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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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whats going to happen next..

so i am 17 i am 19 weeks pregnant. i am in fostercare and have been for five years. the babys dad is not around he would rather be out doing drugs and other things.i dont have a mom and dad to sapport me i just have me. the grandma(baby daddys mom) wants to take the baby from me when i have it. but i'm not ready to give up i want to have my baby and take care or it with or with out anyone support.


I was 13 when I got pregnant and 14 when I gave birth. I was 2 months pregnant when I found out, with my ex's baby, he was 16 at the time. I got pregant the very first time we had sex. He was great with me during my pregnancy, we went out on and off the whole way through and we only broke up a few months after out son was born, he was also at the birth, and he still is a great father to out gorgeous little boy. It has been extremely hard being a mother so young but luckily I have an amazing family behind me, my mum and dad werent to happy when I first told them but they had to come to terms with what had happened had happened and they couldn't change it. I have just turned 16 and Josh will be 2 in August and we are currently looking for out own house!
Good luck to all you single mums/mums to be out there, just because your young and on your own doesnt mean you are any less of a mother!



I have another story in here,i am now 22 years of age with my second chid. It all started with i think that i my second baby father was the one for me. He want a baby so bad that i was love blind and i told him yes thinking that every thing would be ok. One day i woke up feeling sick and i took a pregnency test to later find out that i was pregnant. After i took the test i called him and told him that i have something to show him and he told me to come over to his home, in less than 10 mins i was there showing him the results of the test. He tell me that he would be there for me and the baby. He stayed by my side for about a couple of months, after i began to get bigger he stop coming around, phone call tend to get less. I find out that he had another girl, it was not long before i tell him what i wanted to tell him. On the night of January 23 2008 i began to feel some horrible pains so i take my son to his grand mother's house and a friend take me the hosiptal. After being i labour for about 5 hours i then gave bith to a beutiful bouncing 7 pounds 6 ounces baby girl named Alyssa. After i got the baby a couple weeks later he decided that he wanted to be with me thats when i gave him the news that he was not there before so why u want to be here now and that i was not doing that. When my daugther was 6 weeks old i fell in love with a guy name Rommel he is really nice to me and my kids there love him alot. Now my daugther is 16 months and me and him is still together soon to get marry.


15, and Stephanie's Mom

Hi, I'm Mallory,and I'm a teen mom.
My boyfriend was the highschool jock, total hottie.
It all started when my boyfriend Nick and I went to an amazing party. We ended up having sex. HUGE mistake. 3 weeks later, on my birthday we went into a restaurant and I asked him if we could go get a pregnancy test. He looked at me really wierd and said yeah sure. We went to a restaurant down the street and I took the test there. When it came out positive, I remember breaking down in the stall, and punching the door. I cried for a long time. When I finally came out, I told Kyle and he said he would be there with me no matter what.
When I got home, I told my mom. She yelled at me for a couple hours, was really mad at me for a couple of days and then she sent me to live with Nick's family for 2 weeks so I could see what it was like to live with the father of your child. 2 weeks later we went to the doctor and we found saw our precious baby. I learned to accept being pregnant and having to pay the consequence for my mistake. As I became bigger I met these other girls besides my best friend, they were also pregnant and went to my school. The four of us hang out together all the time. Nick was hanging out alot with the father of these girls babies who also happened to be on the football team. Every week one of the boys would show each other the ultra sound pics. Nick also hung out with his other friends. It was fun being pregnant and all, but one day, when I was with the girls, one of them went into labor. Her mom rushed her to the hospital, and she denied her mom to be with her in the delivery room. She just wanted me and her boyfriend. I saw labor firsthand, and I thought that NEVER in a million years, I could do what she was doing. It was 2 months later, that that was what I was doing. On May 22nd I was at one of Nick's football games when my water broke. The my best friend was right next to me, and drove me to the hospital. She called my mom and Nick to tell them right when we arrived to the hospital. Nick couldn't get out of the game, but luckily his friend, who doesn't play football took his place at the game and he got here just in time. I wanted Nick and my best friend in the room. 2 hours later, our little girl names Stephanie Alexa Grace was born.
Nick and I live in his house with his dad, and while he goes to school while I take care of Stephanie and homeschool. Almost everyday my best friend and the two other moms come.
All you teen moms out there, never give up. You'll get something great in return.
P.S Stephanie's about to turn 1, and I'm 2 months pregnant with our second baby! I'll keep you posted. Promise.
With Much Love,


Response to Sister Pregnancy

First off Im sorry to hear that your parents are having marriage problems. But your behavior about your sisters pregnancy is selfish. You think that you are going through a lousy time? Think about what she is going through. She has no one to support her or hear her out. What if her pregnancy was not something that she planned...maybe there is more to the story than what she has said. Many women can raise a child when they are young. Its NOT impossible. As for people who tell you stuff it is NOT their business & you need to stick up for your sister. In your family its not all about you and having a baby is a blessing from GOD & it shouldnt be a burden for you. Your sister needs you since she has no one else to support her. Stop being so selfish because if you think u have it bad put yourself in your sisters shoes. Im not saying having a baby while still in High school is ok but you just gotta deal. Everything will be alright. I know.....I went through the same thing..



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