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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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hi everyone. im currently 15 and 3 months pregnant. i had the best bf anyone culd evr ask for. we'd been dating since Sep. 14, almost 9 months now, then evrything crashed last night. he said he's tired of bullshit or problems that i keep bringing up and my 'childish' behavior on situations. until all this crap happened, idc wat other people sid, we were the happiest couple in our school! going to watch movies at the theaters, going out for dinner, once, but still happy. i didnt plan on getting pregnant. the last day we had sex, he told me that he ahd somewat planned me to get pregnant, but i hadnt. i was upset with him for not consulting about that with me first, BEFORE i got pregnant, and now look where i am. a single mother who cant afford to keep her own baby, so adoption is more than likely wat im gonna do. he promised he'd nvr leave me; gave me a promise ring, and evn an early engagement ring too. but i gues things werent meant to be between us. i loved him to death. and evn though he drinks and smokes here and there, somethinng i dont normally want in a guy, i still loved him very deeply, thats y i put up with him. now, evrything i loved is gone. i hav no heart left, for any1. none watsoevr. now im having to think aout school and wat im having to get out of planned classes, like my welding. im gonna miss welding a lot. and also how im going to handle giving up a baby i love dearly and giv him/her to another family. so, if anyone hasa any advice for me, plz, im all ears right now. i need some serious help....


whats next ? * ;

well im 15 years old and 4 months pregnant ; my baby's father and i known each other for some years now cuz he lived upstairs from me so he was jus known as the boy upstairs i wud see him everyday but nothin major jus hi and bye ; then he moved out the apartment building and we ended up talkin again months later because he aimed me tellin me it was his new aimm ; then we started talkin moree and more then he became my boyfriend december 2008 ; we didnt end up havin sex til about feb.and clearly i ended up pregnant from havin sex that 1 time cuz fed was my last period and from all the months we been together weve only hadd protected sex once bad choice -but i didnt find out til i was 11 weeks preggo ; i had clues about it but wasnt really suree so i went to the doctors with my best friend and for sure i was 11 weeks preggo ; me and my baby's father are currently not together cuz i didnt get an aortion but before we stared dating he informed me that he didnt want kids but things happen we wernt expecting this . my family didnt find out about the pregnancy til i was 13.5 weeks pregnant and they all want me to get an abortion but my moms feelings about it is that its my choice and every1 jus keeps askin me how am i gonna raise a baby ; even tho im not getting an abortion im hopin that they will support me and im obviously gonna be a single mom but i dont kno whats gonna happen bcuz i am in the foster care system but my cuzin is my guarding and shes gonna tell the dss ppl if i dont git an abortion ; when i went to the clinic the 1st time i jus couldnt do it and left out the office crying ive made my discion and im keepin the baby but idk whats gonna happen with my family and the dss workers but im willling to do it all for this baby i jus wish that i was getting more help and support from the fathersince he helped make this baby ; but umm any advicee ! ??


My Beautiful Baby

Im currently 15 and I have gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Sienna - Nicole on the 25th October 2008 and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was with her father until November last year where I found out I was pregnant again. Im 7 months gone now and am awaiting the arrival of Sienna's baby brother Noah on 7th July 2009. Being a single mum isnt all what its cracked up to be. there are plenty of sleepless nights and pooey nappys to change but to be honest I love every second of it. I still attend a mainstream High School and yeah, I do get many strange looks and names called at me such as *Slag" "whore" and the most amusing "Juno" I bring Sienna to school with me 3 times a week and take her into my lessons. Its quite embarrassing when I have to wap my nipples out in class to feed her but I think everyones used to it now and they all fight over who touches her and strokes her hair :) Its rather annoying when I have to wheel the pram around school because there isnt much room either. If you do become pregnant and you are a single mum, please make sure you have a supporting family and get your priorities right. The Children come first. Not us. If there is a choice over reading Sienna a bedtime story or going out for a friends 16th I would definitely choose Sienna. Good Luck to all those who are pregnant and to all those thinking. Consider it carefully.

Caoimhe Barton


hi well my story is not about being a single mom its about maybe being a and my bf thinks im pregnant well im 17 and working and we are happy the only ones that know is me and my bf and his mother and she is supportive ,she wants to take me for a test and wants me to move in with them we are only dating for 4 months but i love him to death and abortion is NOT an option for us going to take a preg.test today but he made me promise to not tell him yet because he wants to ask me to marry him and doesnt want to know yet because he wants to ask me coz he loves me and not because im pregnat the only problem is telling my parents they already hate me..if any one can help me please give me advice

Caoimhe Barton

Leah Samantha Stork

I was 17 when i found out i was pregnant. I was so mad and thought i had ruined my life. My boyfriend was not happy but said he would support me. I should have made a better choice.

Then on April 24,2005 i started labor. I was at the store with my boyfriend getting a carseat for when we would take the baby home. On the way home i felt strong contractions. We drove to the hospital about 1 hour after we got to our apartment.

We got to the hospital and i was 6 cm dialated. I was shocked!! This was the day. I got through the contractions. THen it was time to push. My boyfriend held my hand the whole time. It hurt extremley bad. I did it without medication. Then Leah Samantha Stork was born. She was a blessing but also a piece of work. I love her but it wasn't good being a teenage mother.


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