Third Trimester

You're almost there! Only 12 more weeks until you welcome your new bundle of joy into your family! From your baby's fetal development to recent prenatal care ultrasounds, we want to hear all about your third trimester. And don't forget to share your stories about planning for labor, choosing natural labor, or preparing for breastfeeding. We are here to support you throughout your third trimester!

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Oh how quickly things can change.

This is my first pregnancy. I was 21 and a junior in college when I got pregnant. I had known the father of our baby for a couple of years and had one of those "I think it's fate" type of crushes that I couldn't get over even though the circumstances of our lives never were conducive to having a relationship. We met and sort of had a friends-with-benefits type of relationship from the beginning. We both led kind of crazy lives in terms of partying and socializing, but managed to take care of our responsibilities for the most part (I was teaching preschool and attending college and he's a licensed framer w/his own business).

It seemed our paths always crossed just when I thought I'd probably never see him again. Sometimes I wished they wouldn't because it was making it impossible for me to get over him, but of course he never knew how I felt. Last summer we ran into each other and this time I wasn't going to let him go. We went camping a couple of times, I brought him home to meet my family (I knew he'd love them, and that the feeling would be mutual. I wanted him to see the type of person that I really was, aside from the party girl he knew.) And I tried to let him see that I was interested in moving toward having a relationship with him.

Our families are very religious. Mine however, is Catholic and his are Jehovahís Witnesses. I soon realized that this was one of the main reasons he wouldn't let himself fall for me. Against every bit of advice I had ever given, I completely let down my guard and told him exactly how I felt. He had that night (and only that night) to sleep on what I had told him because the next day I found out I was pregnant.

I called him when all three of those tests came back positive. We drove down to the lake and talked about everything that we were afraid of and we consoled one another. Though neither of us were, we both agreed not to see anyone else nor that we would take care of each other in every way we could and we'd see where things went.

Happily, we never turned back. I'm 38 weeks pregnant today and expecting to give birth any day. My fiancť and I live together and are planning to get married at the end of the summer. We celebrated our 7-month anniversary and my 8th month of pregnancy on the same day. We love each other, or families love each other, and everyone loves the little boy who's growing and kicking and rolling around inside of me.

Our story is not traditional by any means, but I still feel like I'm living a fairytale. I thank God every day that He blessed us with such joy and love in a way we never would have imagined could have made us so happy. A few months ago I was living a life that I'm not particularly proud of; a selfish life that didn't please God. I know now though that He doesn't forget us. He lets us stumble on our own so that we can see how much we really need Him. Then, before it's too late, he picks us up, helps us clean up our mess, and sends us off on a new and better path. And which path could be more beautiful?


My first baby boy

I'm currently in my 32nd week of pregnancy. It has been quite a wonderful experience (hmm..well, minus the nausea, backache, cramps and fatigue that I have to endure during the first 5-months). But since then, my baby is starting to cooperate with me, and thus making my life (plus working life) much easier. Yes, I'm working Ė and will still be working until the day my baby boy decides to come into this world. Then, I will enjoy my 60-days maternity leave.

Coming to the end of the third trimester somehow fills me with all sorts of feeling -joy (of possibility of holding my first child), fear (of labor pain...!!), nervous (of new responsibility awaits us..), etc. And physically, I'm changed too!! With lots of stretch marks (applying lotions and moisturizers do not help, in my case), much 'fuller' figure (gone is the guitar-shape body), and huge appetite (especially ice-cream, chocolate, soya bean drinks and rice!).

I guess a child DID change our life A LOT! Anyway, I'm eagerly waiting for 23rd April to come as my baby boy is due on that date.

For all the mother-to-be, all the best to you all!!


different pregnancy

This is my forth pregnancy. I already have 3 beautiful girls and my fourth is going to be a boy. I have been very happy this pregnancy and very healthy. I have lost 10 kilos and have not had any mood swings as I did when pregnant with my girls.

There are 6 years between this pregnancy and my youngest daughter. I did not think I could have any more children after I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. My doctor told me to lose 20 kilo and I would fall pregnant again naturally but I wasnít getting periods; then I was at work one day and I felt like I had my period so I went to the toilet and I herd a splash in the toilet.

It was a blood clot so I freaked and thought I had a miscarriage. I then went to the doctors and explained what had happened. She did a test and it came back positive she said you were pregnant but sounds like you had a miscarriage. I explained that I didnít even know I was pregnant.

She sent me for an ultrasound and when I was having my ultrasound the doctor turned to me and said that there was a heart beat. I could not believe it.

Now I am 31 weeks and am having a healthy boy. Itís a miracle.

Thank you for reading my story.


2nd pregnancy

I'm 27 weeks pregnant, so I suppose that's the 3rd trimester. People at work ask me if I'm excited about the baby coming, but I don't usually get excited about things. Iím looking forward to it for sure but as far as being excited, I don't know. I'm not overly excited about it but I'm definitely looking forward to staying at home and taking care of the baby.

It's also a scary time for me because my first baby died of SIDS and this baby will be on a monitor, which will probably be kind of difficult. I haven't bought any baby clothes yet maybe my mom has bought some. Who knows?

Anyways, I feel the physical effects more than usual, the baby is moving a lot more than normal, and I feel pain when I try to reach down and tie my shoes. Even putting on pants is not as easy as it was to do.


Are we there yet?!?

I'm just starting my 33rd week of pregnancy and I'm really ready to be done! This pregnancy was completely unplanned as I was on the pill, well obviously things happen for a reason. In the beginning I was bleeding on and off, pretty much right after I found out I was preggo, but fortunately it was only implantation bleeding and this lil guy is here to stay!

The father left us in the beginning as he was not ready for a child yet, well I'm sorry to inconvenience him (heavy sarcasm) but, he's giving up on an amazing life with his son! My mother has been an excellent support for me, I couldn't ask for anyone better!

I have taken this week off work due to increased blood pressure, etc. I'm sick of it already! I have no motivation to do anything around my house, and the snow is keeping me from doing anything outside, I feel like a pregnant prisoner!!

Now I just try to remember I'm in the home stretch, I can't wait to hold my son in my arms and see who I've been carrying around for all this time! I'm sure going to miss having him inside of me! I'm not good at sharing, so it's nice to have him all to myself right now, feeling his kicks and hiccups! Soon... very soon...


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