Second Trimester

The second trimester is often one of the most blissful times in pregnancy. Not only is your pregnant belly growing, but so is your excitement about your new baby! So share that excitement about your second trimester experiences with us. Tell us about your baby's fetal development, recent ultrasounds, and other aspects of his prenatal care. And don't forget to share your experiences with continuing pregnancy symptoms, like swelling, morning sickness, and all around aches and pains! We want to hear from you!

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This is so hard

After trying to conceive for 10 yrs we finally did it.However at 22 1/2 wks, I noticed what I suspected was amniotic fluil when I got up from sitting down. I rushed to the hospital where I was examined and told that my cervix was starting to dilate. I was then told that the Dr. would have to admit me into hospital that night and that I would have to get a stitch put into my cervix in the morning.
Well sad to say at 3am that morning my water completly ruptured. In a matter of seconds I began to spike a temperature of 103 and my white blood cell count went up to 28,000 then to 39,000(the normal count is 10,000)
I was told that I had a massave infection but at this time they could not say what was causing it. The Dr the came in and said that there was no choice and that they had to induce labour and that they had to take the baby right away.
Following what seemed like a lifetime of pain I finally delivered a baby boy(Daniel)
As you would know the baby did not survive. I was then told that I was exposed to a very bad bacteria and that this was what had caused the miscarriage. I was then told that this bacteria was contracted at work. You see I work in health Care.
I will never forget my Daniel and I wait for the day that we will be able to hold our promised child in our arms.


New beginning but a very happy one

Hello my name is Amber. I am 13 & 1/2 weeks pregnant. I don't know what I would do if my boyfriend hadn't stood by my side. You might get confused but I will try and explain my story as best that I can.

I noticed that I didn't get my period all of August. I though I was stressing out thats why I didn't get it yet. So I didn't think anything of it. Plus my boyfriend was leaving to go to school for the navy. So he will be gone for four months. Well the night he left I had gone to his work supervisors house for a BBQ. I was there with the girls and we were talking about something and some how we got on me being pregnant. I told them I would take the test when I got home. But one of my friends said that they had one I could take. So I said ok. I went to the bathroom and with in seconds it turned 2 lines. I asked if this thing was broken. They all screemed and said that I was pregnant. So no more wine for me that night. We were trying to figure out how I was going to tell my boyfriend.

Well I went home after about midnight and he called to tell me he was in chicago. I told him I have something to tell him. He was like what happen. I said that he was going to be a father. He was so shocked. He had to call me back because he didn't know where his next gate was. It was so cute. Now even if we are far away we are still happy. Yes we have our ups and downs but things are ok and i can't wait till he comes home in dec.

Right now I am sick as hell and I have to just wait to out. I can't really keep any food down because my throat is swollen. It isn't morning sickness. I have the flu so that sucks even more. But hopefully I will get better soon.

Everything is growing fast and I grew 2 sizes then what I was before. I hope I don't get to big. Thats all for now



skip 11 years ahead to present....

I had my first child when I was 16 going on 17 and I also had a boyfriend who was 20 but we been together since I was 14 I didn't even know I was pregnant until 5 months later and yes I had morning sickness and everything but I didn't pay it no mind, and I took a pregnancy test and it show positive. I was scare but yet happy because my family was mostly supportive and we don't believe in killing lie in the bed so now make it up.....and my boyfriend at the time was there the whole way threw....and our little girl was born I was fill with joy I just fell in love with her and as time when on about 3 years we had another girl who also brought us so much then we were married .....we got married 2 years after the first child was born.....but my husband wanted to try for that 2 years later we try again and we got another girl...yes 3 girls now and I was just loving them I was so happy and excited and he was to but you could tell he wanted that we decided to try one more time and 2 years later we try again and I got pregnant but at around 14 weeks I had a miscarriage...I was alittle upset but deep down I knew that I could always try again and I really don't like saying "well god did that for a reason" because I feel god don't have anything to do with that there are tons of different reasons why miscarriages happen and then it don't make sense that god will take a baby from a couple that is stable and good jobs or even a single mother that is working and doing her best but will let a crackhead on the street keep her baby and the baby can't eat or anything or they even kill their babies but yet god will let them keep theirs it don't make sense . So rather think like that know that maybe something went wrong inside, some complications or the baby didn't quite form good in the uterus.
So any way I had the miscarriage so we knew we would try again and now I'm pregnant again with my 4th child and everything is well I had 2 u/s and the baby is well moving and kicking and I was so happy to see that on the 1st trimester was a breeze no sickness no nothing and with my 3 girls I was sick really I'm dying to know what the sex is gonna be my hausband don't want to know and I go back in 5 weeks for my u/s and I can't wait and hopefully it will be our boy...espcially for my husband sake! Because this is it for me....but I thank god we did come this far and are blessed with what we have.
And this is our 11th year we've been together.

