Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can bring its own set of pregnancy experiences with it. If you've had a twin or multiple birth, share your story with us! Were your pregnancy symptoms more intense? How did you prepare for your babies' birth? Impart your words of wisdom to future moms of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets.

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I had an interesting first trimster! My pregnancy was a complete shock to my boyfriend and I. He has a 4 year old daughter from a previous relationship and he is still legally married to the mother. Although they had been mentally separated for over two years when I got pregnant, I was still aprehensive about the new addition.
I did not have insurance at the time of conceiving, so needless to say I was pretty anxious to get the paperwork on a roll. I had just recently moved to a different state and maintaining insurance here was a lot more difficult than it would have been in my small town state. It took a long time to get everything taken care of: I didn't see a doctor until I was 5 1/2 months pregnant. I was gaining weight fast and spent the first 3 months glued to bed. I was so fatigued. Although, I never got morning sickness, I did suffer from heartburn.
When my Mom saw me somewhere between 3 and four months, she immediately said, "twins"... I denied her accusation to the fullest, as it is a struggle to feed ourselves, much less two newborns.
Well, when I had my first ultrasound at 5 1/2 months, the nurse exclamied, " oohh..."
"ohhh?.." my boyfriend and I repeated.
And, in looking at the ultrasound monitor, I saw the two little round heads and exhaled deeply. I couldn't believe it. It's still a shock to most of both sides of our family. We are excited for the arrival, due date being the 3rd of February, but we are hopeful for New Years babies.
To all those women out there who are at this moment finding out about their multiple bundles of joy I say: You are truely in for a treat. They like to play who can kick Mommy harder...


Getting through twin pregnancy

I would like to share a couple of things that got me through my twin pregnancy. My twins are 1 month old today. I had a great pregnancy (other than being very uncomfortable the last 4 weeks!), with no complications.
My son was 7 1/2 lbs and my daughter was 7 lbs. I had them at 38 weeks + 4 days, both didn't have to go the NICU at all, no jaundice, and had apgar scores of 9's. I only gained 36 lbs, and as of today, have lost 35 lbs!
Here's what I think helped me:
1) I ate ALOT of protein. I had a protein drink (Boost or Ensure) EVERY day first thing in the morning, from when I was 4 weeks pregnant to the end. I had a protein bar in the afternoon as a snack. I had meat just about EVERY day. (I hate dairy, but forced myself to have a chocolate milk everyday, and cheese and eggs a few times a week) This is what got the babies so big!!!!
2) Lot of water and juice!
3) As much rest as your body needs! You know when you need it. Some days I stayed in bed all day and other days I was very active. I went to bed every night at around 7 and just watched tv till I fell asleep.


Gifts from God

I met my now husband just over 2 years ago. We met when I had just turned 40 and he was 39. We were going out for about 6 months and diligently using condoms as birth control. Around new years we thought that due to my age it seemed rediculous to go to all that effort at birth control when my chances were slim anyway.

So we decided that we wouldn’t try but we wouldn't not try either. As each period came I was really disappointed, so after a few months we officially decided to try. This was a huge learning curve for me. The doctors did all the checks which came back normal so I was pretty sure our problem with getting pregnant related to the quality of my eggs!

After a few months of using clomid to encourage my ovaries, we started IVF. The first round wasn't really that bad, but not successful either, which was really disappointing. We tried again and I got pregnant but miscarried at 6 weeks. This was more devastating than not getting pregnant at all. And I thought at my age (42) that might have been my big chance lost.

Shortly after this we got engaged and decided on a 4 month engagement. During this time I organised the wedding and did another full IVF cycle which again was unsuccessful. We had the best wedding day ever and as it happened I commenced my third full IVF cycle on our wedding morning. I'm catholic, and although I know the vatican doesn't approve of IVF I thought that at least I've started this cycle "within the sanctity of marriage" as they say.

I wasn’t terribly hopeful as I didn’t have any symptoms except menstrual like cramping which felt exactly like my period was coming. BUT the test came back positive. As I had already had a miscarriage, I wasn’t prepared to be excited. Over the next few weeks the only symptoms I had were going to the toilet a lot and continuous cramps – mostly like the feeling when I miscarried, but there was no bleeding. A very stressful time! I went in for a 6.5 week ultrasound and I was so nervous – I was preparing everyone for disappointment. Then she found a heart beat, and then another one! I couldn’t believe it. I have just had another ultrasound at 9 weeks and the beautiful little ones still there.

As I said, I'm Catholic, but not terribly religious. But I truly believe that God has blessed us. Thanks for reading my story. I know there is a long way to go from here and its been great to hear all of your positive stories.

Best wishes all.



I got married on the 17th of June 2006, then went abroad with my husband in july, only to be informed that my father died three days after getting to our destination, I was devasted and I wished to return home, I was told to wait a little, in about the same time, I started experiencing very severe lower back pain, so intense I was stooping forward while walking like an old woman.i had to come back home and went to a hospital, there i was diagnosised as having PID prolasped Intervertebral disc, i was kept for two weeks inthe hospital and then was discharged. My husband came to pick me up, ont he 19th of june, "the red one" came calling but it was just for a day but profuse. I felt everything was aright, I was never expecting to get pregnant so soon with my history of back pain, then in september, the "red one "did not come, i thought it could be as a result of all the pills \i was placed on, but 4o days later I started feeling very tired and shortness of breath, I could hardly stand on my toes,I rushed to the doc. only to be sent to the lab, the test result was positive, and from then on, it was a down hill drop in health for me, I was always too exhausted and my waist line was getting too big for my comfort, I went to another doc. who recommended an uiltrascan, he found two sacs, meaning, I was going to have a twin, but sac B appeared to be emtpy, so I have been asked to come back in two weeks time for another scan.I'm I really going to have a twin birth, I'á thrilled and scared too. I hope they find what they are looking for in the other sac.
Have you had this kind of experiencce, I would like to know, what the outcome was for you. I'm now in my 11th week.


Having twins too!!

My husband and I had hoped to be pregnant by the end of this year and to my surprise at my 6 week ultrasound not only were we having 1 but there were 2 babies. I'm now 14 weeks (4 months) and due for my next ultrasound to see how they both are and maybe see whether I'm having a boy or girl, girl & girl or boy and girl. Very nervous yet very excited. I'm still going through the morning sickness at times and basically I take that as a sign that they are both doing fine. I pray that everything will be fine. I feel so blessed to not only get one baby but two in one go.
All the best


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