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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Sunshine on her

My name is Medha. I got pregnant at 15, my freshmen year. I wasn't the brightest star in the night, though I wasn't an idiot. I was out one night with my boyfriend Joey and the rest of my friends and their boyfriends had tagged along for a movie and popcorn at my house. It was going to be a scary movie, Nightmare on Elm Street. I got freaked out in the middle of the movie and ran to my room. All my friends stared laughing and then kept watching to movie with their popcorn and snuggling with their boyfriends. Joey ran upstairs to my room andsaid everything was going to be alright. I smiled, and said we could go downstairs again. Until he gave me that sexy bit on his lip look, and then I knew what he wanted. We began to make-out, door closed upstairs in my double bed. The blinds were always closed, and Joey began to lift off my tank top. I smiled, and knew he didn't want to make out. He wanted to have sex. I did all the details of sex and then by 12:00 when my friends began to watch the 2nd movie of Nightmare on Elm Street movie, Joey and I were done (We started at 10:00) and we got dressed. My friend, Ellie, gave me the smile look. She was looking at me, and talked to me in the kitchen, door shut.
"What were you guys doing up there for 2 hours? You missed one movie!" She said. I kind of smiled. Ellie wasn't a virgin. She wasn't a whore, her boyfriend was her first about 6 months ago.
"Joey and I...had sex!" I said like it was a huge deal, and it was. Ellie smiled.
"Welcome to the club. Heh." She said. Then got serious.
"Did you and Joey use...a condum or birth control?" She asked. I rolled my eyes. "Of course we did. Can we bet back to the movie?" I asked. Even though...I didn't know if we did.
The next 2 weeks were horrible. Puking, missing all happened. Ellie asked more questions. She really wanted to know if we did use a condum or birth control. But I finally admitted: I didn't know. It he really DID. I didn't know anything but that he is like my lover now! She told me to buy a pregnancy test. I was worried...for the whole school day! But finally, I went to the store. She went with me, and told me it'd be okay. Suddenly, a weird feeling came upon me. I saw the answer: + was the answer. holy my bunnies! I was pregnant! I was afraid. What would Joey say? But it didn't matter, we were lovers, right? I told him and Ellie after the result. I called Joey and told him the truth, and he freaked. I could hear him pacing on the other line. He was freaked out. He told me he'd be there, but not full time. He was going to school even if I was pregnant. He wasn't going to be the one who looks after the baby all the time. I told him that he wasn't, that my parents would or I would skip some days to get a starting time for the baby. I told my mom 3 weeks after the suprise. She told me she would be there, and I told her I really would be happy if she was the one who looked after the baby while I was at school. Dad didn't like me for about 6 weeks, until he saw my bump. He became happier, and more excited. Though, he never like the thought of Joey being the father. Joey didn't like me being a mother. After 8 months of throwing up, going to the doctor, and having that cold gel stuff on your belly. My baby came 2 weeks early, on May 17th. I was so happy to see her face. Joey wasn't there, even though Ellie was there and called him to come see the baby and help name it. Ellie (bestest friend), Amanda (my best friend), Deark (Ellie's boyfriend) and Jamie (another best friend) were there. They were so happy for me. Ellie and Amanda and Jamie helped name it. We all named her Sunshine. I was blessed to see her. Shes a health baby whos currently about 7 pounds sleeping. I love her. Thank you for reading. And a pregnancy is good, no matter how old!


