Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can bring its own set of pregnancy experiences with it. If you've had a twin or multiple birth, share your story with us! Were your pregnancy symptoms more intense? How did you prepare for your babies' birth? Impart your words of wisdom to future moms of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets.

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two sets of twins almost six years apart

In November of 2000, I went for an ultrasound. I had been gaining weight at a rapid pace. Although twins run in my family I never expected to be expecting them. I had a lot of the same symptoms with my first. She was three years old and I wasn't ready for any more kids at the time.

Well the technician got really quiet and I asked if something was wrong and she said, ďyes, thereís two of themĒ. I went through every emotion possible and called home and told my grandfather, everyone else was at work. I was 11wks. I started having all sorts of problems. Nothing major, which was a blessing (round ligament pains, dizzy spells, I didn't get tox or preeclampsia, but I had some of the symptoms and I started wetting myself from all the pressure not to mention bladder infections that brought on contractions). One overnight stay at the hospital I had heart burn galore; they were hairy babies.

It was very tiresome carrying them and I went 39wks. They were born 6/19/2001 Geminiís at 5lbs3oz and 5lbs13oz: a boy and girl set. It was extremely hard the first 3mos of their life and I suffered from post partum. But for the most itís been fun as well as challenging. The twins come from my maternal grandfather's side of the family and they run every other generation on my father's side. There has been one identical set and over twenty fraternal sets. I am an only child by both parents. I later got pregnant in 2004 and delivered a singleton and had decided I had been blessed with more than enough babies- 3 girls and one boy.

My son has been begging for a little brother for as long as we could imagine and other than my mom's brother and her brother's set of twins girl\boy theyíre no more boys. That was until I found out in Sept 2006 I was pregnant with another set of twins. It wasn't a surprise because I demanded to get an ultra sound because of the changes I was experiencing: the increase weight gain, fatigue, fetal movements, etc. I guessed what it was and I found out in Nov.2006 itís two little boys. My son is so excited he has not one but two little brothers.

I don't know how my one year old is going to take it when they arrive but she rubs my tummy and kisses the babies. She won't be two until July 2007. And I am currently taking brethine and on bed rest been since Sept. I am either 30wks or 34wks - they are measuring rather large so itís a waiting game. I usually have large babies but since my first I can't stop smoking. I didn't with her and she was 8lbs 4oz, the one year old weighed a couple ounces more than she did on my ultrasound at 32wks 6lbs 15oz and the doctor was furious - he said she would have been at least 9lbs if I hadn't been smoking.

I feel like the Lord doesn't put no more on you than you can bear. I am a single mother and now I am going from a mother of four to a mother of six. I am still dating the twinís father but the first set father had abandoned me before I was even six weeks gestation. These are my babies. I have a good support system and I am older now than I was with my first three. My grandparents and great grandmother never had twins of their own but they have them for grand children, great grandchildren and great-great grand children.

I feel it is more than a miracle. I didn't need any help getting them and they are naturally my second set so many people ask do they run in my family, the father's, or did I use fertility drugs? It's not that uncommon as some try to make it. I have a relative that has had two sets and one of her sets had the first identical girls. It's always boy\boy or girl\boy twins in my family.

My family is insisting that I get fixed because they are scared that I'd have another set of twins and six kids are more than enough and no husbands. Neither of the twins' father's have twins in their family other than our babies.



Well, I wrote on here in July when I first found out I was supposed to be having twins. At that time I was 19 weeks found out we were having fraternal twins 2 boys.

By 24 weeks I was told my cervix was shortening and the babies could come anytime (imagine how scared I was considering they were only 1 1/2 pounds). So since I found out I was having twins I was in for ultra sounds every week it was really cool to watch them get bigger every time.

So I got my steroid shots to help boost up their lungs and what not, I was also guaranteed 100% I wouldn't make it to 36 weeks so I was pretty disturbed and felt bad for the little ones. I didn't want them to have to stay in incubators. I was also put on bed rest right away; they debated if it should be bed rest or putting stitches in my cervix. My cervix was measuring 2.6cm so it only had 1 and some left to shorten before I started to dilate. So they told me for my next ultra sound in 3 days to bring a bag because they were going to put me in the hospital. So I went in 3 days later and nothing changed too much so they said I could continue my bed rest at home. Every week I went in and it kept getting shorter.

