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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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giving it a go

I am 22 years old, I have been trying to get pregnant since I was 19, so about 3 years. As soon as I hit 21, my mother started with the "when are you going to get pregnant? I want a grand baby" It was non stop and between the pressure from my self and the pressure from my mother, I was on edge trying so hard only to find out every month I wasnt pregnant.
At that time my periods were very irregular, which made the process that much more aggravating. I thought I had all the symptoms. I took an at home pregnancy test just to find out I wasn't once again....I got a call that day saying that my friend was pregnant, of all the days to find out this was definitly the worst. So I completely stopped trying; it was wearing me down and taking over every wakeing moment.
That was six months ago. A few weeks ago, my friend told me she was pregnant and I didnt freak out I was extremely excited for her. She too has been going through the "I dont think I can get pregnant" stage for some time. In a way it revitalized me and gave me hope. For the first time my periods are regular and everything seems in place. She is going through some hard times and is not dealing with the pregnancy very well right now. Her boyfriend says he will be there (GETTING PREGNANT WAS HIS IDEA!) but he doesn't seem to care and is barely around. So I am going for it. I figure if there is a divine plan, that maybe now it's the time. If not I will still be there to hold her hand every step of the way.


Cancer survivor hoping to get pregnant

I'm 31 years old, married for almost 6 years and I'm a 3 1/2 year cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in July 2002, two weeks before my 2 year wedding anniversary. I was devastated beyond belief!! Three months earlier, my husband and I decided to start "trying" to have a baby when my world came crashing down.

To make a very long story short, I was told by my oncologist that I would have to wait 3 years to try to have children!!!! I remember bursting into tears and just pondering how long 3 years was going to be. I couldn't believe it. Why me? Why now? Although this news was devastating to myself and my husband, I never felt sorry for myself and I promised myself I would survive this.

Well, as long as the 3 years seemed that I'd have to wait, they came and went faster than I thought. Finally, I was given medical clearance in August 2005 to start "trying" again. I was so happy I almost kissed my oncologist. I was on medication for anxiety and depression at the time (due to post traumatic syndrome) so I had to be weened off that and wait a couple of more months which was fine, because my husband and I planned a trip to Hawaii this past February. We were going there for a friend's wedding but thought what a great idea for a baby making vacation!

Two months prior to our vacation I started testing my ovulation with Ovulation predictor tests. Both months I tested, the smiley face showed up showing that it detected the LH surge. Just seeing that made me so happy. I also had a trans vaginal ultrasound which showed that my ovaries, uterus, and cervix were not harmed by the chemotherapy I had gone through 3 years ago. That was important for me to know.

So here I am thinking things are ok with me and Hawaii came and went and no pregnancy. I've been charting my BBT since February too. Now it's April and we've tried for 3 months now and still nothing. I guess I'm trying too hard or thinking too much about it. I'm trying so hard not to get stressed out but I feel like I've wanted a baby my whole life. I just want to be pregnant. I want to go through everything that all pregnant women experience.

I feel that after all I went through with the cancer diagnosis, that I should be very deserving in some happiness in my life. I pray all the time that I will become pregnant naturally. We cannot afford adoption or IVF treatments. I made a deal with God a while ago that if he were to bless me with a miracle of a baby and I was able to become pregnant, that I would deal with the worst pregnancy known to man ( or I should say woman).

I do understand what it's like to be jealous of friends and family around you who are all getting pregnant. In the beginning, especially going through cancer treatments, anytime I would hear that someone I knew were pregnant, I would burst into tears and say to my husband, "How come everyone else is pregnant but me?" He always told me my time would come. And I truly believe that. I know in my heart I was destined to be a mother and to bear my own children. I know I have guardian angels watching over me and pray everyday that my miracle will come.

To all of you trying to have a baby, God Bless you all and I will pray for you all to get pregnant. YOUR MIRACLE WILL HAPPEN!!

I will leave you with a wonderful prayer that a friend of mine who was having fertility problems told me worked for her. This is called the Prayer for Motherhood.
"O Glorious St. Gerard powerful intercessor before God and wonder worker of our day. I call upon you and seek your help. You who always fulfilled God's will on earth, help me to do God's holy will. Beseech the master of life from whom all paternity proceeds that I may conceive and raise children in this life that will please God and be heirs to the kindom of Heaven. Amen."


A Scary Fairytale!!!

