Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can bring its own set of pregnancy experiences with it. If you've had a twin or multiple birth, share your story with us! Were your pregnancy symptoms more intense? How did you prepare for your babies' birth? Impart your words of wisdom to future moms of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets.

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mum im pregnant

ďMum Iím pregnantĒ, they were the exact words that made me realise everything was real. I was six months pregnant at the age of only sixteen. I remember looking down at the pregnancy stick and laughing in hysterics finding it too hard to grip reality and face the fact that I was indeed pregnant. After a day or two after i was 100% sure i was going to have this baby, i couldnít ever find it in my heart to adopt or even consider abortation, so i scheduled a doctor s appointment for an ultrasound. My partner Rivah whom is the father has always been so supportive and loving of my decisions and was over the moon about being a daddy he was seventeen at the time but didnít have a worry in the world. We walked in and i was so nervous i couldnít believe i was actually about to see my baby a living thing that i created. My doctor splurted on the gel and i remember thinking and worrying please have a heartbeat, please be ok. Then she said wait a minute in a concerned voice and i felt sick and started to tear so fearful of the words i wasnít able to handle at this point in my life. She kept looking at me in a mysterious way then glared at me and smiled and said ďMiss Watt you are having twins!
Oh my god!! Are u serious I bursted out into hysterics i couldnít even breath i just didnít know what to think. I was shocked but relieved and confused i just had so much stuff going through my mind. Rivah grabbed me and held me and took a deep breath then teared he was so happy. We both accepted and were excited. I rang my mum who had already come to terms with me being pregnant and was so happy for me ďmum Iím having twinsĒ!! She couldnít believe it we both were so happy and i felt so special to be blessed with such a gift at such a young age.
Months went by and everything was going smooth except the fact i had the worst morning sickness ever i couldnít eat, sleep or speak i was just terribly ill. Around seven months I had some weird feeling but i didnít think anything of but Rivah knew I was irritated and we had been told that if we were uncertain about anything to go straight to hospital because twins can arrive months earlier. So i went to my local hospital. They told me i was going into premature labour and they didnít cater to what i needed so i got sent to King Edwards hospital in Perth WA. I was flown up immediately and I donít remember much of what happened their because I was on so many different drugs but they did stop my contractions and i ended up getting sent home at 31 weeks.
When i got home i felt so big and i didnít do anything but watch TV all day, until about 36 weeks when they decided to schedule a planed caesarean. From the start i always wanted a c-section because i heard way to much horror stories about natural births and both my twins were in the wrong position and it didnít look like they d be moving. So with the caesarean date coming up soon i was excited and anxious but most of all relieved so i could walk and socialise again and finally meet my babies. But a week before the date my water broke and they insisted i have it soon and at 37 weeks i thought that was acceptable. Two day before my date i had horrific contractions and i realised that this was it, my whole life flashed before my eyes and i realised that this was my new chapter and I was so scared I was shaking like i was about to jump off a cliff. We arrived at hospital and we were told that I was in labour, and in only a matter of hours we would be holding our newborn babies. Rivah was told to put on a suit for the operating theatre we kissed just before i was wheeled in and I felt safe, I felt really good when they gave me and epidural. I just went numb and relaxed. I could feel them cutting me but it didnít hurt, it felt weird it sort of tickled. They reached inside of me to get my first born who was a beautiful boy and the second whom was also a boy. I remember seeing them i canít describe the way it felt it was like opening presents on Christmas morning with my brother and mum and dad nothing can replace it. All that excitement was so exhilarating . Before i knew i was holding my first son Allikaeí Michael Coyne and tears streamed down my face i never could get people crying in happiness but now I truly do its amazing and so Joyce. Then when i held my second son Desean Kruz Coyne it was overwhelming i couldnít believe these 2 beautiful babies were all mine, and that they need me they idolise me they truly love me for me, I am their mother. Iím 17 now 18 in a couple of months and Iím so proud to be the mother of the cutest babies in the world there s days where are struggle but I know for sure there worth it the journey they took me on saved my life and made me the young women I am today the saddest thing about being a young mum is the judgement and the horrible insecurities I feel whilst walking down the street with a twin pram i just wish the world could see these beautiful boys from my eyes.


