First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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What is happening?

Please Help!
I know that I have been very stressed lately, however I am now 14 days late. I wake in the morning feeling very nauseous, even late at night, my breast are always very sensitive to his touch. I am having slight abdominal cramps, fatigue, insomnia. I am confused because some days I feel as if I am about to mensurate. I plan to take a test either today or tomorrow. Could this be early signs of pregnancy?


Shaky Start.. But Exciting :)

Hi my name is sara-elise Im 22 years old and am expecting my first child :) Im only 12 weeks pregnant so far but I am extremely excited. Unfortunately my partner (ex) who I was with for 4 years, had a long break, then started seeing each other again this year, when he found out, that weekend he went and got another girlfriend. Which has caused alot of stress and hurt to me, with us fighting etc. Im hoping to get along with him, but he lies and as much as he says hes gonna help. I just cant help but think of how disappointed I am of him. I know its a shock to the system for some men, but do they have to be so horrible :( At the end of the day, Im still seeing the bigger picture, Im gonna be having a baby! Im trying to stay strong and with the support of my family n friends Im positive its his loss in the end. Hope everyone has healthy babies! And for some women out there, if your doing it tough, just remember your not alone. Not everyone has a boyfriend, husband or that love one around to help. But stay strong... If not for yourself, for your baby :) Love you mwah x


Hoping for the best

I'm 26 yrs. old and got married late last year.

I found out I was pregnant the first time sometime in March '08.. went in for an u/s and saw that I was only 5 weeks at that time . No heartbeart. and gestational sac measured only .97. I miscarried after one week (bleeding, heavy cramps) Went in for a D/C because I wasn't bleeding like I was supposed to and doctor could still see part of the sac in my uterus. I was really sad.

So, my husband and I decide to take a 3 week vacation after a month of the miscarriage... and now, I am supposedly 5 weeks pregnant again. I went in for an u/s today, and the doctor said my sac measured 1.35 which is a good size, and even the shape is really good and walls are thick. No heartbeat yet so I am pretty scared... I have to wait for about 2 weeks to see the doctor again.

My only symptoms are breast tenderness and fatigue... no morning sickness.. although I've been having some sensitivity to some smells...

I pray that this pregnancy will push thru... really just hoping for the best.


No 1 Bub

My husband and I have been "not preventing" for 3 months now and after takng 2 positive tests on Sunday, it seems we have conceived! It was much quicker than I thought and now we are v excited! My symptoms so far have included mild nausea (don't feel like eating much which is not like me!), sniffly nose, tender and bigger breasts, tiredness and also quite a bit of cramping. THe cramping is concerning me a bit but from many other sites I have read that this is perfectly normal...


after 2 failed IUI got pregnant with God's own way

We were getting soo desperate. I had my second miscarriage last december 2007 after almost ten years of being married. We went to a reproductive specialist to get lots of help. After a laparoscopy last february, he suggested IUI and so we had two, nothing worked though my eggs and all were ok. And then for the third supposed to be IUI the eggs did not grow to their desired sizes, I decided not see the doctor... We did what we had to do during those days when they were green... And God poured out His blessing on us, we are now pregnant!


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