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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Paradise baby

I used to babysit for a family and became almost another daughter to them.
One day they announced that they were going on vacation to Fiji and would I like to come with them..I was so excited..had never been away like that before.
Finally the departure day came and we flew off to Fiji and settled into a beautiful resort near Lautoka, pool, play area for the children etc. just heaven. After 5 or 6 days the wife took ill ( she hadn't been well for sometime) and was admitted to Suva hospital..
I babysat the two little ones each day,sunbathed,and lived in and out of the pool while the father Paul travelled to and fro to Suva hospital to visit the wife.
On his return each night we would swim and lounge by the pool with a cool drink after the little ones were off to bed... it was real heaven.. the drinks were iced orange or pineapple juice with a very small amount of vodka...just lovely..
One night after relaxing as usual I went and showered and washed my hair... I was busy sitting in my nitee, using the hair drier when Paul came into the unit and offered to finish drying my hair and began to brush it for me... I have always just loved having my hair brushed..we had often flirted a bit back home at times and also here at the resort... it was all just a bit of fun. he teased me a lot and guess
I loved the attention...
Hair done , I finished up tidying around the unit and said good night and went off to bed and sleep...
Sometime during the night I awoke to find my nitee pulled up and Paul gently caressing my body.. I pushed him away and told him NO... he said ok and kissed me ran his hands over my boobs and left.. I was sure shocked at his behavour and lay there upset and worried.. finally went back to sleep.
In the morning I met him on my way to the bathroom ..he gave me a hug and said sorry about last night, said he shouldn't have done that but said he thought I would enjoy it.
later he left for Suva again and I settled into the day looking after the little ones.
On his return we were swimming in the pool again and lounging poolside as before, later I rinsed my hair and Paul dried it and brushed it for me again... as I stood up to go to the bathroom and bed he turned me around and gave me a huge hug and thanked me for looking after the children while his wife was still in hospital.. he then kissed me... this time it stirred something deep inside me like never before..after I came out of the toilet I was about to pass Paul in the hallway and he caught hold of me and kissed me again...wether it was the drinks or not but my legs began to melt and my whole body trembled and fluttered. we kissed again and some how ended up on his bed more kissing and fondling and we had sex together just seemed all a whirl.. swept up in a big mist of emotion.we slept together all night.
Next morning I was worried and told Paul so... he said he had the "kindly cut" after his second child was born and not to worry....
that night we became much more sexually adventurous... in the pool on the deck in the unit we couldn't get enough of each other.and so it went on for the next ten days until she was discharged from hospital and we all flew home.
Three weeks after we got home and I was back at school my period was due, it was late! it didn't come... I told Paul he said no way! another 26 days and no period.. god I knew I was pregnant.
all hell broke out!!! Paul denied it, blamed it on a young guy I used to swim with in the pool some time during the day etc... But I knew it was Paul's... in due time I became a teenage mother to a beautiful little girl I have named Paulette... I am a lot wiser now from a few nights of folly. should have had more sense but got totally swept away in the occasion.
Paul and his family moved away and I have a court order on him to pay for our daughter's up bringing until she is 16 yrs ( called maintenance in this country)



