Labor and Birth

Giving birth is the most momentous part of pregnancy, and involves a lot of hard work, energy, and emotion. Whether you opted for natural childbirth or an epidural, tell us how your pregnancy progressed. Did you give birth at home or in hospital? Was it complication-free or was baby a little more stubborn? And, of course, how does it feel to have a new addition to your family? Help other women prepare for their birthing experience by telling us your story

And feel free to mention details of your baby's life like the type of baby bedding sets you chose for your nursery.

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y am i leavin u (but still a happy ending)

when i was first wif my bby's father he already did have a girlfriend and i knew she loves him alot so i decided to just leave him. i soon found out i was pregnant but i didnt wannna tell him it was his i only told my best friend i was only 14 and i told my parents they was mad and sad for me at the same time they threthan to kick me out but they didnt i didnt tell them who the father is.. months pass and finally when i was 7th months pregnant saw him again holdin hands wif is girlfriend for pass month everybodys been tellin me thta he still loves me and wants me back and he didnt like his girl but he doesnt wanna hhurt his feelins.they was walkin down the block i wanted to turn around and walk the other way but than i didnt wanna hide anything they saw my stomac she gave me a hug and ask how many months was i and who was the father i didnt say anything i just told them i was 7 months and a few days after that i was wif my bff at the feild of smith he came over and my friend walk away wif her bf we was alone he said he wanted to talk he ask me y i left him and that he loved me and wanted me bac and that he can dump old girl i told him thats not want i want his girl will do anything for him and she loved u very much he said so u loved me very much too i said LOVED not anymore he knew i was lyin he just grab me and kiss me i try to push away at first but than i knew i still love him so i just left it but after a min i knew it was rpong so i just push him away and walk away but by the time i walked 5 step my stomac started to hurt i have these pain all over my body my bff ran over to me and he was right next to me i felt something wet in my jeans omg ur water broke my friend said i got scared they called the ablamce but than they was takin a long time so than he pick me up and run to the hospital all the aoin just turn out to be ntn wif him here watchin him sweat and lookin at him i knew i still love him when we got to the hospital they cheak me outt and said i was ready to give birth the doctor said i need an emaegy c-sectioncuz i was in short labor and im 2 months earlyy they ask if naybody wanted to be in there wif me my bff was scared cuz she doesnt like blood so he said i wanna come we was in there for half an hour they gave me a few shots and they started cuttin i felt a lil pain it hurted a lil like something burning a like 15 mins later i saw my small lil premie up in the air by doctor hands i heard him cry and i knew he was alrightt i cry and idk y but he kinda tearin and he still didnt kneo it was his they ask him if she wants to carrie it while they fix me up i saw him sittin right next to me holdin the small lil baby tearin and smiling like i never seem him so happy b4 so i dicied to tell him it was kinda hard but it just came out cuz i coiuldnt help it i said this is ur bby he look at me i repet it again this baby is mine and urs he was qyuite for a point he keep starin at the bby and back at me i stear in his eyes and i see him cryin the first time i seen him cry since i knoe him and i dnt think anyone seen him cry b4 cuz he iis a tought guy from a danges neiborhood wif gangs and he is in one he hand me the bby i was cryin cuz i have the love of my life in my hands we was both cryin and the nurse saw us so emotions she took a pic but we didnt kno until they gave us the pic when i left teh hospitalll my parents came the next day they found out my bby was mix they was kinnda dissapointed cuz my parents thinks this race should marry the same race but they was happy for me at the same time after the numin was gne i fel a gab of pain it hurted like a mother fukcer but i didnt care as long as i knoe my bbys helthy thann thats ok he was wif me for a whole week in the hospital after skool he would come and vist me im guessin that he told his parents cuz than to my suspirse they came to see me a few days later i was glasd to see them his prents are very nice person too they want to see the baby so they went down but his mother stay wif me to talk to me he ask me if i loved his son and she knoes i do cuz of how i be hidin the bby from him insted of ruined his relatiionship wif his grl we talked for a while she ask wats the bbys name i told her i didnt knoe yett so she told me to get some rest and she will go down and look at the baby he came in a few mins later we was talkin he told me he broke up wif her and that he didnt like her ever since i left than a nurse came in and ask we need a name for the baby so we look thought books and we pick out the name JAYDEN NOEL BAEZ jayden was a name we both like and the meanin of noel means chrismas and that was the best day of our life and thts when we made jayden but except that it was still the best day we ever had together now my bbys 3 months and we are still together and ofcourse im still in skool and im ingagted at 15


