Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can bring its own set of pregnancy experiences with it. If you've had a twin or multiple birth, share your story with us! Were your pregnancy symptoms more intense? How did you prepare for your babies' birth? Impart your words of wisdom to future moms of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets.

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17 & pregnant (with twins)

Hey im Cadence I got pregnant when i was 16 three weeks before my birthday 17th bday i was scared and nervous but when i told my mom she understood because she got pregnant at a young age too my bf left when i told him i was pregnant im 7 months pregnant now but im still scared for the sake of my babies ive decied to name my babies Jace (boy) and Mia (girl) i hope that my kids dont turn out like me pregnant and 17



I was 30 years old when I found out I was pregnant with what was thought to be my 3rd. child. It sort of came as a shock to me as I was sitting at my mothers computer one night and got up to pee (what seemed to be like) 15 times within an hour. After a little thought on the pregnancy possibility that evening, I decided to run down to the Dollar Store and pick up a pregnancy test. Positive! Not long after I found out, (3 weeks) I could no longer fit into my jeans. I figured since this wasn't my first pregnancy, I was just showing sooner. Right around that same time, I went for a job interview at a local restaurant. The manager offered me something to eat while I went through my orientation. I opted on a really large Chef Salad and consumed the entire thing right there in my orientation! lol. The tiredness was overwhelming so early on too. I could sleep for hours and feel exhausted. I started looking on the internet for signs of a multiple pregnancy, because something just told me that I was carrying more than one. So, on the day of my U/S I told my mom that I'd be back to tell her I was going to have twins and at 9 weeks and 1 day, I indeed did find out that I was having twins!
I almost passed out on the ultrasound table when she told me!
Having the babies naturally was my first choice, but I kept in mind that there are a lot of complications involved in doing so. And after 36 weeks and four miserable, swollen, acid reflux ridden,( did I mention swollen?) days, I delivered 5 lb. 6 ounce and 6 lb 8 oz Boy Girl Twins! The first night I decided to keep them in my room at the hospital was a disaster. I don't think the three of us got any sleep until the babies returned to the nursery the next morning. But from then on and until they were learning to crawl, life was surprisingly easy. As a single mother, I thought and was told by many, that it was going to be a nightmare. I found that to be far from true. Despite the minor setbacks that their milestones bear, we are all so happy. I will say that 2.5 yr old twins will have you pulling your (now gray) hair out by the roots. I say that because it is true in every sense of the expression. But I wake up every morning and can't wait to greet my little sweeties and find out the new things, stages and obstacles the day will bring. If you are expecting twins and have heard the horror stories about how you will need help from everyone to care for them, while it may be true at some point, it is not an impossible task. Set your expectation level to non-existent, find faith in something if you don't already have it, tune out the negative people in your life and prepare for the most wonderful experience you've ever endured. I say this with all my heart. Bless you


A little nervous

I'm 20 weeks pregnant now with twins and we are a little nervous. Daddy a little more than me, but I was just wondering if there are any other couple dealing or that have been through this? We have a son who is four and Daddy was more nervous than I was in that pregnancy as well. Is it just a man thing?

Theresa Johnson

15 and 2 babies .

I met Jordan at school , he is 17 and im 15 . My parents never approved of the relationship because Jordan happened to be a substance abuser , but i loved him, he promised to change and i thought i could help him. after 6 months of dating he went to detox for 4 months . The day he left i got sick in the morning , i thought it was just sadness and nerves , so off i went to his house to say goodbye to the love of my life .,
about a week later i realized that this sickness wasn't stopping and i was gaining weight , so i went to the doctor , he checked me over and asked if i was sexually active , i replied yes and sometimes without protection . he ordered me for a ultrasound and there it was i had 2 little babies in my stomach , and they were due to be born in 3 months! i was so scared , Jordan wouldn't be out by then , he was aloud visitors so i went to tell him , my mom came with me for support and we all just sat there in silence after i told him about the twins . until he finally said:"Im going to be a daddy?" . i realized i could be strong and i could do this ,. a week before my due date i gave birth to twin boys --Keegan James and Ryan Patrick . it was the happiest day of my life, me and J now have our own apartment close to both our parents . J is training to become a police officer and im attending high school and working 2 jobs . our parents have been verry supportive taking turns watching the boys when we were both at school and work, it hasn't been easy, but its been an adventure.
Im also happy to report that J has been clean since the babies have been born. and im straight A's at school at the moment , this wasn't the life i thought i would have at 15 turning 16 in 3 months , but i would't trade it for the world:)


Pregnant at 16

I had been with my boyfriend, Sebastian, for two years before I became pregnant. My parents were less than understanding and as good as kicked me out, fortunately Sebastian's parents were more accepting and offered for me to move into their house. While I was still in full time education, Sebastian's income from working at the local solicitors, and money that his parents gave us, was more-or-less the only income we had. Soon after, we found out that we were expecting twins, though we didn't find out the sexes as we wanted it to be a surprise. The next few months went smoothly: picking out baby names; buying baby supplies; buying furniture until I went into labour one month early. After a long labour (13 hours), I gave birth to two gorgeous fraternal twin boys: Jenson Alexander and Aiden Noah born 16:48 and 17:04 respectively on 14th February. They were, by all accounts, the best Valentines gifts we could of ever of had. Just over a year gone, me and Sebastian are still going strong and we, and Jenson and Aiden, have recently moved into an apartment near to both my and Seb's parents. Mine and my parents relationship is steadily improving and can only get better - I hope. But for now, Jenson, Sebastian and Aiden are all I need. X


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