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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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Drugs and a baby

I am 24 years old and I am in my first trimester, and I want to say that all of you women are luck to have a man that wants his baby because my now ex-boyfriend is on the run from the cops and is on drugs really bad!

I found out that I was pregnant when I went to detox and I am not the type of person to accept drugs but he said he loved me and wanted me to try them so I did. One month later i am in detox all bruised up and pregnant and trying to get off drugs.

I am happy now drug free and living with my mom which helps me every day deal with the new changes in my body. You all should be greatful for your husbands if they are go to you and pray for a health baby.

Thanks for listening to my story Gen



Im 17 and met this guy a year ago, we were always friends and never thought about likeing him like that. One day during the summer we connected meeting at the board walk we were together for 3 months didnt really get along with his mom cause she couldnt accept me.

when i told him i was pregnant he was really caring and supportive. but we got into 1 fight and after 2 hours of breaking up he already had a new g/f he doesnt call me to see how everything is going. and he is denying that the baby is his.

when i prove to him he is the father i will not let him or his family see the baby till they apologize. my parents and brothers and sisters are really supportive. ill get bye without the father


single mom at 15

Hi my Jasmine Gray. Iím 15 years old and pregnant. At first I didnít know how to tell my parents that I was. But then I had my lawyer tell my parents. I found out I was pregnant when I was in lock up. At Terry Thomas Girls Assessment program. It was a mandatory thing that every one had to do. I also got tested for STDís and AIDS but fortunately the only thing that came out positive was that I was pregnant. I wanted to break down in tears I would rather have an STD that I can get rid of rather then something I canít. I didnít want anyone to find out that I was pregnant not even my family. I wanted to kill my self but then I thought about the life I had in side of me and I couldnít do it. At around 2 months I thought about adoption but then I got to see the kid, feel the babyís heart beat, and feel it kick then I knew I couldnít do it. This baby girl is mine to keep, I got myself into the situation, now I have to live with the consequences. When I told my babyís daddy that I was pregnant he was so excited but then it all came crashing down when my parents told me that they were going to press charges against him for rape because of his age. I love this person to death and he told me that he will wait forever for me and when I turn 18 he wants me and his daughter to move in but im scared. That he wont wait for me and move some where else like all the other teen fathers who leave there baby mamaís. and he told me that I was the most beautiful girl he has ever laid eyes on but I donít know if I can believe it because he might just be like all the other guys.


Trying to be strong

The babyís father and I were together for a total of 6 months. After 2.5 months together, I got pregnant. At first he told me he wanted to be there and support me 100%. He even asked me to marry him and I honestly believed it was love. We moved in together for a good month before things took a sudden turn for the worse. One week while I was away visiting a friend, at 4 months pregnant he called me up to say he moved out and is getting back together with his ex. He said he doesnít want a child and needs to get his life together. I was devastated. Finding a decent apartment in NYC is very tough and stressful, but found one I did in less than two weeks. I moved into my own apartment. I really hope this baby is OK. They say babies can feel their motherís stress while in the uterus. On top of all the normal stress of being a first-time expectant mom, I also had the stress of moving twice and a man who I thought loved me leave during the course of my pregnancy. Iím trying to relax and meditate and have taken up yoga. The babyís father is still with his ex, but heís calling lately because he still wants to be part of the childís life. I wish he could just leave and I never have to see him again. What makes it tough is his parents were and still are excited to be grandparents. They continue to call and support me. My own family is a 7 hour drive away. My job with its benefits and insurance is keeping me here in the city. Deep in my heart I know he doesnít deserve to be the dad, but because his parents are very loving helpful people I may have to rely on their help since they are closer than my own family. In doing so, I will have to learn to forgive, let go, and be able to face him and his new girlfriend as painful as it isÖhold my head up high and look forward to a beautiful baby girl.


What was I thinking

Wow, what was i thinking when i got with that jerk. See i got with this man who was 10 years older than i was. I found him attractive and since he was older, experienced and smart. well i let him manipulate, he made me believe that he loved me and cared for me just in a matter of 3 months. so i felt for the lies and the decieving he did, well 5 months into the relationship i got pregnant, i told him and i also told him i didn't want anything to do with him and that was the end of it. he didn't seem upset nor did he care. i was planning on abortion but i have strong beliefs so i didn't go that route. well a couple of months passed no word no phone calls nor a drive by my house. i finally decided to call him he told me to leave him alone he doesn't want anything to do eith the kid that its not his and he was calling me a bunch of bad names. so i let it be. now my son is a year old he's a cutie, smart, and loveable. i also have a great new boyfriend that i been with a year and a half and i'm also expecting my second child. he loves us and adores my son and i. i'm grate ful to be alive and witth child.


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