First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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my body

well, i just learned that I'm pregnant with our 2nd child approximately 3 wks ago and the only tell i had was a late menses but during these three weeks all has changed (it seems like the moment you find out you're pregnant, you immediately began to feel it)...I've been experiencing the breast tenderness and the stretching pains in the day they were so strong, i had to call in to work. these things are fine although i dont recall experiencing any of these things with my first child until i was in the 5-6 mth. Now I'm craving all types of foods and although striving to eat mostly organic, i have cravings for fast food...i got a meatball salad from subway the other day with everything on it and it was delicious. They say that each pregnancy is different and this one has started out totally different from the first. I've got that queasy feeling but no vomiting and extremely fatigue...all of this and I'm only about 6-8 wks along. Hopefully my next trimester will be better.


PCOS and pregnant

First of all, I've been trying to get pregnant for the past 10 years with my husband...(i'm 31 and he's 41 presently). I had been dianosed with PCOS from an early age, but still thought that with fertility drugs, I could still get pregnant.

After 10 years of trying while using fertility drugs, I kinda give up...and I stopped taking the fertility drugs. Thinking that some people are just not meant to get a baby natually. Of course I was broken hearted and used to get a pain in my heart when I saw (everywhere) people with their kids and babies.

So imagine my suprise about a week ago, when I noticed that my period was a bit weird. I had cramps, but not too painfull. I had bleeding but very light that I didn't even need to wear a pad. Plus my breast was hurting and swollen. So after a week of this, I told my husband jokely "I might be pregnant yeah."

Of course, he jumped on this and said that I need to take a pregnancy test. So the next day, I bought one and did the test as soon as I got home. When I saw those 2 pink lines, my immediate thought was that I didn't the test wrong and this result was a mistake.

So I called my husband on the cell right away and told him that as soon as he got home, we need to go to the pharmacy to buy another test. He asked why, and I told him that this test says that i'm pregnant, but i don't believe it. My husband came home early that evening and we went grocery shopping and to the pharmacy to get another test.

While at the pharmacy, the cashier was very pregnant. So discretely I asked her if she had cramping and bleeding early in the pregnancy; she said yes, and it is normal. She then adviced me to buy folic acid and maternaty tablets just in case that I was pregnant.

As soon as I got home, I took the test right away, and after 3 minutes, those 2 pink lines came again. I was in sooo much shock! I'm still in shock! The next morning I made an appoint to see my gyn, but because of the late booking, I can't see him until 2 days right now, I'm in shock but treating this pregnancy with care.

My prayer is that my baby is ok, and too all ladies especially those who have PCOS not to give up. Pray, pray, pray pray and pray. Even though this pregnancy has taken by by suprise, it havn't changed my mind where adoption is concerned. After I have this baby, my husband and I will adopt a child.

However, I will update everyone on my progress....later for now.


Deeply Torn and Confused

So, here's the deal. I've been seeing this guy as kind of a fling thing who I've known for 3 years now, and we've been fooling around for about a month now. I've had a pregnancy scare before but this time it's REALLY different. The last time I was making it up in my mind, but this time I can feel the difference. I've been nauseous for 3 days solid, and then on and off the past couple days (right now actually..), I've been excessively tired the past few days and even getting up to go to the bathroom, which I've been going to every hour, on the hour, if not sooner, makes my heart race. I haven't noticed much change in my breasts until yesterday, just a TINY bit of tenderness, especially in the nipples, and they seem to be getting bigger. I was completely oblivious to the possibility - though that was foolish - of being pregnant until this past Saturday night, when I went to the bathroom and was spotting. Same thing happened later, and then again the next day, and again earlier today. The spotting prompted me to run to the store and get a test. I took it the next morning and when I looked at it at first, which was too early of course, just as soon as I had taken it, it was negative, but when I looked at it again, there was a faint vertical line. Since then, I've thought back on the past few weeks and realized that it's not so impossible. I've been having TERRIBLE mood swings and been having intense cramps much much lower than usual, as well as the intense nausea. I've always been one to get headaches sort of easily, but I've been having to take Tylenol every night before I go to sleep it's been so bad. (ah and wouldn't you know it, it's time for me to use the bathroom again! exactly one hour later)
(and I apologize that this may seem mixed up but I need to get it out and get your thoughts)
Anyway, after I took the test and kept having the symptoms, I decided that I should to to Planned Parenthood and take a pee test. I did and it came out negative, but something inside of me told me it's wrong. (kind of an ironic statement: something inside of me...) So, I remain unconvinced. And I REALLY believe it's far too early for a correct result. I'm wondering when would be the best time to test. I've found that most women don't find out until at LEAST 5 weeks. And as I don't know the exact conception date, I'll have to wait until next month to get a correct result.
Another thing that makes me even more sure I'm pregnant is my cravings. I'm an avid pop (or soda, whichever you call it) drinker. I typically drink at LEAST 2 cans a day. And now, I can't even stand to THINK about it, let alone drink or smell it. I've gone cold turkey and won't drink ANY. Water is something I've never really drank a lot of, but now it's the ONLY thing I drink, aside from the occasional glass of skim or low-fat milk (nothing higher than 1%. everything else makes me sick.)
Butter is something else I get nauseous even thinking about, which is very very odd to me. It's never been something I consumed much of, but to be completely disgusted by that's strange.
Crackers and carbs is another thing. It's the only thing I want to eat anymore. Cheesecake is my FAVORITE food on the planet, and I have no desire to eat it anymore!
And to top it all off, I'm a week and two days late for my period.
I need advice, suggestions, and help.
And to let you know, the father of the potential baby already knows what's going on and he's being very supportive.