At 28 weeks I was measuring 1.8cm and they said, ďoh well its good you got those extra 4 weeks in,Ē already preparing like I was going to have them. So I was getting really worried and thinking okay when are they going to come. I prayed really hard hoping I would at least make it till 32 weeks so that way they won't be too much at risk. Glad to say eventually I made it to 32 weeks (by then my cervix was measuring 1.08cm). So I was thinking for sure any time now because as soon as it shortens that 1cm I start to dilate.

So I am very glad to say I made it to 36 weeks. My cervix surprisingly still holding out and these boys luckily for me were head down from 19weeks on, baby a was right in my pelvic bone area the tech said he looks like he could fall right out. Full term for twins is 38 weeks; they induce you when your 38, so by the time I hit 36 weeks I wasn't worried about bed rest anymore. I got up and took walks and went out to the mall. I really wanted them out. My pregnancy was easy. I wasn't really sick or anything, heavy definitely. I think the only reason I was able to carry them so easily was because I am 5'10.

So I had my prenatal appointment on November 28th and I was 38 weeks then. I gave birth on December 1st, 2006 to two 6 pound 3 ounces babies who were healthy and got to leave when I did. I even got to do it naturally as well since they were both head down. It was easy labor. I was only in it for 5 minutes - it only took 5 min to push them both out; they are 3 minutes apart. I felt absolutely no pain.

So if you are ever a high-risk pregnancy, miracles can happen


not a big suprise

Me and my husband had just moved to Murray in March of 2005 and I starting feeling sick. But then he got sick so I didnít think much about it. But it got worse - I was sick all day everyday and all I did was lay in bed I could barely eat. It lasted for 4 months straight. So we made a trip back home around motherís day and took a test and it was positive. So I went to the Dr. at 5 months and we got an ultrasound and saw two babies and the big surprise was they were identical girls.

Twins run on his side; he was a twin too. It was easy for me. I only gained 40 pounds and had them at full term on November 9 2005. I planned a c-section because I didnít want something to go wrong the other way. The needle is the worst though. The nurse missed and had to do it again in the other arm. That really hurt. They weighed 6 pounds and 6.4 pounds.

Before the babies I weighed 105 and gained got up to 146 but now I've lost most Ė I only weigh 115. Didnít get a lot of sleep for a while and now they are 13 months old and walk and talk and they can drive you crazy sometimes. But they are still fun.

Me and my husband got married on June 3 2006 now I'm almost 21 and I think this will be the last.

holly mohnen

first twins in the family

I'm thirty-nine yrs old pregnant with twins girl due in Feb '07. This is my fourth pregnancy and so far I am the first woman in my family to have twins. I do not know of any twins being born on either side of my family however it was rumored my dadís side had twins.

I did not find out I was having twins until I was about fourteen weeks pregnant but had a feeling something was different about this pregnancy because I was showing so early. I was getting sick & tired of people asking me "So when are you due?" as if I was some freak of nature, until I got a more sophisticated ultrasound (the first u/s machine was outdated by twenty yrs & didn't pick up twins) and the first thing my husband & I saw were two heads come on the screen.

Our first reaction was to laugh, as we were happily shocked. Itís still a surprise for us and we feel so blessed. I do not know what to expect once the twins get here but I'm sure it will be a labor of love. They already have two big sisters and a big brother who already love them and are awaiting their arrival.

Well, at least my girls are happy but my two yr old son thinks they'll be here for a visit. He doesn't know they'll be actually living with us for awhile :o)


surprise! it's TWO!

Today I am 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant. My doctor sent me for an early sonogram to make sure everything was ok with me; Iím 34 and asthmatic. As the technician was doing the scan, he kept swooping over something, had to call his associate over, and my fiancť and I saw both A and B and heard their little heartbeats.

This is my first pregnancy! We are thrilled and terrified!!! At least now I donít feel so bad for having to unbutton my pants already!


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