 years old. A month later I had two beautiful babies, a boy name Avery Robert and a girl named Addison Grace. My babies are now one year old and I recently graduated from highschool and plan to go to the local college. Dylan is going to the local community college and working. We are still happily married and caring for our beautiful children. Things are tough but I wouldn't change a thing. The only advice I can give is to plan as much as possible. Don't procrastinate. We can afford our children from day one because when we found out I was pregnant we immediately started saving money and stocking up on things we would need like diapers whenever we had extra money. I am very lucky to find someone who loves me so much to stay with me after having babies so young.


pregnant and Single

I found out I was pregnant when i was 17 years old. My first reaction was "really? a mom at 17, what the hell am i going to do?" The next day in school I called my bf out of class, I have been with him for over two years. When I told him I was pregnant he really didn't believe me and I didnt know what to do, so that next day I came to school with all the pregnancy tests that I took at home, once I showed him he started crying and hugged me and asked me what I wanted to do about it, and I said " well this is our baby and im in love with you so im going to keep it" We got along great for the first 4 and a half months and then we just started fighting about everything and I couldnt handle all the stress, I tried everything in my power to be nice but he wouldnt, so he broke up with me when I was 5 months pregnant and now im due in 9 weeks with our little baby girl, her name is gonna be Chantel Marie, she means the world to me and so much more and I wouldnt do anything in this world to take her back. Me and the babies father have been getting along now but were still broken up, it is the most amazing feeling in the world to have a baby inside you kicking you and moving around. I love that feeling so much-I try to work things out with the babies father because I mean shit we were in love before i got pregnant, why cant we be now? I guess guys just dont wanna man up to their responsibility and take care of what they helped make, so day I hope he realizes hes gonna have a beautiful little baby girl and shes gonna need him more than anything else, all babies NEED THEIR FATHER.....I love him with all my heart and someday he will grow up.....PRAY! <3 good luck to all the new mommy's out there :) dont give up, no matter what comes yer way.

Brittany Dunagan

Don't Be Scared.

I had never had a boyfriend before and never really wanted one. Because I was 17 and getting straight A's and wasn't looking for any distractions. Until I met Lucas. Lucas was the most romantic person I have ever met. He told me wild and wonderous tales of what our lives were to become when I graduated. Being the person that I was, I really shouldn't have believed him. But I did. He was my first time and in a way, I'm glad he was. When I woke the next morning, he was gone and so were his thoughts of me. I was heartbroken and was becoming increasingly stressed. When I missed my period the next month, I attributed it to nothing but stress. However, I could not ignore the constant vomiting and nausea. I took a pregnancy test and was shocked to learn that it was very much positive. My parents were thrilled, and being as they are pretty well off, they bought me an apartment and told me to keep the baby. I was in a state of shock and with graduation looming, I was worried as well. On June 28th 2010, Milo Rocco Sorento was born, exactly two days after my graduation. He is a beautiful baby and never cries. Milo is my reason for living and I am thankful everyday that Lucas walked out, because then I would have to share this little person with a decietful man. I never thought I could do it, but I'm a great mom! To all pregnant teens out there, Don't be scared, I was, but when there is a tiny human inside you, you will make the right choices.

Isabela Sorento

Lesson To Learn

I was a teen mom at 17 years old, I am now 47, and girls I have to tell you ,it was not a easy road for me . My son now is 28 and has his own family ,and seems to be doing fine in this struggling economy we live in today. If I could take back one thing in my life ,It would be getting pregnant at such a young age. I married my sons father and soon divorced him after two years, because I felt I was to young to be married ,I still wanted to have fun. I struggled every day financially to provide for my son since I did not go to college to pursue a career. I am now Married with two other sons 19, and 11 and they are joys in my life. I can provide along with my husband what they need such as education, and financially they can go to the best schools money can buy. I regret I cheated my 28 year old son of all this. i am currently writing a book on my life as a teen mom ,and the struggles I went through. I should of listened and said that one word to my Night In Shining Armor NO!!!
Feel free to drop me a E-mail with any questions you might have.
Good luck and take care of your little ones the best way you can. Now go make a difference in our world.
Dee Dee

Dee Dee

gods gift to me

i am 18 and i have a wonderful beautiful baby girl her name is kyire bell young i started having sex when i was 16 i got pregnant at 17 and had my baby girl at 18. when i went in for a doctors check up at 34 weeks i found out i had preeclampsia and he put me in the hospital right away i didn't even get to go back to school good thing i only had two days left tell summer vacation. but then my doctor came in and told me they had an ambulance coming for me to take me to ou medical in Oklahoma city i found out i was eclampsia witch was even worse. i got to the hospital and got settled they then found out i had 7% of protein in my witch is really bad so they tried to make me go into labor witch is wired because the only way to cure eclampsia is to take the baby but when we asked why they wasn't all they said was that they wanted me to have her naturally so i was left in labor for 31 hours me and the baby had also collapsed during the epidural i had a collapsed lung and at the end they ended up take the baby c-section any way and after all that we all found out they almost lost me and the baby during it all. after 24 hours i finally got to go to the nicu and see my beautiful baby girl. before i went in to see her my dad told me not to freak out about her nose because when they where trying to force her down the birth canal her nose got squished and now her right is collapsed. now she is looking at surgery once she turns one and it will keep going all the way to her teen years maybe tell she is 18 we are suing the hospital for what they did two of the nurses came in and told us that it was there fault that they should have went and took the baby. but i still love her so much she is beautiful even with her nose she is gods gift and she looks a lot like her daddy which he is still there for me and the baby he was there at the hospital never left my side and cried when he thought that he was going to lose me and the baby and he cried when he seen our baby girl and i did to when she first warped her little fingers around my one finger oh i love her. it is now 11-01-10 and she is 5 months old lol she still looks like she is a new born she is vary tiny. she was born on 05-24-10


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