First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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A Blessing

Hi, Iím 18 years old and I'm a freshman in college. I've been dating this guy since September and we love for each other. He's always there for me no matter what.

I haven't taken a test yet but I looked up the stages of pregnancy and I match some of them. I wake up every morning feeling nauseous and even later times of the day. I throw up every other day. I havenít had my period and my breasts were so sore although that has calmed down a little. I sleep all the time.

I'm really scared because my mom is really religious and my dad will be so disappointed in me. I know my mother will support me and help but Iím not sure I actually have the strength to tell them. I donít even have the money to buy a test or to even go to the doctor, imagine trying to raise this baby. I donít believe in abortions so I donít plan on having one. In a way Iím excited because having a baby is a blessing but I donít want my child to go through the things that I went through. Iím so confused.

I told the father that I was pregnant and for 19 he was pretty excited. He promised to be there and through it all he has been. He rubs on my stomach and even talks to the baby. Itís cute to me and he wants to tell his parents but I tell him not to. I donít know what to do. Iím still trying to deal with these symptoms. I really feel so lost and alone. Half the time I feel like Iím not even in the same room as anyone else. The father keeps me happy at times and then other times I donít want him around. I love him more than life itself. I just need some direction.

Thank you and God Bless

Shaunica Johnson

first pregnancy

At the age of 34 being preggy was last thing on my mind.

I was expecting my period to come. It never did, but l noticed my breasts were getting bigger. I decided to buy a preggy test; it was positive on the first test. I didnt want to believe
that so I went to buy a second one. It was positive, too.

I saw a doctor the same day and he confirmed l was 5wks preggy.


I should be happy...

Hello. I am a 31 year old woman that is married to a wonderful man and together we have a blessing of a 5 year old son. Almost a year ago, I found out that I was pregnant and I couldn't handle it! My husband travels and would only come home once every 4 months and I became terrified at the thought of becoming a mom again. I became so depressed that at the end I ended up having an abortion. I struggled with that decision so much that I sought counseling from friends and families and even the pastor of the church that I attended. I was heart borken and I felt like such a failure to GOD, my family and of course myself. I suffered so much with that decision. All I could remember was how bad my post partum was with my son and I lost it!

Now, I find out that I am pregnant and I am feeling the same way as before. The positive thing is that my husband has stopped traveling and is now home for good. I am so scared of falling into a depression that I can't eat nor sleep. I continue to pray for help and I pray that GOD bless this child with health and happiness, and at the same time allow me to be a great mom. I've been told that I have done a great job with my son and I love him SO much. I'm afraid that I can't handle 2 children and that I may not be able to provide for this one what I have provided for my son.

I have to get over this hump to the day they say that it will get better.



My beautfull baby

Well I donít want to get in to too much detail but after reading other ladies stories I thought I would...

The love of my life left me for another woman knowing I might be pregnant...It hurt and I went through tremendous emotional pain for a week, but after going to work every day and finding out that I got the bank job I was hoping I would start to felt better...

But then this happened...I was supposed to get my period on the 17th, and being so caught up with work I wasnít even worried about it...until I noticed my breasts exploded and were so sore and I kept leaving my job to run to the bathroom to pee...literally like every second...

Anyway, I was talking to me ex from a long time ago who is still me close friend...and knowing the whole situation between me and Jeremy he told him to make sure I take a pregnancy test...After thinking it over I thought "it wonít hurt no one, might as well know". When buying the preggo test I was so sure I wasnít pregnant, but when I saw the "pregnant" pop up on the electrical test I bought Iím sure I looked like a deer stuck in the headlights because I couldnít believe it, thus I bought four more pregnancy tests, which obviously all came back positive...

Anyway, after finding out I drove 1 ½ hours away to where the "love of my life" or so I thought, lives...and after waiting for him the whole day with his grandma preaching 2 me back to back "Jeremy cant take care of no baby, he a baby his self, I take care of Jeremy". What a sad excuse for a man he is, this 21 year old over grown baby.... Around 7:30 he came, I was already sitting in my car because I knew he was finally going to come and talk 2 me after his grandma spent the whole day on the phone begging him to come and talk 2 me and him calling me all types of names (wow what a surprise that was because after so long of being together and him being my best friend and all)...

He finally "agreed to come:" Iím sitting in my Celica crying and also falling asleep the whole time due to lack of sleep after working the night shift at my job.... I see him rolling up with his music blasting. His lil cousin gets out of the car, Jeremy sees me sitting there and he rolls away...I lost it then, coming out the car sobbing, asking his cousin what happened.... I donít even curse but that day I was using so much "French" man oh man...Anyway, his cousin started hugging me telling me, the man I thought was a wonderful person said for me to go home and he doesnít want to see me....

I went back inside the house telling his grandma that I waited the whole day and he just left knowing I was there...After ten hours of preaching again, like its my fault, she called him again telling him to come home immediately...So he came and I gave him the pregnancy test and started walking to the door, went out, started heading to my car in the rain....Then he came out...I looked in his eyes and for the first time he looked like he had no soul...he looked inhuman almost, and he certainly acted it.

He started pushing me (with our child inside me). I ran off and got in my car and left.... On the drive home after half an hour of sobbing I promised myself to be strong, that it wasnít about him or the other woman any more, but it was about me and my baby...

The next few days were difficult but I made it, I was thinking whether I should get an abortion but I kept thinking about me and him making love how I was joking with him that Iím not getting up after he is done since I read on the net that when trying to conceive its best to lay in the same position...

I got a couple of phone messages up until yesterday he called at 1:30 am...sounding sad and emotional...saying in exact words " Janey um....this is Jeremy (pause) Iím tired you know what I admit it I miss ummm I sat down and talked 2 my grandma and please call me back Janey....please talk to me at least..."

He didnít even say sorry or nothing, not that it would fix anything but still...I feel like he owes me that because I have done so much for him, ignoring all the remarks that I come from a good family background and he is criminal...

Anyway, thatís my story...Not really having to do with the other ladies talked about but I wanted to share it concluding the story with nothing is what it seems...So any women trying to conceive be careful...donít end up like me, and Iím sure plenty of other women...Alone, lost, abandoned, with the baby you created when you loved a man and he apparently never loved you...


How can I tell?

I've been feeling very strange lately...I am currently enrolled in High School, 18, and a Senior...and I think I'm pregnant.

Although I am indeed happily married to a wonderful husband, we're not financially ready for a child. Though, I can't help but become giddy with the thought.

At school, while reading to the class, I felt as if I weren't really there. The words came out, but it was as if I were on another planet. I feel strange pinches below my stomach and I've had to change my panty liner every time I use the bathroom due to the constant slime that's present. I've read up on yeast infections and the not, but that's not what this is. It's not clumpy at all nor does it have color.

My breasts don't really hurt, and I've had no morning sickness...


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