Third Trimester

You're almost there! Only 12 more weeks until you welcome your new bundle of joy into your family! From your baby's fetal development to recent prenatal care ultrasounds, we want to hear all about your third trimester. And don't forget to share your stories about planning for labor, choosing natural labor, or preparing for breastfeeding. We are here to support you throughout your third trimester!

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Baby, come home to Mamma...

I've just started with my third trimester. I'm already looking forward to holding our baby in my hands, singing cute li'l rhymes and humming lullabies.
I live in India, where the law forbids determining the sex of the baby before birth in most regions... so Jan 10,2007 (my due date) is going to unveil the surprise for my husband, me and our entire family.
My mom and his mom are eagerly awaiting their first grand child. And I am already seeing my baby in my dreams. But I am a little terrified of labor and apprehensive about the kind of mom I'm going to be :-) Here's wishing everyone on this forum all the best!



well just the other day, on a friday i was medivacted to kapiolani hospital on oahu from kauai. The nurses there were really un organized and all and they couldn't find a way to bring my blood pressure down. I was then said to have PREECLAMPSIA and i didn't know what to do. I am 34 weeks gestation and i need to find the corage to stay strong for this baby who they told me will be born early at 37 weeks.. in 3 weeks... i'm worried about how small he will be since the ultrasound is said to be 4.3 ounces so far! its really hard being in the hospital and seeing all these healthy babies but i won't know how HEALTHY he'kk be into he's born! ITS REALLY SCARY AND I REALLY MISS HOME ALOT! i hope everything will do GREAT and everyday i PRAY for him to come out safe and i know he'll be in good hands! well please send out all your prayers as much as possible!


high birth rate baby

i was wondering if any1 could help me as i have been told am carrying a very big baby and am only 31wks pregnant. is it a good idea to be induced early???


my first

i am now in my third trimester, 28 weeks exactly. this is my first and i'm super excited about it. but it's really weird b/c my mom got pregnant at 18, had her baby--a girl--at 19 and my sister got pregnant at 18, had her baby--a girl--at 19 and i was pregnant at 18 as well and will have my baby--a girl-- at 19, weird huh??
i was really nervous and really scared and went thru that whole emotional frenzy where i cried over nothing everyday. that went on for awhile and i never thought it would end. but by now, i think the fact that i'm going to be a mom has hit me and i'm not as nervous or scared about it. i don't know anyone who has planned to have a baby at this age, and i'm no exception. it came as a pretty big surprise to my boyfriend and i. he has been really great with everything. he acts more excited than i do which is really great. he is very good about rubbing my back and legs after work everyday. and he's put up with my emotional outbursts, so i think he's the keeper. it was hard for me to be around myself!! it was THAT bad.
but i have had no complications with my little girl (oh yeah, i'm having a daughter!!) so far which is great. i had no morning sickness, every dr's apt has gone well, my weight gain has been "really good" according to my doctor. that's one thing that i was scared of in the beginning, gaining weight. but now, that fact is not even in my mind, it's funny how that works out, huh?
but i've had her name for quite some time now. i was worried that my boyfriend and i would've but heads about this but we agreed that if it was a boy, he would decide (of course i would have to agree) and if a girl, it would be up to me. so when i was about 19 wks, we found out and i was so excited. EVERYBODY in my family "just knew" it would be a boy, so i had some pretty good news when i returned from the doctor that day, aug 1, 06. it probably took me a week to narrow it down to just one. the one. my daughter will be named AVA RYLEE. i always like 'riley' but didn't want that spelling. so the name "lee" runs in my boyfriends family, so i thought of the 'rylee' spelling. nice, huh? i love it and i can't wait to see her little face. but yeah, hurry up christmas!! i'm due the 22nd of december, she's my present this year!! i can't wait.


why should i decide?

when i first found out i was pregnant i laughed, i couldnt believe it. Well actually i su[ppose i could because i knew inside already.On the day my period was supposed to come i went to the shop and bought a test...positive. Me and my partner had been talking about getting pregnant for a couple of months just as a laugh not seriously, and then boom, i was.
I did go to have a termination, but couldn't go through with it. The doctor told me what the procedure was exactly and i felt sick. Why should i decide whether this life should go ahead or not?
Now i am 28 weeks pregnant and very excited, i may only be 18 but i know that this is not the end, just the very begining of my life. I love to feel baby kicking and wriggling around inside me, and everyone is being really supportive. My partner and i are closer than ever, and things are looking quite bright.
To be honest i think that if i had taken my childs life, i would have been in serious trouble. Being pregnant and having to grow up, stop smoking weed etc has made me sort out my life and made me understand my purpose.


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