Hey im Melissa i just turned 15 Dec.26th iam going to make my long story a short story . I became pregnant on my 14th birthday had no idea what i was getting myself into went to all my appointments found out it was a boy on Aug.15th Al'x Messiah was born most precious baby boy ever 2 weeks later my baby boy wasn't being his little self he was breathing very fast coughing i assumed he was sick went to the doctors just to find out my baby boy had " whooping cough " ( pertussis ) that's what i had 5weeks before birth i assume it was a bad cough i had i knew nothing about it doctors said is extremly dangerous for new borns:( my baby boy also turned a lil blue and his body was swelling from all these liquid medicine they had gave he looked very different they couldn't give him anymore meds then they already have given him so at that point their was nothing no one can it broke my heart into shattered little pieces 2 days later my beautiful son passed away nd burrying my child at 14 was very very hard for me i broke up with his father right away cause he went to drugs after my son was born i hated myself extremly bad i started cutting myself i didn't wanna live anymore if my son wasn't there with me i miss the times i did have with him i enjoyed every single second of them ill give my one nd only life for my son i cry my eyes out everyday ill do ANYTHING i mean anything to have my sleepless nights back to hear my son cries to see his precious face to feel his chunky lil body to hold MY son in my arms for the rest of my life forever and ever. I think about my Al'x Messiah day and night.I can never ever get my little boy out of my head i hate his father badly but i love his father dearly also he gave me a beautiful angel who's now in heaven with the rest of the angels i go to church every Sunday to hope and pray my life gets better ive saved all of the stuff me and my family got for my son though he isn't here ill always have him in my heart he's close to me i feel it. And in the near far future when i do have more kids ill always always tell them about their angel brother and show them pictures of how beautiful this angel was iam not at all over my son and what had happend ill never forget til the day i die. I really hope all you girls are ready for whatever that may happen god bless you all.

# RIP baby boy mommy loves you so dearly i sleep with ur favorite teddy bear at night oh and ur mickeymouse outfit you were last in?? It sleeps in my bed every nite . I know ur only in a better place i know you'll be very proud of mommy . <3 <3 I LOVE YOU BABYBOY : I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'LL BE ONE ON AUGEST 15th my lil angel baby .
8.15.12-9.1.12 rest in paradise AL'X MESSIAH CORTEZ!


That night on the beach

My name Erica iam 23 with 3 beautiful kids I had my first son at 16 his name is Jaydence . I had my daughter at 18 named Jayliee'annah my 3rd child a boy named Jaylence my story starts at 15 met a really nice cute hottie at the beach while in Courpus with my family we became the best of friends while i was there to be real he didn't look like one you'll find on the beach he was gangster looking said he was in the "crips gang " how he smoked and dranked 2days later both our last day . We went to his side of the beach made out and it just went on from there . We exchanged number everybody packed and left me and my family headed back to san antonio 2 weeks later i found out he lived in san antonio too we begin chilling and hooking up well around dec.23 2006 I begin eating alot being tired all the time even late for school because i was oversleeping. Sooo of course my mother thought i could be pregnant she bought me about 12 pregnancy test she wanted me to take all of them and so i did 8 negative test and 4 positive ones we were so badly confused so my mom scheduled me an appointment just to make sure i was or wasn't preggo welp my doctor confirmed i was indeed 5 weeks pregnant i was scared and confused i called JayJay "babys daddy" and told him he wasn't so shocked as i was he told me he'll be there for me that he really like me and so on when i was 25 weeks we were told i was having a baby boy jayjay was so excited he was finna have a son and at 37 weeks i gave birth to my first born baby boy his eyes had me gone he looked up at me and from that moment on i knew he depended on me . When Jaydence was 3 i found out i was preggo again pretty much everything i already went through with jaydence but this time i was having a baby girl once Jayliee was here her father and i faught constanly we couldn't stand eachother but somehow i was pregnant AGAIN WHEN I WAS 20 ... with another baby boy Jaylence!! And now that iam 23 married to their father iam stay at home mom . Jaydence mommy's big boy is 7 yrs old in the first grade , Jayliee'annah is 4 almost 5 in pre-k and last but not least is my babyboy Jaylence who is 2 almost 3 iam pregnant for my last time a baby girl after her my tubes will be getting tied lol me and jayjay plan to name her Jae'lynne!! My 4 kiddos all j's ; Erica (me) Jayjay(hubby) Jaydence,Jayliee'annah,Jaylence,Jae'lynne my big hapy family of 6..

