Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can bring its own set of pregnancy experiences with it. If you've had a twin or multiple birth, share your story with us! Were your pregnancy symptoms more intense? How did you prepare for your babies' birth? Impart your words of wisdom to future moms of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets.

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The 4th one..

At the moment I am 9 weeks pregnant with my 4th child. I already have 3 beautiful girls will soon be 12, 4, & 3. I always wanted a boy but something inside me kept telling me that I would have twins one day. My dad was a fraternal twin as was his grandfather, & my family was stuck on that whole "twins skip a generation" thing. I know now that what really counts is if twins ran on my mother's side...but I still can't shake off this feeling. The week I ovulated me & my husband had a lot of sex for long periods of time & he even joked saying "What are we trying for...twins? Triplets?) But after I got my first BFP at 6 dpo..I starting thinking. Before I even got pregnant this time, I used to have many dreams about me having multiples. One that stands out was when I was last pg w/ my youngest & I dreamt that she was a girl & not a baby anymore, & I had 3 cribs w/ 3 babies in them next to her. I also dreamt that I'm pg w/ multiples now. I am only 9 wks & have gained about 20 pounds but have been eating less due to MS. The MS started way earlier w/ this one than any of my prior pregnancies & my breasts were never sore & painful like this w/ any other of my kids. I've had round ligament pains bad since week 6 & never had them with the other 3 kids. I also have , not fetal movement,..but some kind of movement always going on in there that I know is not gas.The signs are everwhere. Even when I asked my middle child if I was having a boy or a girl she answered, "One boy one girl". My U/s is 2 wks from now so I will know for sure then. But, I can't shake this intuition that it is more than one. I'll have 2 be patient & wait & see if what I feel I know is right.


patrick and twin 2

i had 3 healthy kids before i got pregnant with twin last 2000,anyway i had no trouble with my twin pregnancy but its just i have to see the doctors all the times and have so much ultrasounds,then one day i went for my 8 months ultrasound and the radiologist said ur twin 2 is sick and she has to get the doctor,then when the doctor arrived then tolld me that my twin 2 is no heartbeat,and it was so horrible that my other twin had died in inside my stomach,lucky my twins are not identical i was allowed to carry on my pregnancy even though my twin 2 is dead coz they have a seperate bag,my husband is so supportive of me he even took a month off to look after me and make me happy everyday and for get that i have diu,baby in my uterus cause doctors and specialist said that its more safer for my twin1 to be in my tummy than outside my tummy,but my mother was never supportive of it she will come to the hospital and tell me that i will die to if i continue to carry my twins coz the twin 2 is dead,but i was bless by god(jesus)i gave birth to my son when i reach 37weeks,hewas born at stgeorge hospital by indused,3 midwifes delivered him after 3 minutes i nned to push again and the twin 2 was delivered with sac,twin 2 was'nt perfect as much as twin 1(patrick)he weight nearly 3 kilos and very healthy,it was so sad to see the other twin not with us but with god the hospital bury him and priest did the baptisimal it was sad and happiness at the same time me and my husband decide that no one will see the twin 2 and we name im jayson,his always with us cause patrick will be 10 years old this year very healthy and cheeky little boy who always fight with his brother,and he knows his story of his twin brother jayson thats why we treat him a miracle boy thats what my mum always call him,now i have 8 kids and again pregnant ,patrick and jayson is the twin i ever carry on my tummy,but if i can ever have twins again of course i would love to 2 babies alive but god is always got reason for everything,im so lucky to have a husband always there for me and my kids,and my kids is so lucky to have a nice loving father,all the people thinks that its really hard to be a young mum to all this kids coz im only 35years old and already have 3 teenagers,twins runs in my grandma side.patrick always wonder what his twin brother look like!!!!

Marie Joyce


a lot of people say how much hard work multiples are and how much stress it puts on ur marraige but most of the people who try to scare u dont even have multiples or just strugle with the 1 they have. as long as u have a strong relationship with ur partner u will be fine my best advise is to set out a good rutine b4 ur babies r bourn and that will help u cope its harder in the beggining coz of sleep and ur body is trying to heal but after the first few months it gets a lot easyer my twins r easy peasy im 23 and have a 2 yr old girl and boy girl twins 4 months just haveing a good bath time , bed time , eating rutine will make ur day so much nicer and remember stay calm and chill u will b fine or wait till every one is asleep and scream into a pillow lol good luck every one . o it also helps to have familly suport my family r fab my mum was fantastic with helping me set a routine :)


My miracles

when I was only 28 a shock came to me and rocked my world;
i was pregnant.
the doctor i first visited when i found out told me; "congrats!"
and i was like "for what?"
i'll admit iwasnt too happy in the beggining but something about the second trimester makes you fall in love.
turns out my obstetrician was single, he asked me of all people on a date after the examination!
of course i said yes!
to add to the initial shock i found out i was pregnant with identical twin girls.
my doctor and i's love grew and we got married at the town hall.
i was like... 32 weeks. and boy was i big!
i was induced at 38 weeks and had C- section.
then my girls Tia and Mia were born!!!


Completely unexpected

I am 24 yrs old. I have a 6 year old son who I absolutely love to death. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years and still love him more and more every day. We had just bought a house a year ago and we were really starting to get life started. We had a truck, car, house and my son was finally starting school. Life was perfect.

My boyfriend and I were trying to have a child for the last year and nothing was working. I had 4 miscarriages and was beinging to think it was impossible. After a year we just gave up. I was bound determined that I was having 1 more. I spoke to doctors and had to go for several tests because I had stopped getting my period about a year prior. I got it but it was maybe for a day and i got it like 4 times.

The tests were constant and enless. I also had pre-cancer cells and had to go for many procedures. I went for an ultrasound on sunday to see if i have any cysts in my ovaries. It was suppose to be an internal and I was a little curious as to why she checked my belly after the internal.

On monday I saw a doctor regarding another problem. He looked at my chart and saw that I had the cyst and the pre-cancer. He told me that be impossible to have a child at this point in time. He said with the procedures it is causing my cervix to open and with the cyst my body was thinking it was already pregnant.

I was upset but once I slept that night and woke up on Tuesday I was fine. I just decided when my body was ready I would get my wish. At exackly 3:50 in the afternoon I got a phone call. The doctor had called me. She confirmed that I had a cyst in my ovary and it was 4 inches big. She goes and you are also 7 weeks pregnant. I was so excited. Than she goes "There is more". I thought to myself how is there more than being pregnant. She than goes on to say I am prenant with twins. I fell to the floor and could not speak. My boyfriend grabs the phone to see why I was in shock. He than gets the biggest smile on his face and quickly got off the phone with her to call his entire family.

I am now 13 weeks pregnant and extremely excited. I could have not asked for anything more and wouldn;t change it for anything. The phone call than explained why I was getting cravings for eggs and orange juice. (which both i usually cannot even handle the smell or taste of) I went on to look back at how I had been for that first little while. I thought I had food poisioning for the whole week before (morning sickness) and I was so tired all the time. I am still very tired and burnt out all the time. I usually last about 4 hours and need a nap.

My babies were 4.3 cm and hearbeat of 183 and the other is 4.6 and hearbeat of 178. Doctors said everything is good and babies are healthy.


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