Sara Michelle

Happy 2 B Pregnant :o)

Hi everyone!
I am pregnant for the 5th time. I already have 4 boys who are 20, 16, 15 & 7 - I was a teenage mum when I had my eldest! I have enjoyed gowing up with my Boys & do NOT regret having any of them for one moment.

I have read several stories on here about symptoms of pregnancy etc etc, PLEASE please do NOT worry if you do not get every single symptom (sickness, fatigue, sore breasts, urge to pee etc) of being pregnant as everyones pregnancy & subsequent pregnancys are all totally different!!

No 2 pregnancys are the same!!

What one woman may get another will not & so forth. Womens hormones (as well know) act in different ways. Some women will get every symptom of pregnancy going, others will not have any. Some women have gone on to have a 'surprise baby' not even knowing they were even pregnant in the first place!!

So my advice as a 5 time pregnant woman is take it easy, enjoy every aspect of your pregnancy as before you know it your baby has arrived & what seems like moments later they are going to Nursery. Babies are not babies for long & the time sure flies by quickly.

I am only now 38 & it still feels like only a year or so ago that I had my Boys in nappies & trying to cope with the fact I had 2 sons within a year of each other while running after a 4 year old. To this day I have no idea how I got through it BUT the point is I did!

To all the teenagers who are pregnant: Ive been where you are & yes it is very scary & you feel like you have noone to turn too or you are scared of your parents reaction to your pregnancy. I wont lie to you: your parents will at first be angry but after the initial shock they will support you.

Just be honest & like the Mother At 15 said "speak up & talk to your parents" It will not be easy to try & find the right words etc BUT believe me when I say that your parents would be angry at themselves if they felt that you couldnt talk to them & that you faced the pregnancy all on your own.

You are not alone!

Good luck to you all


Mother At 15

Hi, my name is Chelsea. Im 15 years old and im 12 weeks pregnant. I got pregnant by my boyfriend of almost 2 years. Let me tell you, I was so scared about telling my mom!!! I was 6 days late on my period and my boyfriend and I couldnt get it out of our head if I was pregnant or not. So one morning as me and my boyfriend were on our way to school we stopped and got a pregnancy test, it came out POSITIVE!!! We were sort of scared, but we decided to get me another test after school, well sure enough it came out POSITIVE!!!! I was busy telling my close friends and My older sister, who got pregnant at 15 but she had an abortion. One thing I promised myself was I would never ever get an abortion. Or look up for adoption!!! Anyways a few days passed and I told myself that I really need to tell my mom, I dont want anything to go wrong with my pregnancy. On our way to school, my mom was dropping me off, so I went ahead and told her " Mom, you may be very mad after I tell you this, but I need your help more than anyone right now!" She told me "Well what is it?" I said I am 6 days late on my period." she was so upset and disappointed. She was scared of what my dad was gonna think, what my brothers were gonna think, the whole family!!! so right away she told me i needed an abortion that Im not ready! I said NO!!!! She was upset but she knew she couldnt force me into getting one. Anyways I go to the doctor with my mom and he said I was 7 weeks, I was still having a hard time getting in my moms head that I was keeping the baby. So as today March 18,2009 Im 12 weeks pregnant, brothers know, Mom is happier, Im excited, My boyfriend is really excited!! The only one out of my family that doesnt know would be my dad. Which just now got out of the hospital, He was in the hospital since october of 2008. Its no time to tell him now. But I am gonna have to let it out. I am scared that Im going to hurt him but I know later on he will be there for his grandchild, and his daughter. You cant stay mad forever. Now if there are any of yall that are stuck out there worrying about telling your parents, dont waste your time, get help. Your carrying something very precious inside of you. You wouldnt want anything to happen to your baby. Life goes on, and later on things get better, dont let people judge you and tell you its gonna be hard, because they dont have no idea what your going through!!! Speak up for your self and tell them you dont need their judgment at the time. Dont think about the hard things, theres medicaid, wic, foodstamps, there are even schools that help you get a highschool diploma while having a baby!!!! For FREE!!!! Well I wanted to share my story b/c i would look on the internet looking for help on how to tell my mom i was pregnant, i was scared! But I didnt find any answers, but here is my advice for yall. :)


Chelsea Gallegos

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