P.S. To everyone have a safe delivery, and when you come to make that decision whether or not to keep your baby....keep it, its yours and nobody can tell you different and you can do it and go through with it and let me tell you , you will not regret it!



My New Curious Love

Hi my name is kelley and I am 17 years old. My boyfriend is 20, just turned it, and we recently enough found out that we are going to be having a baby. I just turned 17 in July so this is another BIG shock. I am really nervous because I see so many young girls with children who have NO i repeat NO responsibilites to their child. When i say this i mean that either their parents are taking care of that child or they just dont even care what happens to it. I dont want to be like that. In fact I REFUSE to be like that. i dont want to be some trashy mom who only thinks of herself, i want to be the stay at home, soccer mom who is completely loved and adored by her child. And i WILL be that mom. I feel different everyday and my mood swings are going crazy. But other than that. I am having the time of my life. I hope everyone else is doing great with their miracles of joy too. Bye.


p.s. im 17 weeks and 2 weeks ago, my grandpa told me it was a girl. he is a doctor and has been for 36 years and told my aunt what both of her children would be and was right on both of them so ill take his word for it. so YAY. a little girl. :D lol. bye.



Hi! I am twenty-six and a half weeks pregnant. I am nineteen and this is my first pregnancy and boy has it been a ride. At five weeks i found out i was pregnant. I didn't have morning sickness or fatique. My first trimester was really a breeze except for the emotional changes and the feeling of not wanting this baby even though i was excited. I blame it mostly on my boyfriends reaction to it all. He is still getting used to it all. He is only twenty two.

Anyways at about twenty weeks he got into the first physical violence with me i have ever witnessed in four years. I had to walk up to the police station at two o'clock in the morning barefooted. I was so upset i thought i was going to lose my baby boy until he moved about twenty minutes later. Me and my boyfriend are still together. No i am not stupid i love him. i am giving him a chance to be a good father. my dad left when i was eleven. he has been in and out of jail since then. My boyfriend is a real sweetheart too. We were highschool sweethearts. He is now seeing a psychiatrist.

Anyways at twenty six weeks, only five days a go, i was in a car accident with my boyfriend driving his nice mustang that is totaled. It was a head on collision. Some idiots were passing on a corner and we just happen to come around the corner. Lucky for me my seat belt was on, but it was just the beginning. I immediately jumped out of the car and got about ten feet from the car and collapsed. I started panicking and crying saying over and over i need an ambulance. My boyfriend was a real hero he held me until the cops got there and he tried to calm me down. I was so worried about my baby for just minutes before he had been moving and now all i was feeling was cramping from where the seat belt hit me across the abdomen.

It seemed like forever for the ambulance to get there but it was probably about fifteen minutes. At had already called my mom in which she called my boyfriends parents. I was tooking to my hospital Providence. They gave me an iv while in the ambulance and i am still bruised from it. I was in the emergency when they used a doppler to check the heart beat. My babys heart beat was up a little but they said that was ok and my blood pressure was up a little too, but i have low blood pressure so it wasn't bad.

I was then tooking up to the maternity ward,labor and delivery, to be monitored. After being hooked up and waiting for ten minutes they told me i was having contractions and they were going to inject me with something to relax me and help me sleep. My mom, my boyfriend and his parents, and my neighbors were all there at this point. My boyfriend was holding my hand most of the time and was helping me keep it together. He finally left with his parents though because i told him he needed to get to work the next morning.

An hour later the nurse came in and woke me to tell me i was still having contractions and they were going to inject me with something to stop them. My contractions finally stopped at around midnight. My neighbors finally then went home. My mom slept on this chair that folded out into a bed. I woke up every fifteen or twenty minutes and at about three i had to have the nurse help me to the bathroom in which i almost collapsed but she said it was from the medication. At about six i gave up on sleep i began watching tv. Breakfast was there at about seven fifteen followed by my ob doctor checking up on me. I was released at about nine and it was the best feeling of freedom i have ever had.

Now the past week i have been tense. Not only am i sore and bruised every where i am also constantly making sure the baby moves or even slightest cramping scares me. I go to the doctor monday and hope she switched me to the every two weeks appointments because a girl can go crazy wondering if every thing is ok.

Well thanks for letting me share my story and good luck to all.


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