Is this really happening

Hi_ My story is about an accident not a "mistake". 11 months ago on a night that started out so innocent ended up being not so innocent. Me and a long time guy friend had went to the movies, when we got out it was still kind of early so we figured we would go park somewhere and talk... we got into the converstation about old relationships and were laughing telling each other everything we had ever done sexually! He was more experianced than me i was still a virgan and hadnt done anything but kissed a guy! some how we ended up in the moment and were kissing when he started lifting my shirt up before i new it the shirt and pants were off. As he went to un do my bra i stopped and told him i wasnt sure about this. he said that we had known each other for a long time and had been friends forever it seemed like. i told him that i didnt wont anything to change between us and he promised he wouldnt in my heart i knew it would change things between us but i blocked that out and listen to my hormones. a few weeks later my period was late and i was sick every morning... i was on birth control but had been taking medicine for somthing else and didnt knowthat was cause the birth control not to work. anyways i went to school and told my friends that i though i might be pg and they were both over welmed after school we went to the local drug store and bought 5 pregnancy test. i wonted to be sure. every one was positive i cried for days not that i didnt wont the baby and wonted to get rid of it but because i didnt know how to tell my father those 2 words "Im pregnant" but i knew that the longer i waited the worse it would be so i sat my father down one night and told him i was he was so disappointed in me and ask me how it happened once again i told the story of the innocent night that had ended in remorse. he told me that he would be there for me and support all the decisions i made. i was only in 11th grade and was scared to death. That night i invited luke (the "friend_ father of the babY) over and i told him that i was pregnant he told me that he would be there for me the whole time. but when people started finding out he claimed it wasnt his and that he had never slept with me.It didnt stop there as i got bigger and word got around all eyes were on me suddenly i was the whore of the school. I think that was the hardest part the stares people who were once nice to me gave. and the snickers as i walked by. I got bigger and bigger and sicker and sicker. At 3 a.m. on Febuary 2nd my son was born Conner Annisten. i was so proud later that day luke came to see me and Conner when he walked in and came over to my bed side he kissed my head and told me that he was beutiful, at that very moment there were so many things running through my head i wanted my son to have a father... but i didnt wont Luke to be his father. As i sat there and Luke held Conner i thought back on all the things he had said and all the jokes he had made at school about me and how he had denyed my son. i looked up and ask him why do you wont to clalm him now nine months ago he wasnt yours before he could respond i told him to give me my son and get out. Conner is 2 months old now and its hard but i wouldn't change it for the world i love my son! And to this day luke hasnt spoken to me and has not had the priveldge to see Conner!


Teen mom- not single

My story happened when I met kevin a boy Fromm school. We started going out after we met at a party. Every day after school I go to his house and weusedto have proteced sex but after three months we decided not to I never thought I would get pregnant. After three goes I never missed my period but on our fourth go I did. I knew kevin wanted to be a dad. I took a pregnancy test and stared at the pink plus sign in excitment and scaredness . After about a week I started vomiting and my mum saw. I hAd to tell her but it was hard. She told my dad they were both mad but began to bevsupportive. At school the next day during recess I told kevin and his green eyes looked at ybbelly he touched it and held me in his arms. He told his parents a week later and they were excited straight away. Kevin went to all of my appointments. After 5 months I noticed I had a bump and everyone and school just glared at me and called me slut and whore. Kevin told me to take no notice of them it was then I realised I loved him so much and I knew he would love our baby girl as well. One night I stayed with kevin as my knew I was to drop any minute and wanted me to be with him i stared having bad pains n my waters broke his mum contaced my mum to say the baby was on the way. Two hours later our besutiful baby girl ollisia had arived wieghing 6pounds 2 ounces. My baby girl is now two weeks old born January 2009. All u teen moms hang in there and don't regret it . Love