Girls while parenting is Extremely hard and emotional trying schooling and alll is alll overwhelming trying to provide for You and your children yep my advice to you all good luck all good mothers have alll of my respect forrealzz but you whom still virgins please please wait for sex use protection anything to PREVENT but nomatter what we all can do it byeee



I'm 20 yrs old my name is Jessicka i have a smart beautiful 6 yr old daughter who's my world . I met my childs father when i was 14 we met while i was walking my little brother and his friends to their home . he was driving and stoped he asked my name i told him he told me he was 17 so i gave him my number he hit me up 5 minutes later asking if i was gonna chill with him though i thought he was cute i told em i couldn't. 3 days later he hit me up again to chill so i did we smoked a lot that nite it was my 4th time ever smoking weed we had also dranked liqour and i just got caught up in the moment he started saying he wanna have sex and this and that as stupid as it sound i was so stupid enough to go along we had sex after smoked more weed i started feeling weird so i told him take me home when i got to my house i went to sleep the next morning my stomach was hurting i had a hangover so i just took some pain pills and rest throughout the day. well later the next day i told a friend bout what had happend 2days before that's when i found out from a friend he was actually 22 my mind was everywhere . He was calling and texting but i didn't respond back . I started cramping daily but never bad pregnancy had never crossed my mind untill i told another friend bout the pain i was having she asked if i could be pregnant i told her no it was probably because i had sex a week before . When trully i didn't know nothing bout babies and how teens were suppose to feel or anything so i thought nothing of it i still had my monthly period which i did know you can't have while pregnant but bout 7 months later i started having back pains but still thought nothing ever of pregnancy i carried on with my life like nothing and haven't talked to the boy/guy since that day and on April 18th 2 months later at 6:37 pm i was rushed to the hospital for real bad adominal pains and bleeding from my private area . When i get there they wanted to perform an ultrasound to see if i was pregnant i told them i couldn't be that i bled every month they did one anyway and they rushed me into a room where it had the letters " L and D " on them when we got in there my mom was very mad and crying she told me that the room i was in was a labor and delievery room before we could finish the conversation and before i could respond there was doctors and nurses surrounding me i was crying in so much pain when a nurse told me to push push right away that i was having a baby i cried even more i was mad and 5 minutes later a baby came of me . Of me they took the baby away to get all clean my mom told me that i had a daughter i couldn't believe it what had just came of me .. I had lost words i couldn't explain doctors came back in asked if i had girl names i told them i didn't my mom helped me pick out names she said Aa'miracle Marie thats what i stayed with considering my mothers name was Marie . 3 days later the hospital let me and my Miracle baby go home with my mommy i knew nothing about babies so my mom and big sister helped me out alot i was always tired and crying many times i told my mom that i couldn't do it anymore i couldn't raise a baby i told my mom i don't want the baby i never did i was so stressed out my mom told me everything will be okay she told me i thought i couldn't she told me i love my child she told me my daughter looked just like me and needed me i told her it was too hard for me i told her the father of my baby i was some boy i slept with and never talked to him again i told her i hated myself for what I had done i said it was all my fault my life would never be the same well i still did everything i was supposed to do i really honestly loved my daughter i just really really hated myself i thought i was nothing . When Miracle was 5 months i decided to go back to school when she turned one i went to school online so when i turned 15 i could get a job and that's what i did 3 months into me working i started getting depressed and hating myself again for some reason i just wanted to be with my daughter her in my arms hugging me 25/8 i started saving money 2 months later i quit my job and spent every second of my day with my daughter and when she slept it was online classes time . When she was 2 my mother bought me a car i was unable to drive it because was only 16 in the meen time i started fixing up the inside all cute for me and my princess . 5 months befor my 17th birthday i went back to school for my 12th grade yr i graduated 2 months after my 17th birthday life was great my mom helpe me a lot. I started looking for appartments eventually my 18th birthday came around i found a really nice one and me my mom sister and her boyfriend helped me and my princess move in .. When Miracle turned 4 2months after moving in we celabrated her party at my new place it was one of the best days of my life my daughter was just a perfect little miracle and sooo smart she always asked about her daddy all i ever said was " daddy went away befor i had you he'll be gone a while " it just kills me i use to just watch her sleep while i cry . My little girl wanted her daddy yet she hadn't even met him . When she was 5 I got his number through a friend i called him up telling him he had a daughter he didn't believe me he wanted a DNA test and since i was 19 of course i agreed . So that's what we did she was 99.9% Ryan's he was happy he never knew but he denied her untill we got the results which i already knew she was his now to be honest the only reason i did the test was because Aa'Miracle wanted her daddy so we had to go to court and everything for an Coustdy arrangement i truthfully didn't want to share my daughter with him but it was best for her . I started letting him get her every Tuesday and Saturday she sees him hmm quite often if you ask me . That's how it is to this day i have a good stable job , a car my license , my own place , my daughter got everything she needs and wants she's so happy her fathers in her life now my little miracle is a big girl now she's 6 in kindergarden already so beautiful and smart and since then I've hooked up with her father again pregnant with baby#2 a baby boy A'mire ! But that's a totally differrent story thanks for reading !