I am 18 years old and in my last year of school,I had a great boyfriend whom I love with my whole being. But then in February I fell pregnant...I was so afraid and it felt like my life was tumbling down on me... I had to tell my parents who live in the UAE, my gran who I lived with, my school and my boyfriend. My boyfriend was the first one to know...he was very shocked when I just told him, and it felt like we were growing apart because of my pregnancy...

Luckily it all got better and we grew closer in the end, my parents just wanted to know what we were gonna do...the answer was obvious, because my boyfriend had asked me to marry him a month earlier, but only in a year or two... After a lot of heavy times and tears...
I am now 2 weeks and 4 days married, 3 and a half months(14 weeks) pregnant, and very,VERY happy!!!

No matter how old you are, and what ever your circumstances, you are able to be happy, if you really wanna be... YOU make your own life, NO ONE else...


Am I or Not

Well where do I begin? It's been 5 years since my last pregnancy. And 9 since I had my son. I made a the worst decision of my life 5 years ago, and aborted my child. To this day I constantly think of what my child would look like and how he or she would be now. Getting ready for kindergarten, and all the things I went through with my son. I had a horrible time making that decision, and now wish i could take it back. But I know that I can't.

I am now much older and wiser than when I had my son at 16, and have wanted another child for about 3 years now. I have been married for 4 years to another man that is not my son's real father but loves him as if he were, and haven't really tried to get pregnant since he has 3 others from a previous relationship too. Now that my biological clock seems to be telling me it's time, I would love to have another but for some reason I can't seem to get pregnant. I just thought that when it's time and God sends me another angel then I'll know. But my mother had a hard time having me at 31 and was never able to have another, sometimes I wonder if that will happen to me.

It's been about a year that I have really been wanting and needing another child. I think I am being punished for my wrong doings in my past. About 5 months ago my cycle switched up on me I think, because I had my normal 28 days come and go and my pms, and bleeding for 4 days as usual,(end of Dec.) then 15 days go by and I started spotting. I did that for 2 days. Then 24 days go by and I started my normal monthly thing. Then 26 days and another 2 day thing, so after this time I'm thinking what's wrong with me?

Something's not right. Since I was 13 I have been like clock work. 28 days, 4 days on and we're done. Then I thought, well when I was pregnant with my son I had 2 periods before I ever even thought I was pg, then I missed the third month only to find out by a blood test that instead of being 3 weeks pg I was 3 1/2 months along! So I know it's possible to go through periods and still be pg. So I took a test, and negative. I thought well, some day. I didn't get my hopes up. That was on the 12th of last month about 10 days after my last 2 day thing. By the 24th I started again spotting on and off for 3 days! But I was starving all the time. Tired and moody. I figured I must be pms'ing except for the hungryness. I do get cravings but not wanting to eat like my husband plus some.

I started noticing my hips getting wider and not fitting in my pants, but I can't stop eating. So I exercise more and still nothing getting smaller only wider! So now I'm thinking okay let's see if I'm late this month, but low and behold 23 days into it I am once again spotting, then the next day a little more, then done! That was yesterday. I weighed myself today on 6 different scales and I have only gained 7 pounds but I have goneup from a size 13 to an 18 and only in my hips and tummy. And have noticed an increase in my breast also.

My husband's been asking for 3 weeks now if I am eating for 2, and why am I so moody and having morning sickness. I haven't vomited but felt nausea a few times and tired. But I keep thinking it's all in my head, and telling him my last test was negative. But now he, my parents and my sister in law are all pointing things out to me that I really haven't been paying any attention to, or trying not to so my hopes won't be let down. But I broke down and bought a test to see, if it is just me or maybe something else. If not I need to see the doc because my body is playing a lot of tricks on me.

To all those that are trying like me keep praying I've seen alot of women who after trying everything with no success end up having that bundle of joy, by the blessing from above. One way or the other It will happen for us all. Good luck to you all and God Bless!!!



I had an abortion 3 years ago when my ex-husband and I first got together. He had already had two kids, and made me get an abortion, because he felt we didn't know each other enough to get married, and that would be the only circumstance in which he would have children again.

Every day since, the abortion has haunted me, and to put it shortly, it changed my world. For three years, we never used any protection, and I was unable to conceive. Feeling it was the abortion that caused my infertility, I sometimes felt suicidal! Charting my fertility, and spending hundreds of dollars on fertility pills became my entire life.

I am now divorced, and 5 months pregnant!!! Turns out my ex-husband had a secret visectomy!!! If only he knew the pain I had been going through all these years!


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