Second Trimester

The second trimester is often one of the most blissful times in pregnancy. Not only is your pregnant belly growing, but so is your excitement about your new baby! So share that excitement about your second trimester experiences with us. Tell us about your baby's fetal development, recent ultrasounds, and other aspects of his prenatal care. And don't forget to share your experiences with continuing pregnancy symptoms, like swelling, morning sickness, and all around aches and pains! We want to hear from you!

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19 and pregnant

My name is Brooke, I'm 19 and pregnant. So I met my now fiance during freshman year of high school. We have been together on and off ever since we met, but never off for more than a week. Well this year will be our sixth year together. I moved into his families house about 10 months ago. I got pregnant around january. We moved out of his families house and moved into my moms house about a month ago. we found out i was pregnant around the ending of february. I am currently 5 months and 2 weeks pregnant with our beautiful baby girl. She is growing so beautifully. :) expecting September 26th! :)


mommy at 17 <3

My name is Devon, when i found out i was pregnant at 16, i Me and my "friends with benefits" friend had unprotected sex all the time. We just used the "pull out method" and i just thought it could never happen to me. after two months i started to like him and he really liked me apperently:) so we started dating. around christmas time in 2011, i started feeling really sick but never threw up. but two weeks later i did and it was a huge possibility that i thought i was pregnant. i went to the doctor and they called me back with the results two days later. i will never forget the lady said. " okay well i have your test results back, and it came back positive". i still could believe it, so i asked what do you mean? "and she told me i was pregnant". i hung up and started crying my eyes out because i wanted to have a good future and i wanted to control it. But with a baby that would be hard to do. i did think about abortion and adoptions, i was not nearly strong enought to do it. so i chose to keep my baby<3 i was scared to tell my boyfriend, but when i did i couldnt spit it out and i just started crying, and he told me to just say it, so i told him i was pregnant with his baby. he told me it was going to be okay and that he was so happy for us and happy that he was starting a family with me:) so that made me feel 100x better. my parents are so suportive even though they were sad and dissapointed in me. but theyre past it now:) all of my family supports me as well as my friends. i didnt loose anyone and i even gained more friends because my schools new and we have no pregnant people and i was the first one. so people ask me questions all the time and are always feeling my tummy in the hallways. i was so scared at first but now im not because everyones treating me very well and i have support from everyone i can think of!!! we found out i am having a baby girl and thats exactly what i wanted..even though nathan (the baby daddy) wanted a boy, hes also very happy. were moving in together in his new apt. 3 months after the babys born. we decided to wait because i wanted help from family and have a little more time to get financial support from my mom and dad. but then were on our own! im so excited and i hope there are teen moms out there who had all the support and love as i did.if any of you have any questions or just want someone to talk to im here:) im on facebook and my name is devon sharrock and its the one that says i work at pizza hut.( i have a lot of accounts but only use one). add me or mssg me:) id love to help.

devon sharrock

lucky girl

where to start.. I'm 16 years old and I am 16 weeks pregnant.. I am lucky enough to have a very supportive family and fiance. I have been living with my fiance for about 9 months and couldn't be happier. I was having very bad mood swings so he insisted I take a test, they were both positive and I instantly broke down I was terrified of what my parents would think. I originally planned on having an abortion until I started reading more into it, and had my first ultrasound and seen my adorable baby.. from that point on, I knew I was keeping it.. I will never forget the day I told my mom I was pregnant.. I spent the entire day at her house planning on telling her.. unfortunately, I couldn't tell her face to face so instead I texted her after I left.. I was very surprised she was happy, supportive and excited. She has already ordered a crib and can't wait to get more. my father is already looking at custom tricycles that look like motorcycles lol so everything is going well..

Except, my fiance already has two children.. don't get me wrong I love and adore them both. however, its hard because none of this is that new to him.. he's been through it all twice already. he still rubs and kisses my belly but I still tend to feel he's bored and not as excited as I am.. on top of it, his babys mom screwed him over so he's afraid to tell his parents. so whenever they are around I have to cover my baby bump up.. I'm proud of my little bump and want to let it show!

I kno I am still luckier than others but there are still difficult things such as the fiance situation and the fact that I am extremely high risk due to having a heart shaped uterus, being underweight and young. It's hard for me to do much other than lay around buht hopefully I will meet my child around July 5th 2012(:

To all the other girls out there struggling, everything will work its way out. Just remember if you and your babys father fight, its not good for your child and someone better will come along and love you and your child. you can't have the good without the bad.. struggling just makes you stronger! just keep your heads up ladys!


Suprisee Suprisee ..

I remember finding out I was pregnant just 3 days after my 15th birthday (Sept. 17) on my friend's birthday. It was something hard to accept. I kept taking test I wanted it to change to negative but, as much as I wanted to I knew it wouldn't. One week later I finally, told my bf. He didn't take it well. But, of course I knew he would be with me through thick and thinn. At first, just me my (ex) bestfriend and my boyfriend knew. I didn't know how far along I was because, I only remembered not getting my period for 3 months. So, I started ditching school to go to the doctor. I knew I was pregnant but, I wanted a doctor themselves to tell me. So they told me. Turns out I was almost 3 months. I remember my mom keep to telling me I was getting fat. Truth was I was pregnant. As I kept ditching school for doc. appointments soon I had a neeting with the police about my attendence. Blahh Blahh.. I ended up telling my mom I was pregnant at the police station. Not the best way to do it. Well now I go to acces for teen parents its rhw best thing that has happend. Girls there understand me and everything. Well yeahh.. I'm experiencing alot of changes. Me and my bf are closer then ever we will alomost be making a year on year's (: I'm having a boy. Just what I wanted ! Hope he looks like his mommy(:


Second Trimester Feelings

Now Am into 3rd trimester and am sharing with u about my second trimester, that was the starting time of my first scan on my 90th days of my pregnancy, scan centre dint allow my husband to have a look of our baby being its restricted in south tamilnadu, i felt bad but still i managed to tell my husband watever i was looking there like, u knw basically i hav fat belly so diagnostic man could nt find baby well, aftr a while they hav shown me how baby is inside my uterus, i felt thrilled and surprise to see that am really having kid inside me, its a kinda surprise to me that am gonna be mum soon, and my husband is gonna be dad soon... once i came out frm scan room, i told my husband that i feel sad that u dint come in, he immediately said, i dint had such thought, that was stunning answer to me, basically he is a man of practicality, so i consoled myself and a bit later i came out of this shock, bcz i know many men dont have feelings like women....haha....
during middle of 4th month, i started to eat quite well without puking, i dint had any tablets like iron, folic acid, calcium whole of my second trimester too, i was going for walk, done exercises, mobbing, but not often, my laziness stood up before my exercises much of the time, i literally startd to pour lots of questions with my doc, she had patience to answer my question, my doc name is kannambal, she is DGO, i was born in her hospital and she is my family doctor with care, cool in nature. i felt comfort to torture her by pouring too many queries on pregnancy and delivery, haha
as like my first trimester i dint had my emotions raising up often, i came to realise that am being cool, i loved being myself n with baby much of times, believe towards lingabairavi, a goddess raisen up, she is a powerful god created by sadhguru, founder of isha, veliangiri hills, coimbatore, tamilnadu, i started to hav hope on her without knowing y,
both husband and wife wanted to rear our baby with spirituality, sensuality,


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