Miserable Pregnancy, Wonderful Birth!

I was pregnant with my second baby. My first pregnancy was so easy! I sailed through it, happy, no aches, no pains, I loved it. But then I had a bad delivery. I didn't know what to expect this second time around.

It turns out I wasn't going to have that happy pregnancy again. I luckily didn't have any complications, but I was miserable about mid-pregnancy. I was falling asleep at work, it was hard to get around, I couldn't get out of bed. I didn't even gain 20 pounds with this one, why was this so difficult??? I could never get comfortable at night and constantly had a pinched nerve from my waist, down my butt, and down my right leg. My back also constantly hurt. The last two weeks were the worst. I ended up calling in sick to work the very last week. I had braxton hicks contractions and was completely miserable.

Determined to put myself into labor, I took things in my own hands. Nothing dangerous, I just was "ready". I woke up one morning, and rubbed my nipples for about 30 minutes. My husband even helped. I have heard this is the number one way to put yourself in labor and my nurse later agreed. She even said some pregnant women go into labor early if they are breastfeeding an older baby from the stimulation. So it was worth a try, right? Then, since our toddler was still sleeping, I (almost 9 months preggo) told my husband, "Let's have sex one last time." He was all for it, I just couldn't wait for it to be over with. Luckily that didn't take long. I was imagining those little sperm loosening up my cervix at that very moment.

Not to be dissapointed, I said, "Hey, let's do something. Let's go to the NASA Johnson Space Center!" It was within walking distance from our apartment, but I wasn't about to walk there in the July heat. (Yeah, yeah, I was desperate but I wasn't asking for a heat stroke!) So we drove to the space center, and I ended up chasing my toddler around most of the day. We did a lot of walking, and rode a tram around the space center to tour different areas. I made sure we rode in the very back, it was so bouncy back there! I was sitting next to a woman who asked when I was due. I told her 8 days, but that we were going to have this baby tonight!

When we got home that afternoon, I was exhausted! We went to bed as normal, and I woke up about 2:00 in the morning. I had a dream that my water had broken. Hee hee, I laughed a little and reached down to see if the sheets were wet, just in case. Aww, no such luck. Darn! I decided to get up for my bathroom break anyway. As soon as I went to sit down on the toilet, voila! It happened, my water broke! Thank you God, it is time! Woo hoo, the waiting game is over!!! Come on honey, let's go!

The neigbor came over to stay with our toddler and off we went. Everything looked good on the monitors, I had a great nurse, things were off to a good start. Then she asked if I wanted an enema. I didn't have one with my first son, because I had taken a good relief that day. I didn't do that this time so I decided to give it a try. What in the world was I thinking? Why hadn't anyone warned me about these??? I was in so much pain from the cramping, and I couldn't get back to my bed before I had to run back to the toilet. And the I.V. stand couldn't roll into the bathroom, I kind of had to pick it up and put it over that threshold, what a pain in the ass! (No pun intended!) Oh, where was my beloved husband? Oh yeah, he was snoring on that little bitty couch. I was in this one alone. I finally got that out of the way, but I can promise you I will never do that again. I would rather just poop on the table next time, much less pain there.

Once the enema was accomplished, I was ready for my epidural. That went as planned and I ended up calling some of my friends and family and saying some pretty funny stuff. I don't remember feeling this good the last time around, where can I get more of that stuff? It wore off pretty quickly, I was told it was what they give you at the very beginning that gives you that wonderful feeling.

