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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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From start to Finish... I'll be there

Hi everyone. I am 19 years old and 8 days over my due date. June 13th was the EDD and its now the 21st :( About 9 months ago is really when my story started. I was 18 years old when i first found out i was pregnant, my boyfriend at the time (the babys father), was just as excitted as i was. Although it was unplanned, the pregnancy was accepted by both me and the babys father with such joy. But not every story has a happy ending. At about 4 months through my pregnancy bills began to come in and the babys father was still unemployed. I was doing the best I could to cover what inssurance wouldn't pay with my overnight stocking job at walmart but ends just wern't meeting. Mabey from lack of money or sheer desperation the babys father started denying the baby. How could he? I kept asking myself why this was even a thought in his head since we had been together for almost 2 years. With the support of my AMAZING SISTER AND MY FAMILY I made it through the next couple months alone and "just getting by" with the bills. Finally around 8 months I was accepted for medicaid and the bills dissapeared :) I also began to get so excitted about the new arrival of my son. No sooner then I was finally able to accept the departer of my sons father, the asshole decided to come back around. With sucha a strong desire to have my picture perfect family, I let him come back into the picture. Yet again he let me down and dissapeared after i guess what he called getting sick of me. So now I am 8 days over the due date and still awaiting the arrivle of what I just know will be my pride and joy in life, my son Jaidan Ray Allacher. And Yet again my ex is trying to step into the picture. This time tho the door is closed. Having only my sister, who btw went to every single appt with me, like a trooper :), to share the ultrasound pics too really hurt deep. He let me handle the pressure of dealing with a pregnancy at 18 by myself and now he wants to come around just as he can see my sons face? No way. Just because bills are paid now, he can't just show up like he's a true father. Its just not fair. How am i to know he wont leave my son wondering where his daddy went? All in all tho, I am sched for an induction for tues or weds, 2 or 3 days from now!! Im so excitted and the picture of my familly is perfect with just me and my son in the frame :)

Karyn Allacher

first time and first time baby

Looking back i dont regret it atall having a baby at 16, i lost my virginity when i turned 16 and fell pregnant on that first time, i couldnt tell my parents , but when i did i had all the support i could wish for, shes now 2, named shadey, when i first found out at 8 weeks i was really upset , and didnt know what to do with myself. i had a part time job at 16 at a salon, but i had a place at uni to go and train to be a GP, i am at uni but only part time and i dont live in the uni halls, so i was ok with money and my boyfriend was really hapy he was going to be a dad, his parents however, were not so thrilled about us having a baby, he had a good job, he was 20, worked as a lorry driver, for a firm, so we were really chuffed. i had her and it was the best moment ever. were still a happy family , im still at uni part time as well as now working in a gp surgery instead of a salon, and my mum is helping me with shadey when im at uni . we arenow engaged , he proposed to me at my 18th. i also think shes going to be like me with her passion for horses, as she keeps going and stroking my horse.

hope everyone enjoys.

joanne little

My baby

I'm 16 years old and a senior in high school, I recently found out that I am having a baby. I was for the most part excited, but still scared, I know I will be a good mom though. My boyfriend is 21 and we have been together for 3 years. We always talked about having a baby, but we knew we wanted to wait. When I found out I was pregnant he was afraid of what his family and my family would think. I have an older sister who is 22 and my mom gave birth to her when she was 17. I will be 17 in two months, but I have yet to tell my parents that I am pregnant, I am nervous but I think she will understand because of her having a baby as a teenager. I could never think of getting an abortion and my mom wouldn't allow it. My boyfriend and I live together and we are engaged. He doesn't have a job (he's not a bum, he got laid off and can't find a new job), I work part time at a restaurant making less than minimum wage, paying monthly for a car for that I need to keep to keep my job and to get me around. I know it is important to have money to support my baby, but also having a baby, i will need my car, and my boyfriend doesn't have his own. I know i'll be a good mother, and he will be a good father, but i'm afraid I won't be able to support my baby, and I've looked for a second job, but nobody will hire me. My aunt and uncle who can't have kids are trying to adopt one, and I know they would be good parents, but I'm not sure whether or not I should let them adopt my baby. It will be so hard having them take care of my baby right in front of my face, but I know they can give my baby whatever they wanted and they would be good parents, and I will still be able to see how my baby is doing, but i'm just not sure what to do. =[


everything far

im seventeen years old. i dropped out of school after my sophomore year. then february of 2009 when i found out i was seventeen weeks pregnant. i had taken four negative pregnancy tests and had no other signs besides the fact that i was late, which even doctors thought was because of any other reason. so when i found out i was shocked. i almost couldnt tell my boyfriend becuase it didnt seem real at the time. at first my boyfriend and his mom were pushing towars abortion but i knew i couldnt do that. so i chose to keep it. my boyfriend was weary at first but eventually got excited about everything. my family was very happy about my decision because they are all pro life. my boyfriends mom on the other hand was not so enthusiastic. but eventually after a talk with my parents everything straightened out.
i am now thirty three weeks pregnant and have so much support from everyone around me. my friends, my family, and even my parents friends. right now i just want the pregnancy to be over and for my baby boy to be born. i realize everything is going to be much much harder but i still am excited. i also just got accepted to college, a year early, and will be starting in january. since the fall semester will be too close to Aiden's birth, July 31, 2009.



I had found out I was pregnant 2 months before I turned 17. It seemed that all of my "plans" were ruined. Not that they mattered anyway, my life was going nowhere. I hung out with pathetic people. The kind of people that never have any money and whenever they do get it they spend it on weed and liquor. My boyfriend at the time was one of them. He was 21 and still lived with his mommy and daddy. Pathetic.

The moment I found out she was inside of me I wanted to kill her. There wasn't anything that could have stopped me from getting an abortion until I ran away from home. That was the first time I had actually run away. Of course it didn't turn out very well and my parents found me. But I don't regret them getting me.
I had an ultrasound a few days after that. I was 14 weeks when I first saw her. I knew she couldn't be murdered, how could I have been so selfish?
I'm 21 weeks now. The baby is growing like a weed ^_^ and I couldn't be more happier.
I love you Alice!


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