As wonderful as being a parent is, the postpartum period can be full of ups and downs for new moms as well as seasoned pros. From sleepless nights to a house full of guests; from postpartum depression to those precious quiet moments with your baby, tell us what those first weeks after giving birth were like for you.

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Baby Blues

Hello, my name is Beka and i'm 21. When my husband and i found out i was pregnant we were scared at first but soon grew to love the idea of starting our family. i had a perfect pregnancy and loved every minute of it but couldn't wait for my baby boy to be born. Finally i went into labor. i was a week early and gave birth to our son on valentines day after a long night of hard labor. it was so amazing to see him for the first time but i couldn't understand why i felt so sad. this was the moment i had been waiting for so long! i chalked it up to being tired and my hormones being out of whack. i was at the hospital for 3 days and the nurses really pushed keeping my baby with me pretty much the whole time. especially since i was nursing. i loved having him with me but got no sleep as a result. i slept only 3 hours during my whole hospital stay when i should have been recuperating. when we were finally able to take our baby home i was excited, but scared. that first week was hell. my husband was really sick and we didn't want our son to catch it so he couldn't help at all. i was still not getting much sleep because even when my son was sleeping i was afraid that if i fell asleep he might stop breathing or i wouldn't wake up from his cries. i was a mess. i cried constantly and wished i had never gotten pregnant in the first place! which of course made me feel guilty and brought on more tears. i felt depressed, lonely, guilty, and sleep deprived constantly. i didn't know what to do. i didn't have any thought of hurting my baby but knew i couldn't go on this way. well as it turned out my son did end up catching the sickness from his father when he was just 1 week old. he was admitted to a children's hospital for RSV and we stayed there 5 days. that week was even worse! finally when my son was about 3-4 weeks old things got better. i started getting sleep, my son was healthy, and my hormones started to go back to normal.
all to say, if you experience the baby blues, know that it WILL pass. i know it doesn't feel like it, but it will. my son is now 5 months old, extremely healthy at 20 pounds!, and he's the light of my life. i wouldn't trade him for the world. and i am so happy that i DID get pregnant and god granted me my little angel.


My wonderful littlle girl

I decided to read and write here, pbecause it can help someone in my case. I have a beautiful litlle girl, she is 15 months. A year ago i had post partum depression, it affected me and my family,. I was deseperate all day , i had panic and I wasnt enjoying my life at all. I didn`t want to take care of my two babies, and didnt want to be with them by myself. Now i am taking medication, i received theraphy for six months, i like bwing with them, i feel better, but my advice is to look for help, this is normal but some pepple will never talk about it. Sometimes i am scared it can comeback, but i try to be positive and look forward. I love my family .

Marycarmen de Cabrera


Help. I donít know what to do. I've been suffering from Post partum psychosis and Iím too ashamed to tell anyone that I know. What makes matters worse is that the one person that I did find myself confident enough to tell now has threatened to take away my baby and commit me to a mental health facility. I canít stand the fact that my little one will be taken away much less the fact that Iíd be put in a hospital until I get over this illness. Isn't there anything else that I can do?


Liam Peter

I'm 23 and gave birth to my second son Liam peter on the 11th of June. I was induced 11 days after my due date and gave birth 3 hours later; it was very quick. I was so overwhelmed when I saw this little boy, but at the same time couldnít help but feel regret.

I suffered from postnatal depression with my first son Callum now 3, and unfortunately I have it again. The father of both boys is supportive and I know my mum is always there to help. There is no worse feeling then depression, not having that connection with your child, not wanting to see anyone, its like although you are surrounded by people.... you feel so alone.

Iím now on medication and feeling better but donít let anyone tell you that you will get over the baby blues. If you donít feel better after a week get help, it doesnít make you a bad parent, we are not super woman!!! We need help 2.



The first week I was with me baby I just felt so guilty like I had did something wrong. My mom came in and asked me what was wrong, and I told her and she said, "don't feel guilty because, you have something precious here and she need you"!!!

But I really think that the first week was the worst because I couldn't get close to my daughter like I wanted to because postpartum depression began to take over.

But in the end I won my self back and began to enjoy my daughter who is now 1 year old.


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