My doctor showed up about 8:00 in the morning and asked when I thought this baby would be here. He was betting he would be born before noon. I got a good laugh out of that. My first labor was 17 1/2 hours, and I know your second is usually shorter, but come on, my luck wouldn't be that good. I told him I thought it would be around 1:00 or 2:00. He said he would see me soon!

Only an hour and a half later, I felt pretty ready. I called the nurse and had her check me, yes, I was 9 centimeters. What? That quick? They were getting my room ready when my mom showed up. But where was my husband? He was taking our son to the daycare ladies house, we thought he would have to be there all day and we also thought he had plenty of time to do that. We were wrong.

He showed up at 10:30. There we all were (I wasn't waiting on him, he just got "lucky"). My doctor said we were about to start pushing. I hadn't slept any, but I was ready, let's do this! Here comes a contraction, I pushed, oh wow, here he comes! He told me to stop and wait for the next contraction. Here came the next one, pushhhh, out popped his head, then came the rest of him! What an accomplishment, so different than my first baby boy. They laid my new beautiful baby boy in my arms while my husband cut the cord. This was one of those births you see on television, this was perfect! He was perfect! I immediately brought him to my breast, he took an interest, he was going to be a good eater, I just knew it. They took him and weighed him and cleaned him up some more. My 7 pound, 6.8 ounce boy was then handed back to me. I brought him to my breast again, he latched right on, thank you God! Thank you for my little miracle!

Carson Dean is now 3 1/2 months, over 15 pounds, exclusivly nursing, and still a dream. Big brother Mason Lynn just loves his baby brother, no sibling rivalry yet! Oh, I hear someone calling me, time to go feed the baby!


rough times

I went into labor with my son on sept 11 2007 he was 8lbs 11oz. now i did have a few problems when i got in there it took forever for my contractions to start they gave me all different types of medications to help but nothing seem to be working then they decided to check and see if i was progressing in my labor and they waited about 4 hours in between the time and i never did show and improvments so they decided to give mea c section and thats when they found out that my baby was just stuck there was nothing wrong with him and that made my world a whole lot better to know that my little boy was alright.


It is so long

ok so i was pregnant untill 1 week ago .
I an 20 this is my first
so it was my due date and in the morning i got up feeling and i ate breakfast but then i felt kind of like you feel when you are during the first 3 months.
and i threw up all my breakfast i was like why?
so i hardly ate all day
untill my husband Jake got home i told him he said maybe the maby is coming soon
i said maybe
then we went to bed and i woke up at 12:35 and felt kind of weird and i had a contractio suddenly i thought maybe by tom my baby girl will be born
then i suddenly felt like using the restroom so i went
then i was on the toilet and i couldent do anything then finaly i felt kind of like a had peed but it was like a gush of water
then it came to me My water just broke!!
i tried to get up but i couldent it hurt so much i called my husband and i was planning a home birth without anybody just jake and me
so he got the supplies we needed and by then i felt like pushing so just started
i yelled jake hurry i feel her coming!
i could feel her already!! and since i was laying on the bed i just reached down and felt her head coming out!!
then i pushed finaly she came!!!!

Jessica DeCapelo born Oct 29 2007


different than expected

when I was pregnant, I was so excited that I nearly jumped for joy. O was eighteen at the time ( I'm nineteen now) and I'd just got engaged. Throught the months I got all the regular signs (Morning sickness, saggier breasts, ect) but my labor was totaly unexpected. I was at 43 and I felt something give. my water broke, but only a bit tricked out and I wasn't experencing contractions. I figured it was a false alarm, so I dismised it as nothing. soon after I felt the need to really go to the washroom. with a rather rude noise (For those that hadn't guessed it) the baby's head popped out of my rear! I quickly phoned my midwife and then continued trying to get the baby out. It got stuck halfway through and we were forced to use vasoline as a lubericant. When it was all over i realized that it didn't hurt as much as I expected it to. but it just goes to show, almost anything can happen when your pregnant.


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