First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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*MY Beqqinq*

I am 16 and preqnant..when i found out i was scared,shocked...i was at the e.r..the doctor camed in nd my boyfriend was waitinq outside the door..when he came i didnt know how to tell him i was scared what he would do..scared that he would just walk out on me...i knew his situation..we just started daitinq he bearly broke up with hes ex he already had a bby with her..havinq another one would just ruin hes least thats what he said..everythinq was just so i finally qot the nerve to tell him...i just started cryinq and said sorry "im preqnant"...he was shocked..he just looked at me and smiled and said "God doesnt make mistakes" I was kinda happy he didnt walk away from this...but now everythinq has chanqed im almost 2 months livinq at hes parents house that dont know anythinq..bout me nd him or that im preqnant..and now he doesnt want ANYTHING too do with this babyy:( i dont know what to do he tells me to qet an abortion but i just cant do that..qoinq threw that is baby should go threw that or any im on my own...idk what happened he wasent like that he would tell me the nicest thinqs that we would qet married even thouqh we just started datinq i felt it was real,but now he pushes me away...hes so cold inside he doesnt care bout anybody but himself! Its so sad how people can chanqe so confused i really dont have anybody to help me im alone in this..i just keepo thinkinq that everythinq is qanna be ok;;ahh i just wanna run nd hide nd qo away nd have my babby..but its reality im preqnant nd im qoinq to be a sinqle mom..i just qatta leave it in the hands of God and take day by day nd be stronq for my babby:) but im happy that im havinq a baby i know no matter what happpens he/her is qanna be my life my everythinq//the bby is qivinq me stenqht already i just keep thinkinq about the day ill have him/her in my arms! Cant wait little babby:)

Clarisa Luna

Perfect xmas Gift (miracle at the ER)

Me and my significant other have been dating for a year and 10 months to be exact. He s the perfect guy, anything I ask for I receive and vice versa. Yet for him a baby was not a wish he was willing to grant he always promised when the time was right. One particular night we made love unknown between the both of us. Its now January and that night was in November. Yes we always are passionate but this night was without protection. Months went buy and I thought nothing of pregnancy one day I had to go to work he was off and basically begged me to call out so we could spend more time together so I did. I said to my manager I'm calling out because I don't feel well so of course I needed documentation. I actually really didn't feel well my stomach caused me multiple times if discomfort I had back pains and always woke up naucious (vomiting as well) , I missed my period, and my breast seemed to enlarged ! So I went to the ER since we stayed home and cuddled all day and my clinic closed (: Not planing to find out if I was pregnant but for documentation they asked me to pee in a cup called me and sure enough I was pregnant Hugs and Kisses were all that I received fromm that special Man of mine in the waiting room and We left. A miracle at the ER is what I acclaim that to be because being the female wanting this baby for so long who would have ever thought ! I am now 10 weeks and 5 days and pray that God continue to bless us in this journey of Life Amen *


yes, I am

Hello, My name is Alexia Cardenes. I am twentyfour. About three years ago i met a man named brandon. He was everything that i thought i wanted. He was so nice and Smart and Hot hot, Plus he is Spanish and italian and so am I, Anyway About a year after we started dating I found Out i WAS PREGNANT! I was nervous but also a little happy. I was in love and i was sure he wanted to marry me. The day i went to tell him that i was pregnant was the worst day of my life. I walked into the apartment we share in San Franscio and he was sitting on the couch. He told me that he had been cheating on me and that his Girlfriend, Ally was pregnant. I know it's wrong, But i never told him i was having his child. The next seven months of my life were a mess. I moved from San Franscio to saint Ana to be closer to my mother and I gave birth seven months later to a daughter i named Gia. Now she is a healthy toddler and she has and Amazing Step-father and I am pregnant with a Boy


Terrible vomiting and tiredness

I wake up in the morning to get my elder daughter ready for school and have to vomit within the next 5 minutes. Eating of saltines is not helping. Once she is off the school, it is round 2 of throwing up. I have very little breakfast - something bland and high in carbs. Having youghurt (unsweetened) helps a little. I am unable to drink water since it seems too sweet in my mouth and I want to spit it out.
By 11:30, I have 2 slices of bread with jam. In between I suck on sour toffees to help me keep the food down. I ensure to sit straight and without supporting my back. The moment my back rests against a pillow, I throw up. By 2:30pm, I have a very light lunch and then again suck on toffees. I then have a banana at 4:30pm. By 6:30pm, I have a light dinner with some boiled veggies. I may have some salt biscuts at 9:00pm and then go to bed.
The moment I feel hunger, I have to eat. If I delay it by even 10 minutes, I have a lot of gas filling up my stomach and I invariably throw up. I am tried and dehydrated - not to mention constipated. I am 3 more weeks away from completing my first trimester and hope my probles will magically disappear thereafter. Thank you for reading my not-so-bright story!



im the girl who had always planned of having her own business, going to college and getting married the right way! im 17 a senior at the wwd highschool and the youngest of 3 girls and a boy. and yesterdayy i found out i was pregnant! just last month i was celebrating christmas and having the world revolve around me and now, im sitting here at work tired and with the biggest headache.. i had always dreaned of having a baby and wehn i and my boyfriend met we treid but wehn nothing happend i jsut slowly faded away from that hought and started thinking more about my future and my goals! i had started getting really sick and i was thinking it was the flu, after a week i started throwing up in the mornings and feeling diffrent but ever did i think i could be pregnant! yesterday my boyfriend and i ran out to walmart to buy a test just because nevr did i think after 3 minitues of waiting could it be positive! but it was i took two more test went to the dr. and yes it was true i was one month pregnant. im still thinking of how im going to tell my mom. i just no how bad its gunaa hurt her.. right now the dad is hsowing me tons of suppport i just hope it stays like that:( i still dont have a plan, im working two jobs going to highschool pre college and takinf night CNA classes, it was all ood but now i have a baby to think about. if i could get a message across to veeryone! it would be.. WAIT... YEWR TIME FOR BIENG A MOM WILL COME SOON.. AND WEHN YEW LEAST EXPECT SOMETHING THATS WEHN IT HITS YEW THE not sayinqq im not happy cux i am i just have mixedd emotions right now.. but i wish for the best for me and all other oms in the same situation as me...


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