Second Trimester

The second trimester is often one of the most blissful times in pregnancy. Not only is your pregnant belly growing, but so is your excitement about your new baby! So share that excitement about your second trimester experiences with us. Tell us about your baby's fetal development, recent ultrasounds, and other aspects of his prenatal care. And don't forget to share your experiences with continuing pregnancy symptoms, like swelling, morning sickness, and all around aches and pains! We want to hear from you!

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being pregnant

18yrs. &im pregnant i used to do alot of drugs i found out i was pregnant at 3mnths n right know im 17 weekz its hard because i never expected this right know in my life i been thru alot n im going thru alot my mom she told me she was gonna be here for me she already kicked me out of the house 2 times and i ts sad cuz i didnt knew were to go im back home so all that time that i was kicked out of home i wasnt going to skool so my grades are real poor the assnt. principle doesnt understand me all the stuff im going thru but oh well, so my mom doest even say a word to me and when she does it has to be something bad im not working im a senior n i dont know if ima graduate all of this stresses me aloottt!! i dont wann a go do something stupid


At Last

My husband and I met for the first time in August 2005. We became a couple in October 2005, started "trying" to conceive in December 2005, engaged February 2006, and married September 2006. Point of the story is....We despartely wanted a baby. We tried for a few years and realized there must be something wrong. So we went to see a infertility doctor. Which they couldn't find anything wrong with either of us. So we continue to "try". More years of nothing. Well in 2011 I had my last period in January, which is normal to me becaue they have never been regular. We had pretty well given up on having our own baby, didnt think it would happen. It was around June 2011 my breast started hurting really bad and I started spotting. I just figured I was starting my period. About a month later I had told my mother about my breast hurting and the spotting and she told me to take a test. I said why so it can say negative for the millionth time. So the following evening I took a test. To my suprise 2 lines showed up instead of 1. I just couldn't believe it. It was a POSITIVE pregnancy test from me. So the following morning I took another test and it too was positive. I made a appointment with my doctor for 2 days later. They did an ultrasound and sure enough, there was a baby growing inside of me. They told me I was 7 weeks and 4 day. I couldnt believe I was pregnant that long and didn't know it. I am now 17 weeks and very excited. I wanted to let people know about my story because my husband and I tried to conceive for 5 1/2 years and I wanted to let people like me (before I became pregnant) know not to give up. Because miracles do happen and I believe one of them is growing inside of me. So just keep positive. It will happen.


Made to happen

When i was 15 i was dating an older guy who was 20.. my mom didnt like him and i had to keep our relationship a secret well he said he was always allergic to condoms so we used the pull out method. starting my freshman year in high school i noticed i was a week late in september so my best friend came over that night and i took a pregnancy test... and YUP found out i was pregnant. it hit me realll hard started crying and i hid it from my mom for as long as i could because i didnt really know what to do. i was trying to save up money for an abortion but... not having a job and my "bf" not being there for me and ditching out i had nothing to go on. one day my mom found out through family and long story short, i was convinced in the end to get an abortion by her and everyone else in my family.. well yeah i had to do what i had to do being only 15... fast forward 5 years.

Im now 20. i met my wonderfull fiance thorugh work and weve been together 6 months. <3 we decided to start our family since were ready for it and it wont be an accident. im now 20 weeks pregnant and about to find out if im having a boy or girl this week. i do think back to when i was 15... but thats in the past. im now more then estatic to be having a baby with the love of my life... and well... everything happens for a reason!

oh and yeah that low life scumbag who wouldnt take resposibilty for what he helped create 5 years ago.. hes a registered sex offender now for messing with girls who are alot younger then he is. dont ever fall for someone like that ladies!!!


My lido Miracle

All began when i met the one man i thought stood from the other immature teens. I was 16 and so was my now bby daddy Miguel. I love how patient he was with me and how much he showed me that true love does exist. It happened a year later when love was shown to another stage. it was all good until i noticed i didnt get pregnant nomatter how many times it was. I thought i was lucky . Soon i realized is it me that cant seem to get pregnant? The gyno discussed with me i couldnt be able to get pregnant easy and that stunned me. I felt so horrible i just gave up.

One night right after me and my bby daddy graduated High school i felt very sick . I thought i had the stomach flu. I took antacids an medicine but that didnt do me any good. My bby daddy just decided for me to take the preg test after 2 years of lost hope i did. To my suprise there it was 2 pink lines. I was so shocked and so was he. We got our little suprise. Now im 3 months pregnant and so happy I cant wait to meet our little bundle of joy<3 Through thick and thins we can make all happen. It just takes time . I love my family Miguel an our precious baby<3 They are my life and reason for it all.


My expierence as a teen mom

Hi my name is meghan I'm 16, sage and I had been best friends since 6th grade. I had always had a crush on him but we were best friends and I didn't want to ruin that, but one night we had the house to ourselves and you know how the story goes.
I found out I was pregnant 3 and a half weeks after it happened. I didn't know how to tell sage that I was pregnant, but we hung out for a few weeks and when his parents were away on a cruise I would stay over and the morning sickness was a very obvious indicator that is was pregnant. Now I'm in my second trimester, I'm still planning on attending high school until the baby comes, after that I might finish my year online, I do plan on keeping the baby, it's a girl and we are naming her Aubree. Since I'm in a very different situation then other teen moms I think after labor will be harder because sage and I are best friends that happen to have a baby together. It's getting hard for me to not see him as a boyfriend because of my hormones, and he's at my house all day, alone at my house all day. I've been trying my best to use cocoa butter daily, also I've gained 15 pounds since I've gotten pregnant. I do baby yoga and meditate to keep myself sane and in shape. I really try to eat healthy but before I got pregnant I had a super fast metabolism like I weighed 110 pounds and now it has slowed down so I can't just eat anything anymore. Everything is getting harder going to the mall, finding a cute bathing suit, walking, and sleeping, Im a major stomach sleeper and now that I'm pregnant I have to sleep on my side and it's not comfortable. I'm very nervous for delivery. I really don't want to poop..... Or fart...... That would be so embarassing... I'll Erie in after I have Aubree look for it in postpartum!!!! Xoxo Meghan


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