First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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Absolutely Terrified

Im 22 years old. The father of my child is 27 and he and I have been dating for four years. Although we are on the marriage and children and all that good stuff track, I was not ready right now to start that part of my life. I looked at the pregnancy test and could not believe what I was seeing. "YES" is all it said. Three letters that have changed my life forever! Me, a mother? I feel as though I am looking down on someone else. For the past three weeks, I have had headaches every single day. I wake up with a headache and go to sleep with one. Throughout the day, I am so tired that I can't focus in class and after class, I have no energy to complete assignments. I have a job at a sexual assault center as a victim's advocate. This job is very crisis based and I am always on the move and having to think on my feet. Now, I can barely even get enough energy to make it out of bed in the morning. I am supposed to graduate come May, and with the way I feel right now, I am not certain I can complete the last two assignments I have this semester. I was supposed to move back home to the Washington, DC area and begin my career working with children who have experienced maltreatment. I was researching all the possible places I couild begin my career. I wanted to implement narrative therapy, learn other therapeutic techniques, attend conferences, travel, etc. Now, I am to be a mother. I have been on birth control for the past four years. In between filling a prescription for a refill, I got pregnant. Just four days and in that time, I got pregnant. I do not know how I am to tell my sisters. They put all thier hope and faith in my life and wanted more for me. They both have children of their own and now what it is like to have such a hugh responsibility and did not want me to have the same until I was aboslutely ready. I am not ready. My boyfriend is overjoyed. He has already starting mapping out my life. Now I have to forget starting my career anytime soon. I have to move to north carolina, settle into HIS house, and be isolated from my family and closest friend in the world. Perhaps if I werent so sick, this would be more joyful. Perhaps, if my boyfriend were here in georgia with me to comfort me and help me with the headaches, dizziness, cramps, etc, I would feel a little better. Right now, I feel isolated and alone and absolutely terrified! I need somoene to talk to who may have felt or feel similar to me.

Charlotte Williams

Pregnant but don't feel it yet

I found out a week ago that my husband & I are expecting our first baby. We have been trying for a little while and I did a test before my period was due so I wouldn't be "disappointed" when my monthly arrived. Anyway, it was positive, I was so shocked. But I don't feel it yet, apart from my nipples being REALLY sensitve. We have agreed not to tell anyone until I am 4 mths along but I can feel that I am already starting to put on weight even though I have been eating so healthily that it is making me sick.
I wonder it my "not feeling pregnant" yet would have anything to do with a past TOP. Last time I was pregnant I felt I had no one to talk to, my bf (now husband) didn't tell me his feelings because he didn't want to influence me, my parents couldn't (& still can't) stand him so they weren't supportive @ all and told my that I have fucked up my life, I fucken deserved everything I got and I could fucken well forget about coming home. Charming. So, inside a week I had a TOP and then promptly went into 6 mths of server depression and was suisidal (spelling????). My bf was there beside me the whole way and we came out the other side, scared, battered and I whole lot wiser and closer.
Anyway, thoughts anyone? Anyone been here before?
Anyway 2 - Michelle first pregnancy at 27 and scared to death!, honey, what you are describing sounds like the family I grew up in, my mum on the outer with her in-laws. Now she is a bitter, twisted, sad and very unhappy woman who can't leave her husband because she doesn't now how to function without him. Get some councilling gf and look after you and more importantly, that little one of yours. Hugs & Kisses


My First

Well, I just found out that I am pregnant 5 days ago. I think I am about 5-7 weeks. This is my first time being pregnant, so my emotions are everywhere!! I took a test like two weeks ago, and it was negative. The symptoms starting getting stronger, but at first I didn't think they were pregnancy symptoms at all, just wasnt feeling like my self, that's all. Cramps in my lower abdomen, dizziness in the morning but no morning sickness, Feeling very hott, almost like I had a tempterature. So I finally took another test because I was about a month late on my period. I couldn't believe what I say when it said positive.
Still no morning sickness though at this point, just boobs are super sensitive, and the cramping is still there. The cravings are starting to kick in, but im sure not as strong as they will become!!


3rd time lucky?

Hi. I am officially 5 weeks pregnant (after two miscarraiges). I am obviously very anxious about this pregnancy and pray to God that this time my dream of having a child will realise. I am experiencing very different symptoms with this pregnancy that I would like to share. I am amazed at how different and unique our experiences are. I hope all of what I am feeling bodes well. Since implantation I have been salavating like an Allpaka! My breasts are sore as hell and every second of every day I am wrapped up in a super supportive bra. I have some digestive symptoms, farting a lot, mild indigestion and constipation. Also food is tasting much better than it used to!! Also my appetite is up somewhat. I have lower back ache at times and also the feeling like I have streched my stomach muscles on my sides and also at the very top of my stomach (high up). My belly is also slightly destended (under the little layer of fat!!). I also keep on having slight little cramps, like very mild period cramps, which are worse if I have been to active. Resting clears it up. Just lately I have also found that my dreams are quite weird and non-sequential. O wait, almost forgot, I am soooo emotional.... I cry during adverts! I hope this helps!


Second Baba

Hey dare,i found out im pregnant last week n im so xcited!im due d 18th of july,so im about 6wks nearly, i dnt feel pregnant yet as its still early days,i have a son alredy aged 7mnths and he is gorgeous.i couldnt wait to get pregnant agen and now i am! my last pregnancy was a sail i worked all the way through and went 2weeks ovr then i was induced and 11hours later jack was born!i handled d labour fairly well until the last two centimetres just had gas n air and was told id need to have an episiotomy alng with the vaccum,amongst all the pain i actually enjoyed the whole event!as soon as he was born i wanted another one??? but hormones settled and my body told me not just yet!so just to let u all know dat labour isnt as bad as nearly everyone makes out,its a mind thing and self control,so for the first timers try not to stress bout it!anyway all u pregnant mothers out dare enjy ur growin bundle of joy,i know i will!!!!


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