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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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A Baby that had a Baby <3

Hey, My name is Angela and here is my story.
When I was 12 I went to my first party. That's what started it. I started hanging out with the older crowd and started drinking and doing all sorts of drugs. When I look back now I think to myself what the heck was I thinking. But you no what- it was a life changer . I went on with that scene for a year and after I graduated grade 8, I went nuts. I went full out and tried to get a name for high school, but then a week before school started, I ended up pregnant. I didn't know I was. I was too caught up in the "scene". Then one week, all i did was puck in the morning. I never thought anything of it. My mom asked me if I was pregnant and I said no. But it got me wondering and so I went a stole a test and did it at home I literally fell off the toilet when it came back positive. I ran up town and found my friend and told her I was. We had this huge plan to hitch hike to Toronto and get a abortion. Then I thought about it and I couldn't do it! I couldn't kill a innocent baby that hadn't even seen day light, so I decided to keep it. Now the hard part was telling my mom, and the father and his new girlfriend. lol.
I went to school one day and everyone kept asking me if it was true and i lied about it. But, I was already showing so I couldn't lie anymore. I came out with it and ppl that made fun of me for it, I would knock out. It was stupid of me, but I was ashamed of it myself.
When I got back to my home, a woman came up to me and told me if I didn't tell my mother that she would and that I didn't want my mom to hear from anyone else but meT. But i was so scared to tell her. So when I went home that night, my sister and I spent the whole night with them. Then they sent us up to bed and when we went up there I told my sister. Tongigt is the night.
I cried and cried cause I disappointed them. They let me keep my child and helped me raise my son. Anyway that's the hard part. When i delivered my son, I had a emergency c-section becasue the cord was around his neck twice. It was the scariest, hardest, most painful thing I ever did in my life, but I would do it again in a heart beat for a child.
I'm 16 now with a 19 month old baby boy. He changed me. If it wasn't for the angel coming to me, I would either be a crack head or even dead . But my angel helped me in the btest way <33333
And that is my story. All you young teen mothers can do it. You just have to look at what the creator is offering you .



hayy world. my name is bryana, and this is my story. I am a teen mother of the age of 16. i found out that i was expecting when i was 15, and trust me, it was quite some news!!! i had never had any irregularity in my period b4 so once i noticed the absence of it, i was sure i was pregnant. My daughters father (18) was a close friend who i had been dating on and off for about 8 moths at the time. i was head over heels in love with him, and thought he felt the same way about me. Well he didnt,atleast nt enough to help me raise a kid. And the truth of the matter hurt like hell. He expressed that he wanted nothing to do with me or "my" baby as he put it. i had just recently moved out of state with my father when i found out so Derrick (babys father) assumed i was lying. When i sent him a copy of my due date letter, he said it was a fake. and then when i finally moved back home after being kicked out and disowned upon the news of my pregnancy Derrick told everyone that i wasnt really pregnant (i hadnt started showing yet) Then finally when the validity of my words became clear he began to deny my baby. he would say awful, mean nd hurtfull things. He resented me for telling his mother (due to NO support from him). Now im 37 weeks pregnant nd the baby can come any day now, and i havent talked to him in 5 months. He hates me and blames me for getting pregnant nd it really hurts because of how much i trully loved him but i learned to let it go. Now that ive finally gotten used to the idea of raising our daughter alone, he suddenly decides that he wants to be in the hospital room and expresses his dissapointment in nt being permitted certain say so in certain decissions. i told him i didnt want him there. his negativity would nt be helpfull AT ALL (which made me look like a total biatch to whoever hadnt known what hell he had put me thru), then he went on to saying that he hopes i die in childbirth and burn in hell for what "IM PUTTING HIM THRU" so shyt fuck it. im done. im a smart and atttractive girl nd guys come a dime a dozen.. the question is will they be good enough for me and my daughter? =] .

o, by the way. i decided to name her Nirvana [hence the title] it means the release of pain and suffering after achieving enlightenment; peace on earth. yup, exactly what i was looking

im all smiles, for miles and miles
peace and blessings to you and yours


Oh No.

I was 12 at the time, he was 18. I know it's wrong, but what can I say we were in love :). Well, I thought we were. He said unless I have sex with him he'd leave me so I had no choice. It was a Saturday night, he got me drunk and I didn't know where I was. He'd always said he hated using condoms and at 12 I didn't really see the importance of them so I though why not. Before I knew it we had done the deed. The day after I received a text, it was from him. It said he enjoyed last night, but i don't think we should see each other anymore. I was so shocked and after losing my virginity to him- I couldn't believe it. I was so upset that that night I went round to his house. His mom answered the door and told me just to go straight up. As I opened his door I saw a sight i never expected. He was with another girl doing the exact same as what he did to me. He looked up and told me to get out of his house and get out of his life.

After that I didn't talk to him and 3 months after I got the bad news. First I thought I was just ill and because of my age I had only just started my periods so it was always messed up. But then after it wasn't going away I decided to have a test. it was positive. I didn't think I could become pregnant. I was only 12. I didnt know what to do, I couldn't tell my mom and dad- they would kill me. I couldn't tell my boyfriend- he had already moved on with his life. I was all alone. I told a few of my close friends but they all ignored me and thought I was making it up. I didn't want to get an abortion cause I thought it would hurt. I carried on with the pregnancy. It was hard to keep it a secret, but i found hoodies and sweats worked well. I went on to have a baby girl named Lily, it was only then that I told my mom and dad. They supported me a little bit but I think they are still disappointed. I have learned to love my little baby.


pregnant and...

im 15 i just turned 15 on the 31 of december. Its hard sometimes to be pregnant at this age but my mom and my family help me get through it. I was extremely scared when i found out, and i think i cried for 5 hours straight. I was only 14 when i found out. But my life has changed good and bad. I have grown up a lot more and im setting goals for myself that i know i will exceed not only for myself but for my mom and my baby girl. I don't think ill be dating for a couple of years. Right now getting my life straight and having a healthy baby is the only thing on my mind. My mom is very supportive of me she was till the beginning. She worries about me like everyone. And that comes natural. I remember telling the father and he said sorry and he was just acting like the victim so i would feel bad and not be angry. I regret it because i felt weak and alone and i did feel bad for him. But now the sad thing is he doesn't even care his baby girl will come into this world. But i wouldn't want him in her life. he is not a father figure she needs. But i know like any single mom its going to be hard for your child growing up not being with he or shes father or yet knowing him. But i will tell you this my mom used to date this guy for 10 years and he met her when i was 2. And ever since then ive thought of him as my dad. Even now when there not together. And he thinks of me as his daughter. So i promise you there are men out there that would fall in love with your child just like you when she or he came into the world. And there is always a chance your child will look up to him as a father figure. And for all us single or young moms trying to get by as strong as we can be proud. Because your doing most than many people can. we will all get stronger in the end. And im proud of you guys:] keep hanging in there and theres always faith and God is always by your side. :)


Love gone wrong.

me and my boyfriend were in such a great relationship..i gave it up to him though by the time we hit one month. and next thing i knew, i was pregnant..i didnt want to tell him because we talked about it before and he said he would want me to get an abortion..but my mom already has been over her morals and rules with me about this before. she said if i ever get in this situation then i would either put it up for adoption or get put on the streets...i kept it from my boyfriend until i had to tell him..four months in. i am a petite girl, 5'2..and i weight 97 people started to notice. i lost my boyfriend over my baby, and i am now cold alone and distressed six months pregnant. i am


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