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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Surpise at 16

I fell pregnant in November of 2008. I wasn't late when i found out but my mother said she thought i was pregnant and to take a test. Mothers intuition she blamed it on. I took 4 tests and in astonishment i discovered i was indeed pregnant. I was 16 years old. (Just) I told my boyfriend who was quite calm about it and said 'it doesn't surprise me now lets tell your mum/" i told mum and she said ' lets take you to the dr then and get a blood test to make sure' 2 days later it was confirmed and i was approx 3 weeks pregnant giving me a due date of August 25 2009. By this point i was excited but i still had no education so i enrolled in TAFE to get a school certificate. My pregnancy progressed smoothly and by 7 months i looked as though i was carrying twins. I was huge. We tried to find out the sex of the baby but it had its legs crossed in the ultrasound so we were told we had to wait. My due date came and went and on August 29th 2009 i wasn't feeling myself. I kept getting cramps but they were very irregular coming every 2 hours. I dismissed them as labour pains until later that night when my boyfriend and brother went fishing. I stayed with mum and later had to call my boyfriend to get him to come home as i was quite scared and uncomfortable. I laboured all night and the pains only got intense around 5am (August 30th) I spent the whole night watching TV and walking around and timing contractions. At 5.30am we left to go to the hospital. The Dr told me i wasn't in labour and to go home and take panadol. I went home quite angry to be honest and tried choking down panadol until i said to mum, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!' and after saying that my water broke all over the lounge room floor. My boyfriend whisked me up and put me in the car and mum rushed me back to hospital where they confirmed i was 6cm dialated and was progressing quite quickly. I was told to expect a baby within the next 24hrs. The next 5 hrs were a complete blur to me, the pain was intense but not unbearable. I pushed and pushed for almost an hour and after having an episiotomy (which didnt hurt) my little GIRL was born. She weighed 7.6lbs and 49cm long. She had blonde hair, blue eyes and a very loud scream! I looked up and both my mum and boyfriend were crying. 4 hours after giving birth i went home because the midwives were cruel to me i assume because of my age. Xanthie is 7 months old now and is a happy healthy little girl. She rolls over, says dada and hello, goes to daycare 3 days a week and is the most precious gift ive ever been given. I am still studying for my certificate and i should have it completed by june.


15 and pregnant and the father dont want to know

i was going out with a boy for a few months,we knew each other for years.....and when i fount out i was pregnant i was devasted i didnt know what to do. i told my closest friend and she said shell be there for me.i didnt tell my family till i was 4 months. when i finally plucked up the courage to tell the father of my baby,he went mad and said to me to get rid of it or hell never talk to me again....i was so upset thinking to myself i was going to be alone......then i told my mum and she was so dissapointed but she said she will do her best to help me and my took me a while to get used to it as i so wanted to do my gcses and get a job but i knew i wanted my baby to have the best...every time i went for a scan my heart would warm up knowing something i made was inside me and i needed to be strong.....then on the 14.3.10 at 11pm my darling daughter georgia was born and ive never been so im home schooled and its working fine......the father of my child still doesnt want to know but to me aslong as my daughter has me and my family shell be ok...i losted alot of friends but i gained a star i will have forever


didnt see it coming

im 17years old and 7months pregos(: iwas with the babydady for a year. everthing was going good when we turned 3months together ifound out he hadd too move too florida iwas devistated! we madee so many promises too each other because we new that we were inlove. iwas commited too wait for him. around june which was thee summer he came back too visit on our 8months anniversity thats when our little guy was concieved lol..just two days before he left back.. later on around october ifound out iwas 13weeks pregos we were bith in shock butt happy because we wanted a family butt not so soon.. soonly when we found out iwas pregos he started changing and when ihit 5months he admited too me he didnt lovee'me anymore. iwas devistated and in tears and up too this point istill find my self crying. we dont talk any longer butt he is still involved in his sons life.. butt ijust wish we were still together because he changed my life. ilived unhappy and hated life up too when imet him. he changed everthing in my life. and now ifeel exactly how iuse too before imet him.


Mommys Angel

Im 17, i was 17 when i got pregnant with my baby. My fiance and i started dating in july an only 2 months later he got my name tattoo on his chest, then 3 months later we started trying to have a baby. we got engaged bout 5 months in to our relationship. We started fighting bcuz i wasnt getting pregnant, it was stressing us out. He was doing drugs an i thought i could change him if i gave him the baby he wanted. i loved him more then anything an i would do anything for him to reach his dreams he told me he wanted. Things got really rough an we started to hit eachother. he lived with his grand parents an i was there everyday an stayed with him every weekend. we were like married an 17. It became to much an i broke it off to show him i meant he needed to change. well he got a new girlfriend. I found out i was pregnant! i didnt tell anyone at first. i tried to get him back but we only lasted one day before he choose drugs. i told my bestfriend an then him that i was pregnant. i was so scared i was gonna be alone an then i started to think i could do it, have my baby an be a good mom. Then i started to love the idea an i loved my baby. I started bleeding black blood an i went to the ER. I learned i was having a miscarriage, i called my ex an let him know an he was with his new girlfriend, i could hear he was upset but couldnt think about it when he was with her. I was so upset an could bearly think about anything, the doctors were asking me a million questions. I didnt know what to do, i was livin with my bestfriend my dad didnt know i was pregnant an my ex just wasnt there. Going thru the pain alone was horrible, i had my bestfriend, friends, an family but i didnt have my ex who should have hurt like i did, but he covered it up with drugs. I named my babyboy Westen terry hamilton, (terry hamilton after his daddy). I got me an his dad cross necklaces in westens memory. There isnt a day that goes by that i dont miss him or think about him, everyday i wish i could have him back. My mom says god took him because he knew neither of us we ready, we werent in a happy place, an he was trying to give us a chance to turn around an do better for our lives. What he didnt know is i loved him i was ready. I took this experiance an are trying to do better with my life, an the dad is doing worse an using drugs to cover his life, we dont talk anymore. This is my story an i wanted to share it to show teenagers arent ready to start families an things change in moments. I love my son with all my heart an he will always be my first child. Mommy loves yuu Westen terry hamilton. R.i.p My angel</3


20 and on my second Baby

Hey my names nikita... Im 20 years old and have a 13month old son named marcus.. and am now currently pregnant with my second baby (a girl) both babies are with the same father who loves his boy to bits but doesnt want anything to do with his daughter we had, had a on off relationship for the last 2years... and now its over for good.. Cant say im looking forward to having two babies under the age of 2 being only 20 but im sure ill cope somehow... Its scary to be a young mum and its even scarier to be doing it all alone... well without the father of the children or anyone really there... I do have a wonderful bf currently and he is very supportive which helps alot as he doesnt mind me talking with him about the children :) Good luck to all those young mummies out there



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