Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can bring its own set of pregnancy experiences with it. If you've had a twin or multiple birth, share your story with us! Were your pregnancy symptoms more intense? How did you prepare for your babies' birth? Impart your words of wisdom to future moms of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets.

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Kale, Malo, Mele, Miliani, Leilani, Kailani

When I was 22 I got engaged and at 23 I was married to the love of my life, Keon. 3 months later we found out I was pregnant. At 6:27 AM on June 27th I delivered a healthy baby boy. We named him Kale Dewei. We had a great first few months with Kale, we lived in Hawaii and we were always in the pool in our backyard. He was so perfect for us and we took to parenting him so easily that we decided to have our children closer in age than we had originally planned. When Kale was only 9 months old we were expecting. On August 8th at 8:44 PM we got to hold both of our babies in our arms. We named our new baby boy Malo Jun. And we decided that all our children would have Hawaiian first names and Chinese middle names. We also to move to San Fransisco. When Malo was 6 months old we were settled into our new home, a big house with room for more kids. I got pregnant again and this time I was expecting twins. Or so the doctor said. On my 6 month check-up he upped the number of babies in my belly to 3. And then to 4. I couldn't believe it. We were really glad we weren't in Hawaii anymore! On April 28th at 1:18 PM we were looking at four healthy babies. 1 boy, the first out, we named Mele Fai. We named our first daughter Miliani Jia Li. The next girl we named Kailani Zhen and our last baby we named Leilani Mei. The first few weeks were rough but then after about 10 weeks they started smiling and then things just took off. Kale is 5 now and Malo is 4, they both go to preschool together. Our Quads are almost 3 and thankfully they are potty trained. I don't plan on having any more children because I am A) busy with six, B) probably couldn't handle a pregnancy with six kids running aroun, and C) I am scared we will have multiples again! Keon wants one more so I told him we would be adopting if we have any more! Have fun with your babies evrybody, they grow up way too fast!


we have 3, and oh wait, there's 3 more!

I have 3 kids, Julian Leif, Harmony Adora, and Finn Cedric. When we took Finn home we decided to not try for another but not use protection. I got pregnant and we decided that this was going to be our last baby. I was getting big and we had even started discussing twins by the time my 5 month check came around.

My doctor literally dropped his jaw when he saw the three little babies inside me. We were overjoyed and thought it was fantastic. 3 months and 2 weeks later while Julian and Harmony were in preschool and I was at home with Finn I went into labour. 8 hours later we were staring into the eyes of 3 tiny pink wrinkles in blankets. They were gorgeous.

We named the first baby, a girl, Delaney Rinah, and the second baby, a boy, Brice Cormac. Finally, we named our last baby, a girl. Blythe Omega. They were all healthy and we took all three of them home 4 days later.

Now, Julian is 8 years old. He's in 3rd grade and he loves sports and playing outside with his friends. I like him to be outside too because then he's not destroying the house! Harmony is 6, almost 7, and is in grade 2. She loves horses and can usually be found in the stable out back brushing her horse, Vevina while her dad brushes the rest. She started riding at age 4 and we bought some horses a year ago and she chose one to be hers.

Finn is 5 and in kindergarten and loves skating. We put him in learn to skate classes and he has been in love with the ice ever since. His dad and brother took him out to try hockey once and he hated that but loved watching the figure skaters jump and spin and dance together. He now had black figure skates and takes lessons 3 times a week.

Delaney is 4, in preschool, and she loves to dance. Sha takes ballet, jazz, tap, and theater and she's quite the little drama queen. It's gotten to the point where she will come out of her room wearing one of my old dresses and half a ton of jewelry(she got pierced ears last year) and magic marker all over her face and nobody blinks an eye. Brice is obviously 4 too and in preschool. He's my sensitive child. If his sister is crying he will sit beside her and cry with her. It's very sweet. We were grocery shopping together, just the triplets and me, last week and a girl about his age was sad and crying. He went over to her and gave her a hug and a candy from his pocket. Her mother was laughing at that because she had been in the same aisle a couple minutes before when Brice had practically begged for his candy. And now he was giving it away. He's VERY sensitive!

Blythe is my actress. She loves to sing and act and she loves music. She sings EVERYWHERE and if she wakes up in the middle of the night after a nightmare she tries to sing herself back to sleep, waking everybody else up in the process! Overall every one of my babies are VERY different but having multiples has been great, I learned to multitask like never before!

I am only 33 and in a couple years I might try for one last baby because having 6 children hasn't been that hard. I really think I can have more and I am excited to try! Have fun with your multiples everybody!


Aurora & Dawn

I always knew that older women or those taking fertility drugs had a greater chance of having twins. It came as a great shock when I realized that my 34 year old sister Jenna, who had undergone IVF with her husband Clarke, had a single baby boy Lucas-Clarke, and I 5 years younger at 29, and a first time mum had naturally conceived fraternal baby girls!

I was delirious. Every baby is a blessing, but two is miraculous. It put an entirely new spin on things. Even when I was shopping, buying colour coordinated baby-gros and matching cot-covers and plush toys, people would smile at me in the aisle and say "twins?". Most of all I was happy that my beautiful daughters would enter the world and grow up, not alone, but sharing a strong and unseverable bond with another human being.

We named them after their birth, and decided on the names Aurora and Dawn, as Aurora means "dawn" in Latin. Rory and Dawn are 18 months and a true blessing to have.


I always knew

I really believed from early menstruation that I was going to have twins. My cycle was never regular...and sometimes I called a period "my double period month" where I believed I skipped one month period and the following month would have a "double".

I was not sexually active as a young adult so there was never any fear I was pregnant. Just never "regular". I was not shocked when the OB told me she wanted me to have a sonogram because she thought it was a multiple pregnancy.

There are no twins in my family. My girls are the first. Not identical...but many people cannot tell them apart. I love being a mom of multiples!!


And finally, Marc and Maeve

I have a 2 y/o boy, Nicholas, and a 4 y/o girl, Zahra, along with a 6 y/o boy, Anthony. I didn't know I was pregnant until 4 months. I had no signs. My period was never regular. It was twins.

I was due in four months because the babies were quite large even for single babies standards. I went shopping with my husband and kids, watched them paint the nursery lime green, asemble the black furniture, fold all the baby clothes. I made a check, stacking the diapers and then we took a photo and shut the doors until the babies were born.

I went to my 6 month check up and found out that I was actually a month farther along. 8 weeks passed and I was still pregnant. I was glad and even looking foreward to labour. My check-up said I was 4 cen. but I had no contractions.

4 days later I was leaking my water slowly in a movie theater. I stood up slowly and was walking very carefully, breathing deeply and nonetheless pushing a double stroller hallfway out the parking lot when it popped. I was wearing a dress so nobody noticed.

I drove home and put the kids to bed, calling my mom to come over and my husband home from his mothers house. He arrived home 20 minutes later with his mother. He drove me to the hospital and the mothers stayed to watch the sleeping kids. We got to the hospital and I wasn't having contractions. They pronounced me 7 cen. and they had to keep me. Nothing happened and at 7 AM my mom brought the kids by to see me. The nurse walked in and kicked everybody out and told me I was 9 centimeters at the exact same time I felt a huge contraction.

10 minutes, alot of pushing, and 3 little kids sitting on my bed with me later I got to hold Marc, at 7 pounds even. Then, 2 minutes later out came Maeve, at 7 pounds 1 oz. I left the hospital 4 days later. I am now a happy parent to Anthony, Zahra, Nicholas, Marc and Maeve. I get to spend 830 until 3 with them and that has helped me alot with five children, it works out great.

Collette Jane Hanson

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