Third Trimester

You're almost there! Only 12 more weeks until you welcome your new bundle of joy into your family! From your baby's fetal development to recent prenatal care ultrasounds, we want to hear all about your third trimester. And don't forget to share your stories about planning for labor, choosing natural labor, or preparing for breastfeeding. We are here to support you throughout your third trimester!

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Patiently Waiting

Whatever you do ladies dont always expect the baby will come on its actual due date..... because let me tell you I have been counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds. I am now 40 weeks 2 days. The doctor says Im barely a cm but if Im pressed for it he'll give it to me. :) And says she's still growing. So eventhough I know that every extra day does her good and in return I'll have a healthy baby girl you know when youre waiting for that special moment you become so impatient. I KNOW IM NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT THINK LIKE THIS. Well am I? I have my bag packed, car seat in the car, shaved the cho- cha lol I AM MORE THAN READY. Still patiently waiting my bundle of joy.


scarry pegnancy

This is my third pregnacy and the scarriest one .In the begining I felt fine but at my 3rd month I found out I had placenta previa. It started on Sept 21 08 I was sitting on the couch with my oldest daughter and felt a gush not knowing what it was I rwalked as fast to the bathroom as I sat down I noticed blood and started to cry . My boyfriend at the time called my doc after not hearing from them for 10 min he called 911 . I got up crying and scarred went to the couch and put my feet up on a pillow not even 5 min after he called 911 the ems squad was the taking vitals and asking questions . The doc office finally called and told me to go to the hospital .Little did they know I was being carried down the stairs form our 2nd floor apartment and put in the ambilance. Off to the hospital I went . Sence the previa was in the begining it fixed it self but I'm still scarred that if I don't take it easy it may come back ( it wont though ) . Now Im 28 weeks and counting and this baby boy in a mover . If he stops a a hour then I ask him to kick and he dose .


Last Stretch!

hey folks! if you're anything like me, the last few weeks are the worst. I've been pregnant once before and around the same time I became anxious and all of a sudden very huge. I just now started showing at 30 weeks! And its not just a little show, its a lot. I favor Arizona Mucho Mango Tea and loads of pizza. I havent gained but 3 pounds so I feel pretty good about that. Dr's visits are down to every 2 weeks. My 2 yr old son is careful about how he jumps on my stomach. Its funny that he and his little sister will share the same birth month. Will I have 2 Aquarius children??? or will little Erica stick to the birth plan and wait to be born on her Auntie JK's birthday on the 23rd and be a Pisces??? It doesnt matter. all I know is time is getting lower and lower and lower and I cant wait until my daughter finally arrives


scared to death

I was 16 years old and my boyfriend(17) and i scared when my cycle never came on. i had never thought i would end up pregnant and i never thought i'd be a mother. when i found out for sure that i was pregnant, i was already 6 weeks. i told my boyfriend and he was scared as i was. he was pretty happy about thw whole thing. i didn't know how to tell anyone really. what to do or how to feel when i would wake up and had to boyfriend and i are still together and im goig into my third trimester. it's been tough cooping with all the changes i've been having. i jumped from a size 3 to a size 7. i have sleepless nights and crave for wierd types of food. i'm having a little girl and she kicks alot. i'm used to it now but sometimes it gets on my nerves.being pregnant isn't the worse that can happen but not something that was planned either. i love my baby eventhough she isn't here yet. and her father is also a big help.


The clock is ticking.......

Well iam 23 years old, mother of two and last bundle of joy on the way! My oldest is 6 and youngest is 3....and boy let me tell u besides the actual pregnancie fatigue these two can wear u out lol!I don't know about yall ladies but I'm defiently counting the days now, iam 28 weeks today and can defiently feel it catching up to me.Isn't it such a beautifel thing tho I really enjoy each and every lil movement it kinda gets me threw the day and reminds me of what's to come. At the beginning of my preg my doc said he will prob take the baby 3 weeks early I didn't question him because if all is well that sounds GOOD to me,my other 2 children were born by csection so of course this will be a repeat as well I just hope and pray for the best and continue to count the days until I finally get to meet her.


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