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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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I made it

You would be lying if you said you wanted to have a baby when you were in your teens. Im currently 15 and have a 1 year old. The baby's daddy and i still talk but we are nothing more than friends. He has been my backbone through everything! I love him in a way nobody will understand. He is my baby's daddy and im Hisss baby's momma. I became prego in july i believe. Im not sure. I was told that i was going to have a baby girl when i was 6 months. Nowww, she is my world. I have a boyfriend, and yes he is the love of my life. My ex-boyfriend decided that he wasnt ready to be a father, and the guy im currently dating stepped in. He knew i was 5 months pregnent and he still stayed with me through everything. I gave birth to a blue eyed 4lb. 5oz. girl. She has curly blond hair and her name is Peyton. My mom is also one of my hero's. I told her as soon as i found out that i was pregnent. she was a little mad but we talked it out. I was thinking bout adoption but i just couldnt give her away. As soon as i felt her first kick, i new she was going to be mine forever.
Its been hard but i wouldnt change it for the world. But girls, no matter how much you want a baby WAITTTTT! I would never wish what i went through on someone else. Wait until you can truely handle a baby to have sex.



I started going out with a boy at easter time in 2008. I was 13 & he was 15. We first had sex in November last year. It was my first time, but he had allready had sex with 2 other girls before. I was always considered as one of the mature girls in my family and nobody thought this could happen to me. I wanted to do well in school, go to collage and university, get a good job and move out & i still do want this, i just think its going to be alot harder for me. Im now 5 months gone and preparing for a baby boy. My family where really suportive, allthough they were very disapointed that their daughter had gone and got pregnant at the age of 13. I do get the odd bitchy remark but apart from that all my friends have stuck by me and helped me through the pregnancy. I only kept the baby because at the end of the day I got myself into this mess i have to be the bigger person and live with it. To every single teenage girl whos found them self pregnant keep strong & dont let anybody bring you down or tell you what you've done will be the biggest mistake of your life because the result of it will be the best thing that ever happened in your life. :).x


pregnant at 16

i am pregnant at 16 going on 17. i was with this boy and after i became pregnant he made up stories and left me. i couldnt believe that he ran away fro his own blood and i cant believe he ran away from me after saying he loved me. i'm ready to face all the obsticals in my life... cause this baby inside is my pride and's apart of me, actually apart of him to... he comes at the place i work and looks me in the eye ( i wonder what he thinks and what he says to his mother and his girlfriend) i wonder if he even cares or just living life like nothing ever happened. i just wonder if he will ever come around and be there not for me but his own baby???


pregnant at 14

i was 14 & had my first "serious" boyfriend. after being together 4 months i fell pregnant. the "boyfriend" ditched me. i went through my pregnancy with the only support coming from my family. in march 2008 i gave birth to the most gorgeous baby boy ever. he is now 15 months old & has never saw or heard anything from his "father". to be honest i wouldnt change a thing. having my son was the best thing that has happened to me x


something to remember

It all started when i was 15 and i was 1 of the papulare girls so i went to alot of parties. 1 day i went to this rellly cool partie and my friend introdusted me to this guy named Ryan and he was relly nice to me . after the partie he tolk me to his house and well u know we did it. the next 2 months went by and i missed my piriod so me and my best bud and i went to a store and got like 100 pregnancie tests and they all had a pink plus sign i was so sceard and happy at the same time. at school i say Ryan and we started to talk , i told him and he looked at my belly then he gave me a big hug .1 week later he told his mom and dad and they were so happy for us. 1 week later i moved in with him . he went to all my appointments . it was all good then 8 months later i gave berth to a baby girl named Alex now i am 17 and i am still with Ryan and Alex and my life is perfect


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