Second Trimester

The second trimester is often one of the most blissful times in pregnancy. Not only is your pregnant belly growing, but so is your excitement about your new baby! So share that excitement about your second trimester experiences with us. Tell us about your baby's fetal development, recent ultrasounds, and other aspects of his prenatal care. And don't forget to share your experiences with continuing pregnancy symptoms, like swelling, morning sickness, and all around aches and pains! We want to hear from you!

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A true blessing

i married my husband in August 2003 and we started to enjoy our lives together, just us two, everything was perfect. We decided that adding another person to our family could only add to the perfection. We fell pregnant after 8 months of trying and as i had done the test on the very day i was going to visit some friends, i just couldnt hold in the excitement and blurted out my good news to all of my freinds who were so pleased for us.

However, after two days i started to have terrible cramps and bleeding and after 3 days of blood tests was told that my HCG levels were dropping and i was miscarrying. The following day i was in the shower and looked as if i was losing all of the blood in my entire body as my tiny baby slipped away from me.

It took a while before i dare try again but after a year and a half i found out i was pregnant again. Overjoyed but also terrified we managed to hold off telling any family and friends until i was 10 weeks. The very next day i started bleeding again and after a scan was told that id had a missed miscarriage and was booked in for a d&c to remove the remains.

i decided that i needed to start trying again straight away. This was the only thing that would keep me from losing my mind from the devastation that we had just experienced. This time it only took 6 months and i found myself pregnant again. This time i had to put my pregnancy in the complete control of God. i knew that He had taken our last two babies for a reason and He would only give us the chance to keep one when the time was right.

i didnt tell a sole until my sister guessed when i was 9 weeks pregnant. i really suffered with nausea and when she came to stay i just couldnt hide it from her. i didnt tell anyone else though. That week we went for our first scan and i had convinced myself that, like the last two times, i would not see anything on the screen. But through God's grace we saw a tiny baby kicking its legs and a tiny heartbeat!! i lay in shock for a couple of minutes while my husband gaped at the screen! This confirmed that this could actually be happening!

We went through to 14 weeks where i spent the whole time feeling either sick or terrified. i was still convinced this little one would be taken from me and seeing it on the scan was only to make things even harder.

At 14 weeks my sister convinced me to start telling people. Everyone was overjoyed and no one seemed to be worried that a miscarriage would happen again which i just couldnt understand. Why was everyone so relaxed about this??

At 16 weeks we were sitting in church and i felt a little thump in my right side, was that a kick?? i didnt feel it again until the following week, then nothing, then gradually by 18 weeks i was feeling regular kicks, rolls and thumps! This finally convinced me that the baby was growing and maybe, just maybe, i would be given this gift.

i am now at 24 weeks and although there has been much vomiting, a scare of leaking amniotic fluid, regular fainting and 6 scans, i am absolutly loving this pregnancy!!

God has blessed us so much with this tiny gift and i just pray that He will continue to keep our little girl safe until its time for her to arrive in November.



My story starts 14 years ago, when I became pregnant with my first boy. I was single and just barely 18. I didn't try getting pregnant and I felt devastated. Devastation soon turned to joy when he arrived. But my marriage of 10 months fell apart, and we were soon divorced. It took me 10 years to find my soul mate, then with lots of crying, and praying 2 more years to get pregnant with my second boy. We felt so lucky to be able to get pregnant because I have PCOS and most of my sisters could not get pregnant after the age 30. Also my younger sister tried 6 years to get her only boy and has tried for 2 years to get another baby. Anyways imagine my supprise when just after 4 months of trying we have concieved another child. I definetly feel blessed and lucky. This pregnacy is very different, I have been way more sick than before, and I feel bigger than I have ever felt this early. physical symptoms that I don't usually have until the third trimester are already happening. I'm only 12 weeks and I swear I have been feeling this baby move for a couple of weeks. When we found out we were pregnant my husband asked me what did I think it was and I said twins w/o thinking. My sister miscarried twins at 8 weeks, but other than that it does not run in my family. However I've been told that PCOS increases your chance of having twins. We are scheduled to have a u/s this week to verify due date. I'm very nervous. I would be thirlled with twins, but apprehensive too. Oh well either way I feel very lucky to be pregnant.
p.s if any of you are still feeling sick, I haven't tried sweettarts, but Coffee works wonderful for me.


It's a funny thing.......

My husband and I are going through our first pregnancy,and at times seeming a little unbearable. We are both thrilled about it and and can't wait until the day comes when we're at the hospital. Some days seem way too long. We had a scare that ended up going to the emergency room and there was so many sad horrible thoughts going through my mind, turns out the fluid and cramping I had was just a really bad bladder infection. So thankfully all is good. We're heading into our 21st week and the movement is unbelievable,it's the funniest things to feel this tiny little being moving about in there, and he/she has their own little schedual! Every time I hear preggo's saying "it better be a boy" or my husband wants a girl. how bout just thinking about having a healthy happy baby! Good luck to all the mom's and dads to be.....



Kitty... I had the exact same problem.. even with the pregnancy tests, and truthfully, assume you are. I was in my 20th week before I went to the doctor and got a blood test. Another thing that happened to me was that what I thought had been my last period ended up being implantation bleeding, so where I thought I was only 13 weeks, the ultrasound shows my baby at 20 weeks.

I know it's frightening, but you need to go get a blood test. The doctors will be able to look at your levels better than the urine tests do. Knowing is much less scary than guessing, trust me. I wish you the best of luck, no matter what the results are!


what can I do?

hi, I'm 21 and I'm starting to think I might be pregnant. My last period was near the end of May and it's already July 3rd and I had no period in June. My period is so unpredictable, so I didn't think anything was wrong until the second week of June when I started getting sharp pains in my lower left side, where the ovaries would be. These 'stomach pains' as I tell everyone are more frequent and my breasts are often sore. I took a test, but it came up "invaild" having only a vertical line, not horizontal. I want to take another test, but I'm too scared to see what the result is.


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