Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can bring its own set of pregnancy experiences with it. If you've had a twin or multiple birth, share your story with us! Were your pregnancy symptoms more intense? How did you prepare for your babies' birth? Impart your words of wisdom to future moms of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets.

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my family......!!!!

When me and me husband found out I was pregnant in January 2006, we were delighted as we already had a little boy Dylan who was almost a year.

At 16 weeks I had my first scan and was shocked when the doctor told me I was having twins. I was thrilled as was my husband and son!!!

At my next scan I discovered it was not two babies it was three babies. I was gob-smacked; there was no pattern of triplets in my family or my husbandís but we knew our family would be complete with these babies

Then when I was 30 weeks pregnant, tragedy struck: my husband and son were killed in a car accident on the way home from the shop. Iíll never forget the day the guard came and told me that horrible news. Days passed in a blur and the funeral was torture for me as I felt my three babies move inside me as I laid my beautiful son and wonderful husband to rest. My family and my husbandís family rallied around me but the shock and strain put me into early labour at 33 weeks

The doctors had little hope for the babies but I willed them to fight. JJ (James Junior after my husband) was the first to be born weighing 2lb 4 oz; next was Emma, she was 2 lb 5 oz; and finally Chloe at 3lb. The two girls were pretty strong and caused few worries but JJ had breathing problems; thankfully he was fine after a few weeks too.

The kids are now 6 months old and JJ looks more and more like his brother and dad every day!!! The girls are pretty adventurous like their dad and brother.

I'm still lost without my husband and little boy but I just wanted to share my story to let everyone know that however tough things can get with multiple births things could always set worse for you!!!!!


Pregnant with 8 babies at the same time

I am pregnant with 8 babies in my uterus all at the same time.

I am very scared about labor and contractions and the pushing. I am almost 16 years old. I am also scared about my pregnancy.

I haven't told my parents yet about this because I do not know how they will react.

Samantha Bunkoske

My Terrible Triplets

My name is Hollie and I am 28. I am married to my husband Cameron. We are truly happy. On our honeymoon we decided that we wouldnít mind trying for a baby. We came home 2 weeks later and we started trying.

My sister is 5 years older than me so she is 33 and she has 2 children 2 beautiful daughters Sarah and Louise. I was around my brother Jerry's house to tell him about my and Cameronís new house. We were going to buy when I had tummy pains and I was sick. When I got to my and Cameron's rented flat I had the urge to take the pregnancy test sitting in my bathroom cupboard. 10 min's later and I WAS pregnant. I was sick because I had morning sickness, I was so happy I ran into Cameron to tell him and he was so happy for me as well.

Three months passed and I was 4 months pregnant. The house that we were going for we had bought and moved into. We went for the first scan and they told us that we were having triplets. Cam was so exited but all I could think was oh my god this is unreal, but a few hours later I actually realized that I was having triplets.

My sister told me that I had to be really careful as triplets has to be hard. At 7 months I had to give birth as all three of the babies were too squashed. I gave birth to 1 girl and two boys, Cheryl, Calum, and Darcy. Three weeks later and we had terrible news; Calum had died. He died in cot death. Cameron was so upset he even wanted to kill himself. I went and lived with my sister and her daughters. I took Cheryl and Darcy with me. Two days later Cameron came around to my sisterís house and said that he wanted to carry on with his life...with me and the two children.

Now five years later Cheryl and Darcy are 5 and I am pregnant with another baby boy. Me and Cameron have decide to call him Calum Jr., at first we said that it may upset us calling him Calum, but then we wanted to call him that but just call him Jr. after his big brother.


My 8 beauitful babies.

When I turned 13 I was very popular. I had tons of friends and a really hot crush, but he had a girlfriend, but a week later they broke up and he asked me out. Two months later my parents werenít home and we were studying. Two weeks later I was very sick. My mom found out I was pregnant.

At 3 months I got an ultra sound and found out I was not having one baby but 2. I went to school until the 8-month came. One month later I had 2 girls. It was a very intense birth; one didnít want to come out but she did.

Their names were Joanna Faith and Haley Elizabeth. When I turned 16 I had a boyfriend and 2 beautiful girls. Then I got pregnant with triplets. The truth is I almost lost 2 of them but I didnít; 2 girls 1 boy- Fredrick Robert, Lisa Koda and Grace Hope.

I thought I was done until one year later I found out I was having twins again. Nine months came and Mark Caleb and Cory Jordan were born. Now at twenty I have eight children and a husband and a big home. What more can you ask for?

Danielle Lorance

so confused

I found out I was 3 and a half months pregnant. Deep down I knew that I was but I just didnt want to believe it. I'm seeing this boy I have known for a long time, but we kept loosing contact. I was scared to tell him because I thought he would tell me it was my fault and to get rid of it because all he thinks about is going out with his mates all the time.

I had my 1st scan on July 7,2006. I was scared because it was really happening and in case I couldn't cope. I had my scan and found out I was having twins. I coudln't believe it. I felt really happy but scared at the same time.

I coudln't believe I was going to have 2 babyies. I knew I had to tell my baby's daddy. When I told him he was going to be a dad he was over the moon. Then I told him it was twins; his face was just a picture.

We decided to get together and give it a go. I never felt so happy. It felt like my life was just about to start.

O n the 25th of Augest, 2006 I had my second scan to find out what I was having. My partner came with me. I remember looking at the screen with tears running down my face. I asked if they could find out the sex. A couple of minutes passed by but it felt like hours because I was that exited. They told me I was having 3 boys. I thought it was a mixup and asked them to double check. They coudn't be any more certain. One must have been hiding on my 1st scan.

On 21 January, 2007 I gave birth to 3 healthy baby boys. They weighed, 31b'7oz / 31b5'oz and 21b'12oz. They are all doing fine. Me and my partner have now got our own place together with a family of our own. It just shows that not all lads are the same. Just try and have faith in them and follow your heart.


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