Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can bring its own set of pregnancy experiences with it. If you've had a twin or multiple birth, share your story with us! Were your pregnancy symptoms more intense? How did you prepare for your babies' birth? Impart your words of wisdom to future moms of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets.

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More Kids!!!!

“Oh, great! Not again”, was my first reaction to the news of another set of twins from my doctor. My husband believes we should have all the children we can have. I, on the other hand, have all ready given birth to 1 set of triplets who are now 16-year-old girls. Plus the 3 sets of identical twins, 2 sets are girls and the most recent 2 years ago are boys. That brings us to a grand total of 7 girls and 2 boys which means 9 kids under 18! Yikes. But I'm used to the chaos.

I personally hope that these twins, due in 16 weeks and 4 days, are boys just so the 7 girls can have more boys to at least even it out a bit more. I am used to the pregnancy and having more then one child, although each birth is different. My husband, who comes from a family of 10 girls and only 2 boys, him right in the middle, is already planning for the next pregnancy when we haven't even had these babies yet. I love surprises so I don't find out the sex of the babies, but I wish sometimes I did.

At only 34 years old with almost 11 children my life is very hectic and I wouldn't trade it for anything. My husband and I are both obstetricians. When we were juniors in high school and not really sure what to be, we looked at how he was fascinated by seeing his siblings being born and only having 3 kids in my family and being the youngest I never saw anything like it.

When we had our triplets at 18 and being a freshman in college, and us mostly relying on the doctor, we both decided that’s what we wanted to do. We make time to be doctors and be there for our families since my sister lives with us and helps out we can coordinate easier. We try to not be on call at the same time. I can't work while I'm pregnant so I usually supervise my assistant. I can't wait until they're born as I feel them moving around.

Good luck to everyone having their first, don't worry it’s crazy at first but with a little help and love they grow to be wonderful, sometimes annoying -like my teens arguing outside the door- people. Love to all!!!!


16, just married, and having TWINS!!!

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am 16, a newly wed and having twins. Having twins runs in my family but I was still shocked and so was my husband. We have no idea how we are going to get through this but we will manage.

I am 18 weeks and 2 days pregnant and I am so scared for my twins because in my family we carry twins but we usually don't hold on to them, if you know what I mean. I don't think I could handle that I have been resting a lot and eating as healthy as I can.

I hope that everything will be okay and they will come out healthy and happy babies.


What a Shock!...a pleasant one

This is my first pregnancy and my husband went with me to my first pre-natal appointment. The doctor did an ultrasound and the monitor was positioned in a way where I could not see it. I thought it was taking her a long time to tell me that she saw the baby and I began to wonder if I was really pregnant. The doctor finally looked at me and said, "Do twins run in the family?"

My husband and I were shocked! I told her no and she told us we were having twins. She then turned the monitor so I could see...and sure enough there were two babies and we were able to hear both heartbeats.

My husband and I are thrilled. I am 10 weeks along. God is so good!


I was right!

My husband and I got married in July 2006 and we knew we wanted 2 or more children. I had lost an ovary at 26 due to a pre-cancerous cyst so the idea of being pregnant was only a dream. We thought we would need to resort to IVF to have children so we decided to go ahead and start trying just to see.... It happened on the first try! I knew I was pregnant the next day since I was already sick. I thought my HCG level would be high since all the crazy symptoms had already started so after the 8th negative home test I broke down and went in for a blood test at 3.5 weeks.

The number came back at 16, which was a bit low, but I was pregnant. I went back one week later to re-test and the number was a whopping 1300! My doc was very happy with the number and said I either had a very healthy pregnancy or it was something he normally sees in multiples. At week 7 I went in for my first appointment and my doc, who does not deliver, wasn’t set up with an ultrasound machine so he decided to see if we could hear a heart beat... sure enough there it was and he didn't have to look hard.

Once again he said, "It could have been just a fluke that we heard it, or it could be multiples!" Apparently early on, the two (or more) hearts beat together which gives a louder and stronger beat. I knew I was having twins but had to wait for a very long 3 weeks to get in to see my new doctor. She kept wondering why we kept talking about the “babies” as if there were two. She asked if twins ran in the family and I said no, I just know there was more than one.

Moments later we did the ultrasound and there they were two little peanuts! We are due August 2007 and we can't wait to know what these little ones are!

Always trust your intuition!


NOT 1 BUT 2!!

My boyfriend and I went to school together from grade 4 until college. We got married in August of last year, although I already had a son from a previous relationship in teacher's college. He was born December 6, 2005. His name is Dylin.

In October of 2006 we found out that I was pregnant with 2 babies. In Jan 8 we found out we are having 2 little girls. It will be different but fun. I really can’t wait until the 27th of May.


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