Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can bring its own set of pregnancy experiences with it. If you've had a twin or multiple birth, share your story with us! Were your pregnancy symptoms more intense? How did you prepare for your babies' birth? Impart your words of wisdom to future moms of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets.

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two sets of twins// all under 2yrs

My husband and I decided to try and get pregnant a few months after our wedding. My husband has a "now" 9yr old son, so we were just planning on having one baby and that would be our family.

Well 4 months into my pregnancy we had a big scare. I got a call from the dr wanting me to go in for an ultrasound the very next morning due to my test results coming back positive for a neural tube defect. I was up the whole night upset hoping that it was wrong and my baby was okay. The next day we went in for an ultrasound and found out that it was false and that the only reason my scores were so high was because there were two in there.

So in July at 38wk I was induced and naturally had a healthy boy and girl. They are now 11months old and my husband and I are 12 weeks pregnant w/ our second set of fraternal twins. This one was a big shocker. So we are going to have 4 children under the age of 2. And we thought our lives were busy now!!!!


(very!!!!!) Big Twins

I am a mom of 4 quadruplet toddlers, with 2 on the way. I don't think I can get any bigger.

You gain about a centimeter a week with one, until 40 weeks; 40 cm. I am now at 52 cm, at 28 weeks.


Triplets at 16

When I was 15 I met a guy who I thought I loved. I guess most girls I know at around that age think they love someone, but I really felt it. I guess I was too scared at first to sleep with him. I was brought up in a home where you get grounded if your parents found out you kissed a guy, never mind sleep with him. And I was self-conscious too. I'm not fat and Iím not ugly, but I never liked myself, thatís why I was proud when this guy said he loved me back, and I knew he was the one! [[Yes that sounds so cheesy]]

So I guess we fooled around for a bit, but nothing too serious. But then, I wanted it. I wanted him. We had no protection, but I thought since it was my first time nothing would happen...right? WRONG I started getting sick in the mornings and I was kind of always hungry and I missed my period. I told my mom and she took me in to get a pregnancy test [[she was VERY mad that I had had sex]] Ok, at this time, the test turns out positive and she takes me to the doctors. I am 3 months already! But even more shockingly, there was more than one heart beat...more than 2...there was 3! Three distinct heart beats. I didnít know what to do. I was scared. My birthday was in 6 months...around the time I should be due!! I was mortified.

So I told the boy that fathered my kids and he said I had to be joking. I told him it was no joke. But he stood by me the whole time and we are still together now.

The labor was long and hard, and the babies were being difficult and I had to have an emergency c- section. Not long after I had 3 beautiful, healthy babies. 1 boy [[Noah James]] and 2 girls [[Haily Elizabeth & Gabriella Lynn]]

They are now 6 months old and I couldnít be happier. I am in the 10th grade going on the 11th. My parents have been supportive even though it is difficult to support me, my children and my siblings, but they do their best. And I thank them and God everyday for helping me through this.


could be

I've been pregnant once before, my daughter is three, and from the beginning she's talked about having two babies, a girl and a boy. I just thought it was wishful thinking on her part, but in the last few weeks I've become convinced I'm having twins.

I had a dream about 2 weeks ago, and my husband has dreamed it too. I'm almost 10 weeks and people have already noticed my belly. I didn't look pregnant last time until I was 4-5 months. I think I felt movement, which is wigging me out because I didn't feel my daughter for forever.

Anyway, I have an appointment this Friday, and I hope to find out if I'm crazy or not.


I was going home when I saw my boyfriend. He told me he missed me.

We hadnít seen each other for 5 days. I went home to tell my mom my best friends were taking me to the movies when I really was going with Todd my boyfriend (17years old). We had rented a hotel room for the night. We went to our room and started to have mixed drinks. I started crying about how I thought I had a bad time so he put something in it. He told me they were to help me sleep.

I felt sleepy and we started to kiss. I felt more and more drugged and all of a sudden he started abusing me and threw his self on top of me. He said itís all right that he had a condom. I said I donít care, pushed him off and ran home.

A few weeks later I hadnít had my period and found out I was pregnant. WITH TWINS!! I am now 19; my kids are now 3years old, beautiful, and healthy.


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