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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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My Story.

the first time i found out i was pregnant was on my january 2, 2008. i was 14 years old. i had gotten pregnant by one of my cousin's friends at his party; that was the first and last time i saw him.... i met my boyfriend on myspace, and we started dating april 20, 2008; i was 5 months pregnant. he stayed with me, and on august 6, 2008; i had a handsome little boy; Ethan Ryan, my boyfriend even let me give my son his last name; Miller. we stayed together, and he treated Ethan as if he was his own. on january 20, 2010; we got engaged... i was now 16 years old, and he was in college; he had just turned 19. after he graduated, we moved in together; close enough to my high school so i could still attend & graduate. he watches Ethan while i'm in school, and when i get home he goes to work. on october 25, 2010; i found out that i was pregnant with number two. i went to the doctor yesterday & i'm now 11 weeks, and due May 29. which is a coincidence, seeming how my best friend is due the same day... we are hoping for a girl, and then our family will be complete, i'm on track with school; and i should be graduated by the time my second child comes into the world, i'll be graduated a year early... i'll be seventeen years old... i plan to take a year off so that i can care for my children full time until the rest of my class graduates, and then i plan to go to college to be a massage therapist....

not every guy is irresponsible. my fiancee could care less if he's Ethan's biological father, he's been there more than his real father ever has, he plans to adopt Ethan when baby #2 gets here, and then our family will be official.. you just need to find the right person, i'm glad that i found my kinight in shinning armor at age 14, because if it wasn't for my fiancee, i wouldn't be having my second miracle.. god gave me 2 children at a young age because he knows that i can handle it, not everyone can, but i know that i'll be able too...
we plan to have 2 more children, but we want to wait until i graduate college this time.... our life couldn't be anymore perfect.



My best friend is pregnant. She has a bunch of people talking about her and i lost a baby myself. The dad wasnt supportive and well yeh. But she is going thru alot and im scared that if she keeps gettin stressed out she will loss ethe baby like a friend of mine recently has to stess. I am going to be a god mother in about 8 months. I dont want her to go thru what i did. The babbies dad is unaware. She just found out and it was deffinatly unexpected she 16 and im 14. I jave been getting into a bunch of fights because of people talking about her. I am so confused and i wanna help her in any way so if anyone can help me, anyone at all. E-mail me please. How can i help so she can calm down tune people out? I just need some help. She goes thru so ,much and i dont know if shes gonna keep it or not but it doesnt matter.



Hi.I'm 15.About a month or so ago,I went into a holiday with my orchestra friends.We went for 5 days and on the 3rd day we got an orchestra concert.On the 2nd day,my friends let me be alone with my boyfriend who is a string player at the same orchestra.We thought that that time will be a chitchat romantic time,but I don't know how it start we were kissing and accidentally had sex.I didn't tell anybody about it until 2 weeks later I start feeling nausea and tired,dizzy,and my boobs are getting a little bigger.So,I told my best friend and we went to the drugstore near our school after the school's over.I bought the pregnancy test and test it at the toilet.Unfortunately,I got pregnant.I cried and told my boyfriend and he was shocked.We both didn't expect this to happen and we was so confused.After that I told my mom and gladly she wasn't mad,and she bring me to the doctor.I decide to keep the child and I am now expecting.It was not good.I keep vomiting all the time and I know my education will be screwed soon.But I'm glad that my boyfriend support me and he will take the responsibility to be a father because he is 5 years older than me and he's pretty wise.


Left Without A Goodbye

I was 14 and in a one-year relationship with my boyfriend when I got pregnant. I was really scared to where my best friend and I went to the pharmacy and bought the most accurate pregnancy test. I was gaining weight and my period was late, which meant I was probably pregnant. My boyfriend and I had sex about two months ago and it was the only sensable reason.

