Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can bring its own set of pregnancy experiences with it. If you've had a twin or multiple birth, share your story with us! Were your pregnancy symptoms more intense? How did you prepare for your babies' birth? Impart your words of wisdom to future moms of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets.

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Twins and More Twins

Well I am 26 years old and married. My husband and I have beautiful twin girls named Jaelynn and Jazlynnn that are 15months old and we also have another set of twins on the way, a boy and a girl due in june. Now with our first set I kept telling my husband at that time my boyfriend that if i got pregnant it would be twins, well when I told him it was twins he called me a liar, which wasn't so bad but then he called the dr. a liar. They were born 6 weeks early weighing in at 4'11 and 4'9. both very healthy. They are faternal twins, but look very simialar and do everything together. Now these second time I was more in shock, I was definately not expecting twins again. I'm 26 weeks and praying everyday for patient's as I will need it, since my husband's job will require leaving weeks at a time. The Dr. has told us that it all has to do with me, see when i ovulate I do it twice. Yes we are wanting more kids, but not for 4 years, hopefully just 1, but then again it would feel wierd only having 1. Both of these preganancy were not caused by any kind of drugs/


My Twin Pregnancy

I was on the pill when i found out i was pregnant had a ultrasound at 6 weeks and it picked up i was having twins. I could not belive it two heart bets. I cryed. This was going to be my first baby (babies). It was a shock for me and my otherhalf. They were in seprate sacs so they where not going to be identical. My otherhalfs sister has identical girls that are 2. All through my pregnancy i had morning sickness that went all day every day. I had no enegy. All i wanted to do was sleep. At 18 weeks ultrasound I found out what sex they were going to be a girl and a boy. I could not belive it. At 32 weeks i started bleeding so i went to hospital where we just got out of the car when my water brock. I was so scared i started to cry it was to early for my twins to be born. My otherhalf was so carm. I was in labour for 28 hours. It was the most painfull thing i have ever been through. I dont remember much about the labour as i was very tyed. Had a natural delivery with forceps. My little boy was born first he was 1830 grams and 42cm long. Then they brock my little girls water then she came out 3 minutes after. She was 1800 grams and 42cm long. they where very small babies. My otherhalf was great through the labour and birth he did not leave my side. My little boy had a breathing problem where he had to spend the first 14 days in New Born Intensive Care Unit. I nearly lost him but thank god he pulled through. He was on oxygen. My little girl was fine. They stayed in hospital for 2 months. It was the hardest thing for a mother to go home and not bring her babies home with her. I could not bear to be a part from them. Twins are very hard work but it is all worth it in the end. You need a lot of help and support from your family and friends. Now my twins are 2 and half years old and we are thinking of having another baby. I did not prepair myself for having twins. Anyone who is having twins or more even one baby please read up about it. I new nothing when i had them it was such a shock to me. For my next pregnancy i am going to read every thing i can about pregnancy, giving birth and labour. I am going to prepair myself for my next pregnancy.

Heather Learmonth

big suprise

i finsihed school in June, turned 18 in July and found out i was pregnant in Augest! the first trimester flew past so quickly and my partner and i were suprised at my big belly, we were in denile about twins, but both knew that we were having them, even before our first ultrasound. we had the ultrasound at 14 weeks which confirmed what we already knew, and the tech also told us we were having identical twins! another ultrasound at 19 weeks told us they were girls, we are so excited and at 22 weeks pregnant, i feel big and tired, we decided to move in with my mum for the extra support and to save money before they arrive in May. we have picked out their names, Ava Rose Merideth, and Dakoda Grace Judith, and are so excited for their arrival! i am young, but i am so lucky to have a supportive family and a wonderful fiance who supports me 100%


Never say your pregnant with twins when your just

Hi i have 4 year old twins,When i first got pregnant i was telling everyone that i was having twins but i was just kidding. But when that time came i was SPEECHLESS for a minute i told the ultrasound tech that i was playing and she said that she was playing. I cried but anyway my twins are healthy as can be. The doctor thinks my son suffer with autism but i doubt it.


Twins At 17

Well my name is Jessica. Im 17 years of age and i am currently 4 months pregnant with Twins. I've been pregnant before when i was 14 but i had an abortion because i just wasnt ready for something like that. I am now an Apprentice Chef and i live with my fiance.
I'm so excited and so scared at the same time. I havent told anyone yet, only some close friends and my fiance of course.
Im curious to know what labour feels like and taking care of a newborn baby, ive babysat for 2 years everyday but baby sitting and having a baby of your own. Im so scared.


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