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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Well, I just want to tell my story of how I got pregnant and how I live my life today. When I was 13 years old I meat this guy. He was much older than me, and at first I didn't like him, but as time passed by I kind of "fell in love" with him. He was about 27 and I was 13. I know what you're thinking - what the heck is a thirteen-year-old girl doing with a 27-year-old guy? I was probably desperate to runaway from my problems at home, and I didn't know I was getting into a deeper problem. My family was O.K. with the relationship, and we were about to get married (with the consent of my mother of course) when I had a problem with my new step-dad. I couldn't stand him. My boyfriend proposed to run away. We were still going to get married, or at least that's what he said. So one day, I ran away with him. We had the apartment and all the basic necessities. After like two months I became pregnant, at the age of thirteen years old. I wasn't even finished 7th grade! I decided to have my baby. (Don't ask me why. I don't know.) He ended up cheating on me. I spent six and a half years with this person until I finally decided to end my relationship. I went to school pregnant. All the looks I got, all the comments I received, really affected my life. But I finished junior high and I was on my way to high school. While my friends were thinking on going out to the movies, I had to think about making dinner and changing diapers. It was hard, but I did it. I didn't give up. I had to wake up at six a.m. to change the baby, dress up, and go to school. I had to be at the bus stop by seven to be in school at 8:15 a.m. (They had childcare in the school, but only if you maintained a good academic grade.) I had to go through childcare, homework, uniforms, and all the rest of that stuff. I was a full-time student and worked part-time, and still had to come home and take care of my son. I graduated high school with the Class of 1998 with all my friends. I'm currently a college student in California, working toward my accounting degree, and I'm also working full time for a law firm. I just turned twenty and I have a five-year-old boy that waits for me to get home and give me a kiss, and say "I love you mommy." My message to all the teens out there is to never give up, you can make it. Hang on - life is hard, but in the END IT PAYS OFF!


pregnant at 16 .

hi my name is clara , i just turned 17 in jan. 18 , being 5 months pregnant .
well me & the babys father have now been together for 2 years as of feb. 18, we had been sexually aktive since aug. 07 (6 months into our relationship) but we have been knowing each other since i was 13 & he 15 , he's 19 now since dec.
ok well we had used protection the rest of the year after aug.2007, but starting mid jan.2008 we just started using no protection, no birth contol, nothing. the first couple of times i didnt get my period but then i did so i got irregular (since he was my first,my body was changing) periods, i always took pregnancy test they all came out negative so we kept going, until like 7 months later around sept.2008 i didnt get my period that month, i took 3 home pregnancy tests ,they all came out positive i didnt belive it much so i went on sept.28 into a clinic and it was given positive, my closest girlfrend went in with me that day. i cried because i didnt know what to think. mostly because i didnt know what i was going to tell my mom, she always told me "clara, please use protection and take care of yourself if not abstain" i didnt listen to her. so the same day my friend called her bf and took me to tell my bf in person i couldnt wait til he got out of work, i went to his job and i told him. he didnt believe me at first even though i had shown him the 3 home pregnancy tests the day in the end before i left he believed me because i was crying and he knows i wouldnt cry just to cry and i wasnt good at faking things like that. so we needed to tell my mom because his family knew, they were happy but dissapointed. so the next day at night oct.1 we decided to tell my mom, we told her and she was crying and VERY dissapointed and sent me to live with him because he needed to take care of his first me & my mom didnt get along, now we love being around each still going to school,home school. my pregnancy has been great EXCEPT my hormornes kill me with badd emotions, i cry alot. my bf hes doing alrigght hes not used to pleasing someone and i understand. now i cant wait for the babyshower this month . 1 month for my boy to be born.
girls please use protection,my babys is not a mistake, hes a lesson. but listen to your mother, she knows best.


me and my girl

I was 15 when I first had sex, and it led to a pregnancy. When I told my boyfriend he was supportive, but my parents were the total opposite. I was kicked out of the house, so I went to live w/ my boyfriend concidering he was the only there for me. My baby girl was born on November 4, 2007 and is now my whole world. The father and I are still together and I am still going to school. My parents have forgave me and they are apart of there granddaughers life but we are still shaky. Savannah (my baby girl) is my life, but I wouldve much rather waited until I was ready to have her. So if your reading this and your thinking about having sex, wait until your REALLY ready cuz they'll take over your life, and you'll love them still.



