Third Trimester

You're almost there! Only 12 more weeks until you welcome your new bundle of joy into your family! From your baby's fetal development to recent prenatal care ultrasounds, we want to hear all about your third trimester. And don't forget to share your stories about planning for labor, choosing natural labor, or preparing for breastfeeding. We are here to support you throughout your third trimester!

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Flashing light on my belly

Right on thanksgiving day of this year 2008. I read and article saying to try a flashing light, and put it on my belly and she reacted in lots of movents. And the reaction, she moved and kicked me so hard and she also followed the light and felt her touches inside as well. That moment felt so beautiful and cute. I told my husband and I told him, probably our little girl will probably a kickboxing champ. And everything felt soo beautiful and funny, her tickling and kicking and moving was cute!


The Perfect Pregnancy

I am 21 years old and expecting my first child in January 2009. I have to say so many people have to told me so many stories and cant relate to any of them. Im in my third trimester 31 weeks to be exact and besides my weight I couldnt tell that I was pregnant. Yeah I lost my period but I didnt have morning sickness or none of that other stuff. However my fatigue was more than I can imagine because for a person that didnt work I would be sleepy as ever. Also, Im starting to get heartburns but theyre not that bad. Not bad at all actually as long as I drink plenty of water. I do eat whatever but they key is IN MODERATION. But hey pregnancy is not as bad as people imagine it to be. The excellent part is when she moves and I can feel her like a wave motion. I havent gotten to the being able to tell if its a foot or her hand but its still amazing. While I only have but a little time to go I just hope labor is an amazing experience like this has been. So believe that every pregnancy is different. Eventhough it doesnt hurt to listen to others story just dont think youre going to go through it all because you may not.



recently my boyfriend dumped me and moved back home it hurts everyday im 38weeks pregnant and very unhappy he calls but only to argue and tell me awful things when i first got pregnant i was scared and sad but he promised to be there for me and our son now he just dogs me out when where on the phone and say that the baby is not his and all this and that it hurts and i have never been so unhappy in my life i was so stupid to think that he cared for me we were together almost two yrs now im alone......


i have been waiting for soo long

I am 36wks pregnant and expecting a baby boy. After 3 miscarriages and being in and out of the hospital i am finally going to have a baby. Our journey has not being an easy one, i have been vomitting excessively eversince i was 3 wks pregnant and had to be hospiyalized several times because of it. We went through periods of bedrest lasting 3 months at a time at hospital . I got a stomach bacteria from all the vomitting and had to be on antibiotics for 6 wks in my second trimester and there were moments when i thought that was it i was going to loose this amazing gift that was given. Many friends and family thought i should just give up and make the decision to have the doctors take the baby because i lost soo much weight and looked almost like a starved child from Africa rather than a pregnant woman. I have overcome bleeding , blood transfusions, cervix dropping, suttures and i am still vomitting and taking 50 mg of gravol IM 3 times a day . It has not being easy but i have waited for soo long for this miracle to come true and i still wake up everyday amazed that he is healthy , i may still vomitt and bleed occationally but its been amazing being pregnant. Feeling him move inside of me and knowing that soon i get to hold, kiss, hug and love that bundle of joy makes it all worth while.This story is for all the moms whose trimesters have not been like traditional ones but there is hope and in the end its all worth it.


Henry and Isabelle

Okay, so starting at the beginning, I was on the pill and my then fiance and I thought we had it covered. Then I got sick and my breasts hurt and all the signs were there. I took a test and it was positive. I took a total of 3 tests, all positive. Andrew and I were both out of college and working, we were stable financially, no debt or loans. We were getting married in only 6 days and we were planning on me quitting my job in a few days. I didn't tell anyone about the baby, I drank fake champagne at our wedding, it was just white grape juice with club soda in it. I didn't tell my husband because I didn't want to risk him getting drunk at his bachelor party and telling his friends. The wedding went off perfectly and our honeymoon was amazing. Thankfully I didn't have morning sickness. I told Andrew that he was going to be a dad on fathers day, on our honeymoon, while he was laying in bed one morning. He was thrilled, he and I told everybody we met and everybody we knew when we got home. Turns out I was only 2 weeks or so preggers when I found out, making me 3 months by the time I got into the doctors. Exactly 8 months after our wedding, we had a wonderful baby boy. After 8 hours of labor and a whole lot of contractions we finally got our first look at 8 pound 18 inch Henry Alexander Pipher. Even though my body felt like something beat it's way out, which essentially something did, I was extremely happy to have my baby out and my husband there to carry said baby. Although a lot of sleepless nights came along we got through it and at 4 months old our darling son Henry was sleeping 12 hours with a break every 4 hours for milk and diapers. When Henry turned 8 months old we found out we were pregnant again, and after an amazingly easy pregnancy, we had a beautiful 7 pound 19 inch baby girl who is known as Isabelle Andrea Pipher. Henry is 2 now, Isabelle is 9 months old now and I am 7 months pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl, expected in 4 weeks to be named James Andrew and Geneveive Alexa. We cannot wait to meet them and we know these babies are our last ones!

Alexa Pipher

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