Pregnant With Twins and Only 16

I'm 16 and 7 months pregnant with twins. The day I found out I was pregnant I bawled my eyes out, but I'm now okay with the fact that im gonna be a mother! I'm quite excited actually. My older sister is also pregnant and is due only a week after me with twins aswell. Both my parents and my boyfriend have been really supportive! The most challenging part about being pregnant and only 16 is attending school and having to work. If you're my age I highly reccomend waiting, I'm in a LOT of pain and Ive lost quite a few of my "friends" because they think I'm a terrible person for keeping my babies. I may only be 16, but I'm going to prove to everyone that I really am responsible enough to take care of twin even if I may need help from my mother. I havn't even met my babies yet and there already my life. I'm due November 2nd 2010 and can't wait to meet my babies.

Kristyn Noel

17 With twin 1 year olds

July 31st 2010 Is My Seventeenth Birthday Yet The Day thats Even More important to Me is August 2nd, the first birthday of my Twins Attumn Alyse and Tanner Micheal. I remember the night i found out i was pregnant, December 20th 2008, I wasn't feeling right and i hadn't gotten my period so, sitting in my parents bathroom, i read that little pink plus sign and nearly fainted. I was nervous and scared but i also knew i wasn't alone. My boyfriend dave, and I had been together since middle school and i called him balling my eyes out and he told me he was going to be there for me no matter what. On christmas eve, my boyfriend and i sat my mom down and told her the news. At first she was dissapointed but she soon came to terms with it and was really helpfull. After the first of the year my mom made an appiontment and they told me i was around 10 weeks pregnant, so they did an ultrasound and we all got the biggest shock, i wasn't pregnant with one baby but two! Finally i sat my dad down and told him his little girl was having twins and he completly flipped out. My dad didn't talk to me for the first few months of my pregnancy but one afternoon i got a phone call of him crying telling me he was so sorry that he wasn't there for me like he should of been, and that weekend i went and stayed with him and thats when he got to feel his grandbabys kick for the first time, it brought tears to both our eyes. In march i found out i was having a boy and a girl and was really excited. the shock of being so young was wearing off and now i was just trying to find my way. As for school, i was still attending regulary and i was also taking some online classes to make up for the time i was going to be on maternity leave. In may my boyfriend and i moved into our first apartment, i was working as a waitress and he was doing landscaping, we were making decent money and had enough to afford a 2 bedroom. We converted the living room into a master bedroom so each of our kids would have there own room. I did tanners room in john deere theme and i did attumns in pink camo, it was so cute and i spent my days cooking and cleaning. This all took a toll on my emotions and i soon felt lonely and wanted my teenage years back. when ever i felt like that i would just peek into each nursery, pick up little oneseys and tiny little socks and remind my self that i was a mom now, no time to mope. On july 31st, my Sweetsixteen, we planned a birthday/babyshower and as i was opening the gifts i found one tiny one wapped in silver paper, there was no tag or card laughing i held it up and asked who it was from, dave raised his hand. I opened it and found a small ringbox which held a very beautiful diamond ring. I burst into tears as he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. wipping my eyes i pulled him up and said yes. i was so happy and excited that i could barely contain my self. I was passed my due date by that time (July 28th) and i just wanted the babies here. On the night of august 1st, i started having really bad contractions and dave and i rushed to the hospital. On August 2nd, 2009 At 7:14 in the morning Attumn Alyse was born 7 pounds 8 ounces, and at 7:16 Tanner Micheal 8pounds 1 ounce followed with a great cry. I had never been more proud the at the moment they placed my kids in my arms. Attumn and Tanner had full heads of Red hair and i saw tears in daves eyes. I can remember everything about that day, the way it felt to have those precious eyes looking up at me. all my doubts about having my twins were gone just like that; those kids already had my heart for ever. As i'm sitting here on July 17th, 2010 i'm watching them play on the floor next to me and i thank my blessing everyday. the past year has not been an easy one and my advice to other teens is to wait. You have alot to give up with kids and, i don't regret it, but i'm alot better off then most sitations. My own place, A supportive fiance' who loves me just as much as before the babies and a job that pays well enough to give my kids there all. Not many teens can provide that. The kids have just started talking and the one thing they can say is "i love you" becasue each and every day i say it to not only them but to dave also. Good luck to any new moms who are scared: relax you'll do just fine :)