I took the test and it was positive. I told my boyfriend Justin and he was mad. Not at me, but at us. He said we shouldn't have had sex. He took me to the doctor to get it finalize, which the test was positive. We told our parents, and they were disappointed with us, but said they'd be there for us. My family is very much against adoption, since my grandfather was adopted and the stress of being adopted stuck with him to the point where he commited suicide six months into his mom's pregnancy with my dad. Justin was really abusive during my pregnancy; he mentally, physically and verbally abused me. He called me a fat cow and that I needed to lose weight and no one would love me. He hit my nine times in the face to where I lied to my parents about ramming into walls and my friends about hitting myself on accident. He mentally would play tricks on me and send me to places where he wouldn't be and blow me off for friends. He apologized later, but it still hurt me. I was really pissed off at him.

I gave birth to Dana Maria Simpson-Van Cole. The baby weighed twelve pounds and was healthy as could be. It was so weird, considering the baby came out blue (which scared me) but it was because the baby had been in my stomach all the time. Dana had a beautiful face and a great smile.

Justin left me two months later. It was because he was afraid of being a father and it was too much for him. I was really mad, and so was my family, but his family defended Justin, saying it's reasonable. I was really fed up, but told him not to come back, and that I'd say no.

It's been three years. A couple weeks ago, Justin came to my doorstep, saying he'd like to be a family again. I said no, because I bet he'd do the same thing. He tried to get court to do a custody agreement, but they said since he was mostly agressive and abusive during my pregnancy, they rejected his claim. I was really happy. I move away, and met a man who loves me a lot. We changed Dana's name from Simpson to just Van Cole. My new boyfriend loves Dana and can't get enough of her! I'm so happy and really glad I didn't let Justin back into my life. Now I'm happy and excited.

I'm going to a writing school to become a famous writer one day. My boyfriend stays home with Dana until I get home and then he heads off to work. I'm half way finished, since I never finished high school because of Justin, I was afraid to go to school since he told all his friends I got knocked up by some guy but since Justin's a 'nice guy' he stayed with me. But whatever, I'm happy. So happy, Dana will be having the best life ever.

Marie Van Cole

When your world changes

I was 15. I had the most loving boyfriend or so I thought. I had no idea I was pregnant until I was about 4 months along, I didnít know what it was to be pregnant. Hell I was just finding out what love was. Well, I and my boyfriend had already been together 1 year and 6 months. We had been dating 10 months before we messed around. He was my everything; I was in love, indeed. Well, he moved in with me and my mom and my family. We were making a family of our own. Well when I was about 7 months pregnant we started fighting all the time and at times things got abusive towards me. I was so in love with him but it was like there were two sides of him. I tried to stick it out for her. Oh yea it was a girl!!! Well, I was about 8 ½ months pregnant when I started getting false contractions all the time like a week strait it was nothing but pain and I mean a lot of it! The baby started getting really big and the doctor was nervous and thought I wouldnít be able to deliver, Iím little. So he induced me 2 days before my due date on October 23, 2009. I had a beautiful baby girl I named Lauren Rayn Robinson. Well she had jaundice which means her liver wasnít fully working and we stayed in the hospital 8 days after I had her. Well, a little thing called postpartum depression started kicking in and I was crying all the time. I figured she got jaundice from something wrong I did during my pregnancy, not saying I did a whole lot of things wrong, Iím only human. Well my abusive relationship with my boyfriend continued after we brought Lauren home. When she was about 1 ½ months old I kicked her dad out of the house and started raising her without him. But thereís more to the story, see before I had her everyone told me I would experience unconditional love but I never imagined how right they all were. But as to who all it applied to was a different story, It was Lauren and her daddy. I tried everything to try to get over her dad but the more I tried the more I loved him. I knew even if I was going to put myself in danger for these ďunconditionalĒ feelings for her dad. She would not be in any danger because Lauren didnít go around him much and when she did my mother was present. But, I would go around him in my time off from being a full time mother and student in high school. Here I am 17 and next Saturday my daughter will be 1. She is getting so big so fast. I am still with her dad but things are changing slowly but surely.

Tonja Renee

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