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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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hoping for a future

let me go ahead and tell my story that is still in the process. I was 16 when i found out that i was pregnant. Me and my boyfriend (20) werent irresponsible but it we never thought it would happen to us because i never had gotten pregnant b4. i took a test in the walmart bathroom cause i was too scared to take 1 at home. when i saw the positive sign i called my boyfriend n both of us were shocked. from that moment on i was terrified about telling my parents but i got through it and everyone supports me. my moms lookin 4ward to being a grandma. as 4 me and my boyfriend.....luckily we are still together. we both grew up without fathers in our life and didnt want our child to be like us. he's been there 4 me more than i expected him 2. he's gone to all my doctors appointments and even bought me car. besides my mom he has been my support system through all of this. when i have doubts about evrythng he's the one that can make me smile and laugh. i still feel as though we should have waited until we were financialy stable to have a baby but sometimes an unexpected event in your life may cause you to put your life back on track and focus on the important things for life.


baby daddy don't support me and our children

My name is ashley im 20 year old 8 week pregnant ...I didn't live with baby daddy and I met my boyfriend name damell jackson he was my best friend and my lover we dating for 2 year off and on he was 22 year old and I was 19 year old we decide go out .. Then he go back 2 new york .. I bump 2 guy name rico he use be go work with me he is my baby daddy with my first born kevin williams he do nothing with him
After he never came see him and me but damell came and see me and kevin I told him he can be with me after I got my beatuful son my parent kindly ok with me ..damell and I want get married after I turn 20 year old and on his birthday he turn 24 and we pefect ...I foundout he start mess with girl I was hurt and we aurge few time ... he go out with tayna I still piss off I decide leave him and 4 day ago he came back tell me he sorry and want be with me and kevin.. While I got pregnant by my 2nd baby daddy is damell
I told him im pregnant .. He got mad at me bout cheatin .. I told him if u don't want be here im kick him out of my life and out of house he care bout me and children after while his brother came by ask me bout my friends and sometime he saw kevin and he said how im doin im fine

Girl keep head up im happy with my children being single mom


15 and twins

i'm 15 and i don't know what to do i'm pregnant with twins. i know that i put myself in this situation and everything but it's really scary. but twins thats twice the work and twice the pain.i don't think he's ready to be a dad but i'm willing to put forth the effort and become a mom. it's my mess and i'll have to clean it up.


Only 14 and I have an almost 2 year old

I was raped at age 12, I ran away from home, and found out I was pregnant..... Seven months later I gave birth to a premature baby girl. She was beautiful, but I was so scared.... I didn't know what to do, I knew I couldn't tell my parents, I knew they wouldn't understand, I wouldn't have an abortion, thats not something I agreed with, and I definatly knew I couldn't give up the baby that I had carried in my heart for so long, up for adoption. I allready knew that the only thing to do was keep my baby girl ! She was born on June 3rd 2007 at 6:36 a.m She was my baby, she was the one thing nobody could ever take away from me ! it wasn't easy, but I raised her by myself with nobodyelses help.... She's almost two now, and you don't know how great it is to come home, and not even have time to take my jacket off before she's pulling on my leg, telling me what she did today, she's my baby, and even though how she came about wasn't the best thing in the world, I know I'm lucky to have my baby girl !!!!!!!

I love you Alijah


I should have listened to my brother.

I'm 16 and have a year old baby named Michael. And I'll start off saying: I should have listened to my brother.
You see, when I was 14 I met Ryan, he was 16 sweet, funny, cute, and he was a vegetarian so he understood me completely. I liked him a lot. There was times when I thought I was in love with him. But whenever I talked about him to my brother, he would always say: 'Stay away fom him, he's a sex maniac.'. But I like him so much, I didn't listen to him.
So one one night, I was hanging out with him and a couple of our friends at his house when he asked me to follow him into his room. I thought I loved him, so I followed him, thinking things like: 'Finally!" and I thought we were just going to make out. But we ended up having sex. I had no thoughts that I could get pregnant. But after a while, I never got my period. I was freaking out. So me and my best friend (I told her and she said she'd buy me some pregnancy test) went ad got some of the pregnancy test, about four or five and they were all positive. The thought of abortion never crossed me mind.My heart was pounding and I felt like crying. I couldn't tell my parents, they would be so ashamed and mad and angry. I was so scared, I didn't know what to do. But I did decide to tell Ryan about a month into my pregnancy, and he said it couldn't be his and denied it - and still does.
Finally, after crying over Ryan, realizing my brother was right all along, I told my parents. My mom burst into tears and my dad yelled. But they did tell me they will support me through it all, but I could hear their dissapointment.
And on April 21st, 2007, I gave birht to the most beautiful boy in the world. Even though I love him so much, I still know I should have listened to my brother. I wanted to be a seargen so bad...but not that seems much farther off.
My parents still don't know that Ryan is the father, I refused to mention his name. MY brother does know, and when I did tell him, I was ready for the 'I told yo so.' Though he has supported me through it all too.


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