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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Sister Pregnancy

On March 11th, 2009 happend to be the worst day of my life. I was listning to my iPod touch full blast and I still heard my parents screaming, but I just thought it was another fight involcing my cousin who was on drugs. I heard my sister whos 17 screaming "I'm sorry" and so on. My sister has just revealed to my parents who are thinking about divorce thay she is 2 months pregnant.

I was pissed off and depressed because I know in this econmy it's hard to make good money esp. If you have a baby in the 11th grade. My sister has decided to keep her baby and ignore abortion because we are Catholic.

People at my small school look and point and say "oh your the girl with the pregnant sister"? Teachers feel bad for me and my parents and sister and my cousin along with everybody else fights like none other at times. I dislike my sister because she treats me poorly and what she is doing to our family but I still act nice though on the inside I'm hurting. In 5 months when I start hs we're going to have another member of the family which sucks. I wish to all of you wait on sex, its hard but the way I am living now makes me not want to live at all at times.


Pregnant and alone..

I am 18 years old, and I am almost 3 months pregnant. I had been pregnant before and miscarried at 6 months due to complications with stress and stomach ulcers. When I first started to experience pregnancy symptoms I didn't think it was possible because A. I was having my period and B. my doctor had said it was a very slim chance that I could get pregnant again. But when my friend told me that she thought she was pregnant it made me think, so I got up the courage and went to the doctor.

No surprise the test was positive. I was awestruck, I couldn't believe my ears, my doctor had been wrong. I asked my doctor if there was something wrong with me or the baby because I was having my period and she said no, that some women continue to have their periods while they are pregnant. I was relieved to hear that my baby was perfectly healthy.

I am a senior in high school and am nearing my graduation, I am keeping the baby and am very thrilled, the father, not so much. He ran out on me and I don't hear from him. All I get from his is $200 a month, big help. Yes I am scared, I don't want to lose this baby like the last so I am taking EVERY possible methods to keep this baby healthy. I'm due anywhere between January 13th and 17th and I can't wait.

It may seem fun to be a teen mom but I know it will be hard. I will always worry if my child is ok, even when my child is grown and living on their own. All I can do now is wait, wait and pray that this baby is healthy and that when I meet it, things will be better.


my beautiful baby boy

hii well my story begins in october 2008 when i found out i was pregnant ..i was so shocked and scared and i didnt kno what to do i knew i was gonna keep it so i didnt tell my mom little did i kno that i was 4 months prego when i found out i thought i was 2 months prego but when i finally told my mom i was pregnant it broke her heart she broke down in tears and that made me cry but there was nothin i could do becuz when i told her i was already 6 months pregnant but a couple months go by and i give birth to a beautiful baby boy its hard being a 17 year old mom but i love my baby to death and i kno it will get easier my sons dad comes around to see him but our relationship isnt to good he cheats on me so i dont wanna be with him but me and my son will be alright


Adryanna Isabella

i was 14 when i discovered i was pregnant. I was at this party and i started to fool around with this guy and we ended up havin sex. I didn't think twice about being pregnant. it never occured to me that it could happen. then about 3 weeks alter i got "stomach flu" and i remembered about that night. i also realized that i hadnt gotten my period for that month yet. i had my best friend buy me a pregnancy test and it came out positive. i was so scared. I didnt know waht i was going to do with my life. this was something that i never thought would happen. i knew i needed to tell my mom but i really didnt want to. i decided to get an abortion so i wouldnt need to tell my mom. i was never one to be pro-abortions but then again i never thought i would be the one who would need one. I went to the place and got checked out. i got there and i was told that i was too late in my pregnancy to get an abortion. by then i was 3 months. it was no longer possible or legal to to get an abortion. i was going to have this baby weather i wanted to or not. i decided one night to tell my mom. i was beginning to show and i was scared she was going to find out. at dinner one night i told her. she was imcredibly mad. i was always the good girl and never one to get pregnant at 14. after a lot of screaming and yelling she decided that she would help me with the situation. i found the guy i slept with and called him. we hadnt been in contact since the party. i told him and he said he would be there for me for whatever i needed. we met up and now were dating. although i was always known as the "wierd pregnant girl" and i was judged everywhere i went, i made it through my pregnancy and i was happier then ever. nothing anyone could say would make me give my baby girl up. she was mine forever. she was born on january 13th. now at 3 months, my adryanna isabella is my life. i have never been happier. i love her so much there isnt words to decribe it.

all teenage moms, i know we can make it though. the situation may seem tough but everything is possible and i love you all


Surprises before i even graduate high school

hi, my name is Riley and i'm 17 years old. i got pregnant when i was just about to turn 15, with my son Ryan. I was definitely scared but with support of everyone around me i got through it. The thing about it all was that the baby's father had recently moved before i even knew i was pregnant. which forced us to breakup. i wanted to call him a mllion times but i couldn't. i had my son and i knew i was too young to take care of him. yet i wasnt sure i could face giving him up for adoption either. yet i some how did. i gave him to amazing people i knew would be great parents. i then was watching him grow up from far away and his "parents" had sent me pictures every few weeks. i felt that he was still a part of me that way. four months after i gave birth, my ex-boyfriend came back to town. he was gonna be living with his father back in town again. i had finally moved on and got a new boyfriend. i was happy. my new boyfriend understood everything i had gone through and i loved that about him. the only thing is he didnt want to have sex. so when my ex came back we started to hang out again and becoming "friends". now i'm 17 and pregnant again. with my ex boyfriends child again. plus he still doesnt know about ryan. i don't know what to do. i know i have to be fair to both boys. so i'm gonna tell them the truth. its just i dont know what to do. i dont think i could stand giving up another child. yet i still feel too young to raise it. but im hoping that i'll be able to keep my baby. cause thats what i want. i just hope i'll get help if thats what i decide. i know it will be hard but i want him or her to look to me an know im there for them and i did the right thing. just like i hope ryan does someday, i just want this baby to be able to count on me for the rest of my life. and i'll find some way to do that


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