My name is Roadah-lyn, i am 17 years old and i have three kids, a 4 year old son named Jay-meir ,a 1 year old son named Rae-dawn and a 7 month old daughter named Shey-ann. First of all i got pregnant by my bestfriend Jaesen who i knew since diaper days!. I was 14 when i got pregnant. My mom and his mom are also bestfriends since childhood. Me and Jaesen had the support we needed from both our parents, they werent mad, they were just SHOCKED;they had no idea we were having sex, but atleast they were happy for us. Jaesen and I had a rocky start through out my first pregnancy, but we got through it. I gave birth on December 1st five days AFTER i turned 15 and also five days BEFORE Jaesen turned 16. We were Very HAPPY that jay-meir came into our lives, he asked me to be his girlfriend on my 15th birthday and i gladly said yes. we were doing good until 2 1/2 years later (my first son was 3) their was a new girl named wendalyn in our high school, and jaeson just seemed to really like her alot. after the new girl came i got pregnant again with my second child. Me and Jaesen broke up because he liked wendalyn sooo much, that he decided he wanted to be just friends with me again. i was devistated. while he was with her, he kept telling me that he still loved me and that he'll married me one day and that he will always be my bestfriend, i cryed for him mostly every day while i was pregnant. i gave birth on march 9. He was always busy taking care of our two sons so he broke up with wendalyn.. as monthes past me and jaesen grew more lovey dovey towards eachother again, we were like a happy familly again. But one day he went out to a party and cheated on me with wendalyn, i had no idea at first until i saw them "talking" and kissing eachother at school geting really close to eachother. that really killed me inside. whenwe were in his car i acted like i didnt see anything, after he left my house, i cryed my eyes out. i talked to jaesen's older sisters and cousins about it and they wanted to litterly kill him. they had a talk with him, not saying anything about what i saw at school, and he told them that he loved me and he liked her(wendalyn) alot and that he was stuck liking the girl of his dreams(wendalyn) and the love of his life(me). a year went by without me saying a word about his cheating with wendalyn (he thought i had no idea this whole time). I moved in to jaesen's house and thought we were doing fine untill both of us started argueing like crazy everyday and everynight, luckly no violance was ever done betwen us. I got pregnant again, i was just so furious with him during this pregnancy, i had to speak my mind about him cheating on me and wat i saw, i was just eating me up inside, he told me everything from, he got wendalyn pregnant but she misscaraged his baby, when he said that i cryed knowing that he had sex with her, a few mothes later i gave birth,i was really mad at him so i decided he was not welcome in the delivery room.weeks later we had a one on one talk, he kept telling me that he wanted to be with me and to marry him, after i told him that i was going to move out of his house and that i wanted to be friends with him he started tocry while i started to cry my eyes OUT. i moved out with my kids and moved back with my parents.i knoe it kills jaesen deep inside knowing and seeing that i am happy with someone else. i have a new boyfriend name Xaviar who i really really like but i still love jaesen and he still loves me.


Love at first sight.

When I say love at first site I don't mean with my son's father... but with my son. I loved him the moment I peed on that test and it showed positive. I was 19 at the time. Still considered a teen pregnancy. It was hard. My pregnancy was high risk and I was put on bed rest. My parents were very supportive and helped me so much. When my son was born I was the happiest person in the world. My little boy is my whole life. I can't remember my life before him. He is 6 now and a bundle of hyper energy. He keeps me on my toes and knows how to push my buttons, but I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. I am pregnant now with my 2nd child and very excited. Both of my children will be the lights of my life. My son will be a great older brother.


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