Kayla James

scared and excited

I am 21 I have a 2 year old girl who keeps my extremely busy day in and day out. The scary part is knowing that I am 31 weeks for twins. If 1 baby can keep me so busy how will I handle the twins as well.. well I did alot of research and found that if I am strong and never give up I can do it I can give all 3 of my children the love and comfort they need. I am young no doubt but I have read stories from women with tripple and even quadropule the amount of kids I have that make it just fine.. I can feel that god has sent me these babys as a blessing because if i had not gotten pregnant for these twins i would have not found out that i had cervical cancer. god works in mysterious ways and I am truely blessed


angels from the begginng

When me and my boyfriend found out that we were having twins he almost fainted and had to walk out of the room. Then 4 doctorís visits from that day we found out they both were girls (identical twins). That was at 18 weeks at 22 weeks I went to the doctor everything was great they were exactly the same weight heart beats were great HCG levels were right where they should be then about a week later I had a gut feeling that there was something wrong with one of them and I ignored that feeling about 5 days went by( at 23 weeks) and then I realized I did not feel them kick at all so I called my doctor and he said to go and have a labor check in labor and delivery well the ultrasound tech came and did the ultra sound by the look in his face I knew there was something wrong I got so upset because no one was telling me anything I got up and walked to the nursesí station and started screaming and is all they said was to go sit back down and theyíd be in a min well as soon as the nurse walked in she didnít have to say anything I knew by the look in her face I felt so numb like as if I were in a dream my doctor came and asked me what I wanted him to do cause they heard a heart beat but they didnít know if it was my heart beat or my daughters so I told them to do an emergency c section the last thing I remember was screaming cause of the liquid they use to knock you out and I woke up barley able to open my eyes and asked my boyfriend where my baby was and he just said she didnít make it and I didnít believe it so I just kept asking and he kept saying the same thing and I didnít believe that my baby didnít make it until I held them they looked perfect I didnít understand why it happened to begin with they had everything from their dad expect their finger nails those were mine if I could have walked I would have walked out of the hospital with them like everything was ok with them. I spent a little bit of time with both of them and took pictures held hugged and kissed themÖ and it still really didnít hit me until my breast milk started leaking and I looked down I had a cut and no babiesÖ my daughters were born on February 15th 2010 what a valentineís day giftÖand still to this day I miss them like crazy I didnít want to see or talk to anyone I just wanted to be alone my mom came down to Miami from north Carolina and I was so upset I wanted to tell her to just go homeÖ I had so many people trying to give their medical explanation about my daughters and that just enraged me I had someone try to tell me my daughters werenít healthy like who are you to tell me daughters werenít healthy everything and every time someone said something about my daughters it enraged me because I just wanted everyone to leave them both alone and let them restÖ the worst thing about having my c section was the air in my stomach every time I felt an air bubble move it reminded me of them when they would kick I stayed in bed for 2 weeks and I didnít want to see anyone or to talk to anyone Ö. And is all I can say is it gets better but then it gets worse then you start to learn to accept it and think about your baby everyday now today is June 11, 2010 and Iím 6 weeks pregnant with baby # 3 and Iím excited but I also feel guilty at the same time because I miss my daughters and I wish they were here with me and their soon to be little brother or sister and I guess I feel guilty cause my daughters due date is June 13th 2010 BUT AS TIME GOES BY IT GETS TO BE EASIER AND YOU LEARN TO UNDERSTAND THATÖ SO MY ADVICE IS TO JUST TAKE YOUR TIME AND IF GOING DOWN THE DIAPER ISLE BOTHERS YOU THEN DONíT DO IT OF NE THING BOTHERS YOU THEN DONíT DO IT EVERY ONE HEALS AT A DIFFERENT PACE LOSING YOUR BABY IS LIKE A SCAR IT HURTS AT FIRST BUT AT THE END OF THE DAY IT DOESNíT HURT SO MUCH AND THEIR INGRAVED INTO YOU FOREVER AND YOU NEVER FORGET THEM...


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