Rachel xxxxc


16 years old and 38 weeks prego

well i am 38 weks and 2 days prego with my best friends baby.we were never 2gether but my wishfull thinking wanted that to happen it still hasnt happend. okey so in may of last year 08 we started sleeping around and agu 08 i hadnt have my per and i didnt think anything of it cuz i was on depo and my per was all messed up becuz of that, so agu sept oct went by still nothing i stared to get worried and i started talking to my friends in school and they wore shocked that i even thought i could even be.i still wasnt really wasnt beliving it cuz i didnt have any of the sighs beside missed per and so one day i got my friend to get me a home test and i took it when i got home after school, i took it and not even 30 sec after those 2 pink line showed up and i was shocked but i knew that it was comming. so i just walked around my house for a half hour i ended up calling my friend that got me the test and she was schocked too, so then i put it away and i called the baby daddy i didnt tell him i wanted him to tell him in person but he had to work so i had to wait. the next day at school it went by so slow becuz it was frieday. i stared to think about what i could do and i knew that id never be able to kill my child but i was soo scared of what my father was going to do to the baby daddy. so saturday the baby daddy came over and we sat in his truck in ym drive way and my friend called me and asked me if i told him yet and i said no, i didnt know he was lisening to me, so i hung up with her and i told him it took me an half hour for it to come out, he asked if i was sure and if it was his and he obv knew that she was his. he sat there in disbelive and he told me to pick him or the baby and i knew id never be able to pick my him over my baby, but to make him feel a little better i told him id think about my other things i could do, he went home after an hour and a half and i went in and just cryed, i knew picking my baby over him would end what we had going. so he got home and imed me and asked if i told my mom and i told him no that i was going to once she got home, and then he told me to call him when i told her. i didnt end up telling her untill sunday, she was shocked but she wasnt mad at all she told me that she would stick by myside no matter what i plained to do, i ended up telling the baby daddy about what she had told me and he still wanted me to kill her, i went to the docs and they just told me what i allready knew but it was too late to kill the baby. i told the baby father and he wasnt happy he then told me that to give her up and that it would just be easy to forget about it.but my mum knew that id never be able to give her up after 9 months of carring this baby. so i told him i couldnt and thats where things got bad he stared to deny her he wouldnt even come see me he never talked to me he just wasnt there. i end up telling his mother about us and she was shocked, he is the kind of person that never had a gf never got in any trouble had good grades and now out of the blue getting an email saying he's going to be a father.witch made it alot harder was that i was a good freind of the family. well its been about 4 months form the last time i saw that baby daddy but his family wants to be a part of her life. my mum and my father are excited that they have a grandchild that is due anytime now.i still talk to the babys father but its nothing like it was befor nor will it ever be as it was, i cant force him to be there for her if he dont want to be. her name is going to be Madison Rae my last name. put i could not live life knowing id killed my baby girl. i always say everything happens for a reason and what dosnt kill you only makes you stronger

Mary Rachel

Lost but Hopeful

Hello my name is Larissa
One month before my 16th birthday i found out i was pregnant
This was very exciting because i was trying to get pregnant with my boyfriend at the time
Now i just shake my head really i don't know what i was thinking
I feel like i just needed someone to take care of and to make my life better
I am currently 16-years-old and 10weeks and 5days pregnant
I have been kicked out of the house and currently looking for a place to stay
i have been looking into a place called Bethesda Centre in support with the Salvation Army
Its a home for pregnant and partening teens
It provides support, schooling, everything i could ask for
i really hope i will be able to go there if not i want to find an apartment ang go to school aswell as a job, which really seems overwhelming
My ex boyfriend and the father of my child is very mean and selfish about this pregnacy
First of all he doesn't want me to have this baby and has been trying to get me jumped and make me lose the baby
Though i told him i was keeping the baby he said he HAS to be in the babys life or he will take me to court for it
He has threatened me before and did aswell today
I am fed up so i will be calling the cops on him when my parents get back
How can anyone say to someone having a baby that they want to kill you but keep the baby or just trying to kick you in the stomach to kill the baby it is very wrong
I have balled my eyes out so many times for the safety of me and my unborn child
I know that im am going to be stong and will do my best to make it though this rough time
I can't wait to find out the sex of my baby and finally when it comes sometime in late October 2009
I would just to say thank you for everyone who has written on this site without all of your stories and support i would have gotten an abortion i was just 5 days away when i broke out and told everyone that i didn't want to get an abortion so THANK YOU everyone <3
And also anyone who reads these stories and is unsure about what they want to do please remember that anyone can get though this if you try it doesn't matter the age im having this baby at 16 but look at how many people are pregnant and already have kids younger that what i am
Please think long and hard
it is tough but trust me you can and will get though it

lots of love


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