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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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im prego

im 4 munths prego;when i found out i was having a baby i was'nt shocked at all,my babies father never really like condoms && for the first time when we did use one he RIPPED it off!! me and him are not together at all in anyway;i wanna be with him soo bad but he does'nt.AND i learned to ohkay with. im 15 && he is 15/im keeping my baby;im very indapended but at the same time i wanna give me baby up for adoption.he told everyone in his family.but the thing im worried about the most if i have my baby is me and him not gettine along because we really DONT..he was talkin to another girl at the time of are baby being conseaved and now to anoter one.he's said he is going to be there but he is in and out og detention does drugs fights all the time dont even gotta jod and i think would put many other thing's befor mee and this child..WHAT SHOULD I DO???


At 17 and 22

Hi i'm Christina and here is my story. I was 17 I got pregnant for the first time (the worst situation in my life!). I was was in high school and I thought I was in love. Luckily I got with him but soon he got me pregnant. I didn't know what to do! He soon got very abusive and started hitting and yelling at me. This kept on going on and on. I still didn't know what to do! I soon gave birth to my beatiful daughter Jocelyn, my little princess. I loved her with all my heart. Later my boyfriend made me marry him and it wasn't a wedding day, it was a place to walk in with a tee and sweats and get a marriage license. I still got abused and it was horrible to see my baby watch her mommy get hurt. Three years later he got me pregnant again with a boy named after him. We call him Junior, my handsom little man. My husband didn't belive that was his son because Junior was a lighter skin color. Months later I left my husband and filed a divorse. I also got full costudy of both of my wonderful children. I ended up going to collage and I became an accountant/secrtary. I even have my own house. It is very terrific for a single mother to become very succesful. Jocelyn had just turned 13 and Junior is going to be 10 in November 2009. For single moms who got pregnant in there teen years you can be succesful too. Good luck


cute little girl

When I was 14 I met this guy D. I thought he was amazing. But he did drugs and drank a lot and was constantly in fights. He was 3.5years older than I. I found out I was pregnant... After a month of morning sickness and a missed period I took a test. It was positive, which in my head I already knew. I was scared but not shocked.
I told D and he just kind of blew it off, and suggested an abortion. I thought about it but decided not to.
My parents found out I was dating D, they didn't like the age difference and I hadn't told them I was pregnant. So they got a restraining order against him. D and I snuck around to see eachother still though.
When I was 2months pregnant I told my mom. She was very upset but not mad. She was very supportive though. Her and my step father helped so much and eventually let me be with D.
When I was 4 months, D kept trying to g me to have an abortion I refused. He became violent. He tried pushing me down stairs tried punching me in the stomache etc.
I had my baby in July. Soon after my freshman year. It was amazing to see my beautiful baby girl.
Her father was around less and less and then said he wanted me to pay for dna testing because he didn't think she was his. I didn't pay for it. She is now three and I'm done high school. He takes her maybe one day a month but his mom takes her everyother weekend and calls almost everyday. When my daughter was 1.5yrs I met T. We hit it off really well and we now live together and my daughter even calls him daddy T. And they are so close to eachother. Their love for eachother is very clear. I've never been happier and my daughter is extremely happy and smart and beautiful.

It just shows that no matter what as long as you believe and attemp to give ur child a good life its possible.
Thanks for reading my story.


my lil princess!!

hi everybody im eli im 23 years old and here is my story...
i meet my boyfriend when we were in high school but we didn't start dating till we were both 19 years old. To make the story short i was 19 years old when i got pregnant. My boyfriend had just gotten out of jail at that time. So we started having sex without protection (stupid isn't it?) :) Well around january of 06 i has a month late!!! but i didn't know cuz i didn't have ne morning sickness, i was just very tired!!! So my mom took me 2 the doctor and i found out i was pregnant !!! My mom of course was mad and manted to ralk to my boyfriend mom righ away so we went to their house, my boyfriend wasen't there!! ( thank god). My boyfriend's mom was happy and at the same time worried about what my boyfriend would say. So we left their house and a hour later he called me and told me he was happy with the news!!! Everybody was very supportive with us and my baby girl Melissa Sofia Vega made her gran entrance on july 22 2006.

As for me and my boyfriend we are married and been together for 5 years!!! :)

eliana soto

Carli Ann

The name is Jessica i'm 17 years old and here is my story. I had recently loss my baby at 7 weeks the baby stopped forming and well a month after i lost the baby i met this guy on the internet named chris. I met him in Oct. From the very begining chris and i had this akward relationship. We had unprotected sex all the time and i never got pregnant. So three months went by and one day in january chris and i had sex and he stayed in. And i was supposed to start my period on valentines day but i knew deep in my heart i was pregnant. So i called my mom from school and had her meet with the principal her and I so i could tell her. and at first she was very mad and she thought i was lying to her and at first to be truthful i was. So my mom and I left my school and went to the corner drug store to get a pregnancy test and well we get home and I take it 5 mins later my mom comes out and she's like 'your pregnant' and i cried but reality hit like omg pregnant again. And my mom had called my ob/gyn to confrim that i was forsure pregnant. So we went there and the doctors confrimed and when we got home my mom told me that i needed to tell chris the babys father and so i texted him and told him that i was pregnant and he was mad. He said it was all my fault. And we still continued to have sex but he hadnt ever gone to any of my appointments but he wanted me to tell him what the doctors had said. He never told his mom. We told her when i was 5 months. So on july 6th i found out the im having a baby girl! I told chris and he didnt seem to happy cause he wanted a lil boy. But oh well. I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant i'm due Oct 22 the same day chris and i met. Chris still hasnt helped nor has he been there for me emotionaly or pshyically. But chris has a girlfriend and i have a wonderful boyfriend who is willing to help me take care of carli ann. I can't wait for my daughter to be born.,.Even tho im soo scared. I'm only 17 years old. I want to graduate from High school but i dont think i'll be able to. But im going to keep my head held high and not give up.

jessica Bilby

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