Second Trimester

The second trimester is often one of the most blissful times in pregnancy. Not only is your pregnant belly growing, but so is your excitement about your new baby! So share that excitement about your second trimester experiences with us. Tell us about your baby's fetal development, recent ultrasounds, and other aspects of his prenatal care. And don't forget to share your experiences with continuing pregnancy symptoms, like swelling, morning sickness, and all around aches and pains! We want to hear from you!

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Is my ob my primary DR. now

I have had one prob. after another with this pregnancy i have also had an ear ake i told my ob and she said that in pregnancy mucks bilds up and iam prob. fill pressure from that but she did not evan look in them so i went and saw my regular doc and he said that i had an ear infection also a small hole in the membrane from having it for three weeks the there said that i am to see them for these things but every one else has told me she is supose to take over my care and shuld have looked in my ear i am thinking about swiching obs what do i do its very hard to know which one to call i fill like iam a ball being batted back and forth can any one please help.

Dorothy Lawson

Surprise Pregnancy

Right before Christmas of '08 I found out I was pregnant. I am 21 years old, almost 22 and I am now 20 weeks pregnant with a boy! I was hoping for a boy!I am due August of '09 At first I was scared, but everyone took it better than I thought and I couldn't be happier to start my new family with my husband and son.



i am 15 years old and my boy friend is 16 i am a freshman in high school and i am 25 weeks pregnant i am scared to death i dont no what to do i have been around alot of people that were but i never thought it would be me in the beging i was thinking about adoption but as soon as i felt her kick it was so amazing i let my bot friend touch her and she moved again we sat there and cried for a long time i have never felt something so special she means the world to both of us and i just cant wait to meet her i am scared about giving birth please can someone please tell me everythings goin to be ok and that ill make it through



This is my first pregnancy , I am 19 years old , im staying with my mother ,who tells me my son is a sin ,but I donít give a damn hes my hero and I know I messed up on not knowing whos his father but I will know whens hes born. I been through a lot to all you teenage mothers or women going throught the same ting keep your head up , do not let ignort peoples words bring you down.


First Time Mommy

I'm 20 years old and am pregnant with my first child, a boy. Its week 55 and he's moving all the time, especially when my husband is around. My first trimester was rough. I was always feeling sick and getting sick for no reason, it seemed. (I know it was hormones). Now, while things are better for the most part, I'm achy and I still get sudden sickness... Unfortunatly, pregnancy has been less than enjoyable for me.


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