- Me , My Princess and My Prince <333

Simply Me

never trust anyone

i was 17 at the time,i had my license i had my college date set attended meetings orientation and then started to think about joining the navy,knowing i couldnt afford college by myself.i remember being so eager to be a proud future sailor. i brought home the naval application and was so excited just to flip through the numerous pages. anyways i met this guy not too long ago and i found that we really clicked we bonded shared secrets that were unknown to EVERYONE. he even cried to me before because i had touched on some sore subjects,he trusted me to help him....i wish that i could've trusted him to do the same for me...about a week ago i found out that he had gotten this girl that he fucked before he met me, pregnant he told me he told her to get an abortion and i remember crying saying how could you want that?! thats a human being in there,you need to man up and take care of her,shes having your baby,whatever you do tell her to keep it,life is a prescious thing,and i hung up.i cried harder than i have since...a very long time...i hadnt hurt like this since 2009 the last time something like this happened....i remember being so distraught and so confused that i felt my head spinning one minute and the next minute i was throwing up...literally.i was so sick to my stomach i screamed at him told him to never talk to me ever again,i even went as far as to get my number changed. i could he do this?i trusted him,i liked him,i bonded with him,i did everything i could do to make him happy,i even went as far as to give him my body the countless times we intertwined and locked our bodies together in unity,what could i say i was falling harder than ever,i felt like it was my very first chance of true love...but now i know love is just an excuse to hurt.i was so angry i remember wanting to scream,at that exact moment that i hung up on him i ran to my moms room with tears in my eyes asking to borrow her car,she understood and gave me the keys,i remember driving so fast,like i was trying to run away from my pain. i remember parking on a hill and doing nothing but crying...lots of crying...i texted him saying im happy for you happy fatherhood and just like that he was out of my life for good,now a week has passed guess whos carrying life inside her tummy?me... im still devistated that he has another girl pregnant im beyond hurt to the point i wish i could just run away and never come back...the father of this miracle in my belly will never know of this child,i know now it would be selfish for me to tell him i was having a kid,..i mean what right do i have to ruin his life with another life?he already had a baby on the way with that girl,i couldnt ruin that...i just couldnt,i know she needs him more than me,and so i let him be,i couldnt come inbetween them,that is there destiny to decide not for me,my dreams of the navy are shattered and so are my dreams for a highly payed having a baby on the way...although i said i hated the man i once grew fond of,i love this sweet child of mine,i hope one day i can tell my child all the great feelings that man gave me,all the prescious memories he left me to reminisce upon.i hope he never has to find out he has another child,for this is my consequence. as for every girl out there whos a teen and pregnant...please..please...keep your heart gaurded because this...this pain never goes just learn to make room for it..


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